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How to cook farina Videos

Dominican style Farina or Harina (Porridge) Recipe by: Food Luv Bites

Disclaimer: USE A 1/2 TSP OF SALT AND DO NOT FORGET TO ADD MILK, NOT SHOWN. How to make Dominican style Farina or Harina is a porridge of ...

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1) Use milk instead of water. 2) Do not add salt. 3) Add some cinnamon powder instead of sticks (obviously). 4) Add MUCH less sugar, and that too brown sugar. Too much sugar is BAD for you! Much healthier. 
Milk was used, it just wasn't shown so I put it in the description.
Would you please put a disclaimer that the video is INCORRECT in the amount of salt you're supposed to use? It says 1 tablespoon. Your description says 1 teaspoon, which is correct. If we watch your video, our food will come out too salty, as mine did. Please. 
I did put a disclaimer in the video. But I don't think it shows on a mobile device. I'm going to fix it now, it should be a 1/2 tsp of salt

Healthy breakfast (farina)

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SI muy riko y saludable :)
Muy riiiico


Hot cereal breakfast in less than 5 minutes. This meal is a very typical Sicilian/ Italian breakfast that is very easy and fast to make it by using Farina or Semolina ...

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i remember having this as a child and i got a box the other day but had no idea if i was going to like it or how to go about preparing it, after watching this vid i was like eh wtfh cooked it up the way you did and loved it. 
things that I love farina walnuts bananas grapes ummm
thanks for taking the time...


How to make a delicious breakfast...YUMMY!

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Dont Forget to Add A Little Butter & A Pinch Of Salt.. It Comes Out Great.. & Cinnamon is optional but is great with farina too♡

Puerto Rican Cream of Wheat (Farina)

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Hey Evelyn I just started watching your vids and so far I'm loving what you make! I wanted to know if you have an Instagram? I would love to follow you and see what other great stuff you are cooking up!
Follow me in Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cocinando-con-Evelyn-Cooking-with-Evelyn/571768216204535 
Tienes receta de funche? If not would you be able to upload one. Thanks
She sure does make a good lookin bowl of cream of wheat
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