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How to cook runny eggs Videos

How to Cook Scrambled Eggs

No secret ingredient, just eggs and a bit of butter. This video shows you the technique to cooking really yummy, creamy and slightly runny scrambled eggs.

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This is a good guide for scrambled eggs beginners. I now cook my eggs using cold eggs and cold butter in a non-stick frying pan and they turn out perfect and creamy all the time. It's all about technique and knowing when to stop cooking the eggs. :)
Definitely prefer my eggs this way. No cream or milk, heavy handed on the butter. Only thing is I put salt while cooking so it's dissolved and evenly dispersed.
Looks good ... your tips are rather simliar to gordan ramsay recipe which is to whisk eggs only in the pot but of course his have heavy cream in them ..
Just made these for breakfast first time making scrambled eggs and i used your tutorial, these eggs tasted lush 10/10 so easy to make
Saw this video this morning and tried it, turned out very well. Simple and great consistency. Genius.
Great video dude, never got the consistency I desired till I watched this detailed video.
Took my eyes off butter for just a second and it burned. I guess that low heat was key.
Didn't you use milk or cream in your egg recipe on OSF? Or Nibbledish now, I guess...
Made it for Mother's Day breakfast and it was so good and easy. Loved it!!!
I like how you mix them in the pot, less dishes to clean :D
Your egg yolks are too yellow. You have Pakistani eggs.
How does that burnt rubber taste in your eggs?
these seem a bit on the soft and mushy side
holy shit all that butter! (๑°⌓°๑)
"Dont beat the crap outta your eggs." lol

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rooks good rooks good wirr tly
+Jim Stick u racist fucker, cracked me straight open xD hahahaha
what kind of wrappers did u use, I don't know if I can find any kind in my country :S ?? (Hungary, by the way)
If you want you can always make them yourself ofc, there are lots of videos on how to make them. It will take some more time, but I'm sure it'll be delicious.^^
i dont think strudel skin works, maybe importing it from oversea like ebay or amazon  idk
we don't ha any of that...just a big one for strudel :/
Any brand of wrapped will do , square shape for spring roll and circle for gyoza
The snapping doesn't work. I think my fingers are broken.
+TheRaya901 snaps fingersslices leg

how to cook runny egg

Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at //www.powtoon.com/youtube/ -- Create animated videos and animated presentations for free. PowToon is a free ...

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R.I.P head phone users 1:06
+MaddieMay no
the sound of eggs popping in the hot pan is so good! hahaha
best sound ever. so nostalgic
I didnt know you had an ASMR series coooooool
+Caustic Mardock That was not my intention, I admit I misread the part about chewing but my focus was on the fact that he said "ASMR is like if the person had a really strong positive reaction to a sound like chewing." They're just not the same; like you can't really compare it to that at all. It touches on the concept but just barely. It has nothing to do with being right...I was adding in everything I thought he missed or did not know. I'm not even sure why you're sounding so aggressive about this when it was just an informative statement.
+spartan1010101So now you're going to misinterpret another part of the comment to try and salvage your chances of being right?
+Caustic Mardock it's not exactly a "strong" reaction. Like people aren't jizzing themselves over it. It's a shiver at best.
+spartan1010101 "really strong positive reaction to a sound --> like <-- chewing,"
+Natalie T That's...that's not the same at all. ASMR's are sounds that the body naturally gets stimulated by. They can usually be physically described as sounds can cause a shiver to run through your spine or through the outside of your head like the scalp and whatnot. It has nothing to do with chewing sounds; in fact usually they're small sounds like wrappers or clicking.
+Nick Pyro Autonomous sensory meridian response
+Nick Pyro You know how some people have really strong negative reactions to someone chewing with their mouth open? ASMR is like if the person had a really strong positive reaction to a sound like chewing, ranging from feeling relaxed to getting shivers.
+Nick Pyro Not too certain, but I think it's about people who enjoy ambient sounds and people silently working.
+MrDyablo1143 I don't understand it. What exactly is ASMR? I tried googling it, but I have a hard confirming if the results I find are valid.
+runnyrunny999 nice!! They're really good
+MrDyablo1143 I've just started a few weeks ago :)
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