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How to view mst file Videos

Determining Transform (MST) File Contents by AppDeploy

Visit //www.appdeploy.com for more useful information on application deployment. This training video explains transform files and walks you how to ...

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Thank You ...Thank YOU !! This Video is VERY Helpful..Thanks BOB K.
Very informative. Many Thanks for preparing and posting this.
excellent and informative post...

Safely Delete Unused MSI and MST Files in Windows Installer with Cleanup Tool by Britec

Safely Delete Unused MSI and MST Files in Windows Installer with Cleanup Tool by Britec Windows Installer UnUsed Files Cleanup Tool Windows Installer ...

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@Britec09 It's hard to say. I am a fan of having an intro of no longer than 14 seconds and this fits that criteria. I think an intro personalises the video; puts your stamp on it as it were. In addition it lets your (new) audience know that you make other videos regularly, encouraging them to subscribe. I certainly think that this is better than the still image that you were using previously, but I would probably consider changing the music. My gut reaction wasn't wow, but neither was it ugh :)
ahh smashing stuff brian :-), i normally browse the subdirectory once a year and hovver over the msi files and attempt to remember if i de-installed that particular peice of software before hitting delete. yet another excellent util that will stay on my system from now on, along with the others you have found, your making me lazy, ha ha. The site you mensioned has other goodies on it as well, hmm :-)
I see most of the comments have absolutely nothing to do with the Cleanup Tool. So is this program safe to use or not? Will it screw up Windows updates and the ability to uninstall applications? How does the program decide that a certain .msi is an UnUsed File? I also notice that when the program was being used in the video, nothing got deleted. That must fill people with confidence... NOT!
This tool (or anything that purports it can clean up the Windows Installer directory) is most likely not safe to use, and will have no different outcome than deleting these files manually. See superuser question #23479, "is-it-safe-to-delete-from-c-windows-installer".
Hi Brian, I used the program as an administrator but it says: "All Files are in use" have you any idea how to solve this or I might activate the hidden files and delete the Installation files.
Like the new into there Brian and yet again another nice handy little tool for the locker that you have shown thus far through these videos.
Yet another excellent how-to video by an expert in his field,keep up the good work Brian love the intro,looking forword to your next video.
@zx8401ztv yes that site has some real good tools. I done a video on one call system repair engineer, its a wicked tool. check it out.
This program is shit. It breaks Windows Update and the ability to update or uninstall a lot of programs you have installed.
One thing, you should remind people to hide the protected files afterwords or people might delete something necessary
Yeah the music does sound a bit like one of your old porn videos! Just kidding. Good job as always.
i like the wallaper can you please give mi the link or name of it thanks :)
Aren't these .msi files used when you uninstall applications?
@MrArnold1972 Your welcome mate, glad you like the video.

Mr & Mrs 420 - Latest Punjabi Film 2015 - New Punjabi Movie HD

For more Fresh Punjabi videos subscribe //goo.gl/NnoXVB Deputy (Binnu Dhillon) wants to be an actor like Dharmander but have to settle for playing ...

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mr bean

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I liked it
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[YGO] Galaxy Cyclone VS MST (Discussion)

Facebook (will post when i am tag dueling, or online :) https://www.facebook.com/Azneyeswhitedragon Watch me Play Games Live! //www.twitch.tv/slaydra/ ...

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Idk about anyone else but I see galaxy cyclone as being a lil better in the instance you can be more reckless with it. If its in your hand at the start of your turn and you went second you can just pop something instead of trying to save that MST for later. Cyclone forces activations if your opponent wants to get utility out of some cards. For example. If you play it right away and hit a call of the haunted. Your opponent may not have any monsters in grave so he/she loses out. Hit a skill drain or vanity's then you know what you can do without losing to much advantage. Also an upside to cyclone is then its in your grave. You can hit any face-up floodgates with it (except Imperial iron wall)
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If I get my hands on 2 I'll be playing 2 cyclones and 1 MST main board.
Cyclone replaces mst cry me a river noobs
Just browse the other comments, all the Yugioh facts and points have been covered and whichever is better.One has utility even after discarded as costIt's floating MST. 
+Doughboy Dopest That's a shame. I know this is youtube and all but I thought we were going to have a genuine discussion going there. You sure you don't want to counter my points sensibly? It's not too late. I like discussing the benefits of certain cards and hearing contrary opinions. It's up to you I guess.
+vorebiz Getting rid of thier card is only one for one thoughWHOLE ARGUMENT DEFEATED. 
I think the issue goes beyond whether it's 1 for 1, or 2 for 1. Setting MST and then activating it on the turn the opponent set their card guarantees that you get rid of the opponents card, no questions asked is an extremely valuable asset.People say this whole "MST negates" joke, but it's ability to effectively negate the effects of opponents Scout/Skill Drain/Vanity's/Fiendish etc right off the bat, on your turn, from your hand, is so valuable. Yes Cyclone has an alright secondary effect, but the nasty cards have been on the field an entire turn of theirs before you can get rid of them, your play may have been seriously stifled by this point. Your Cyclone's net 2 for 1 doesn't look as good when your goblindbergh has been crippled by vanity, and you're open until your next mainphase1. With MST in hand you could have worked through this and got your XYZ out.I am also not convinced by the fact Cyclone allows them to chain their trap on it's first activation. As I say, it's akin to the newer players that like to scout using MST, playing it blind from their hand on a set backrow in main phase 1. You are forced by the mechanics of the game to use Cyclone speculatively in this way from your hand. It's primary effect is a worse night beam.I can see the value in the card, but I think it's madness that people have been dropping the ultra reliable MST out of their deck and replacing it with a normal spell card that has a sort-of-reasonable primary effect and a sort-of-reasonable secondary effect.If it works for you, that's cool. Cyclone is a pretty cool card and all, but I am pretty confident it'll see little to no play in main decks beyond self-mill decks within the year. As I say the balance is heavily tipping back towards MST in the player base and I will always view taking out an MST and replacing it with a Cyclone, card for card, is bizarre in 9/10 builds and I highly doubt that the people at the top of the game would agree with your initial comment.
+vorebiz You can set MST but 90% of the time, other than something Like D.D.R, you're only getting one for one. Almost every deck runs some type of continuous backrow these days,cyclone does it's job consistently. 
+Doughboy Dopest Quickplay removal is far better than having a non-quickplay with a relatively situational secondary graveyard effect. MST is always best set and then used as a counterpunch response on the opponent's turn than by chancers who simply just drop it from their hand in their mainphase 1, targeting a random set card in an oppoents back row. Cyclone's initial play forces you to play the card in this manner.People are dropping Cyclone out of their main decks like mad even as we speak. It was a fun novelty for a couple of months but replacing a staple with a tech won't work long-term.
The card applies extra pressure to all plays.
+phantom 2012 Yeah that logic is retarded, why would you not use your backrow pop card to pop backrow before you go off. If they chain a set vanities after you pop a card, then they would have gotten you with it regardless. Oh, and if they leave the vanities face up, next turn you can pop it with cyclone. GG 2 for 1. 
What happens when flip vanitys on your doll fusion or altair or nekroz spell and your stuck with an unchainable card so your card fizzles lol mst is far better. Imo
+Doughboy Dopest Stop being butthurt because MST has a legitimate rival. The card is GOOD. it pops 2 card, whereas mst only pops 1, Chainability is a bit irrelevant.

Mr Bean at the Swimming Pool

OFFICIAL MR BEAN. Mr Bean goes to the swimming pool and tries to use the children's slides. When he gets told off he heads off to the high dive board but is ...

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