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Ps3 afterglow controller review Videos

PDP Afterglow(PS3) Controller Review

sorry its so freakin late but here is the review of this controller.

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If you don't like how it works when aiming then just change the buttons to flipped 
+highbehawk its delayed and its way too slow, its bluetooth meaning its not even close to decent

Playstation 3 New Afterglow Controller Review

The brand new Afterglow controller for Playstation 3. This is probably the best alternative to the Dualshock 3 controller for PS3, and at only $25, you can't go ...

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Are both sides supposed to vibrate? Mine only vibrates on the left side 
I have the wireless one thou
Mine too! I was wondering the same!!

PS3 AP.1 Afterglow Controller Review

Reviewing this controller for the PS3, with a gameclip of the controller's results. PSN: Diehlornodiehl78 Twitter: //twitter.com/#!/DiehlornoDiehl7 Add me on ...

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I got the Power-A brand controller because it's the same size, shape and layout as the 360 controller and I thought it would help a bit with Black Ops, but the left analog stick is so sluggish... I have to press it all the way until it stops moving (because there's no more room for it to move) before my player will start moving. But with the Dualshock 3 controller I can just press it ever so slightly and my player will move really slow. My question is, which of those is this one more like?
man great review. i have the first version of this controller and it's a fucking disaster. i couldn't use it because it was so bad. glad to see they did massive improvements. can you answer just some questions though. are there any dead spots with the analog sticks? how do they feel compared to the original dualshock? does it have a clunky feel or is it smooth feeling? i am concerned about the sticks cause it was a major fault with the first model. i just wanna make sure they are good.
ok so Im in Australia so everything we buy (especially gaming wise) is a lot more expensive. This review really helped me feel confident that the afterglow (which I bought yesterday) was worth my $60US (approx.). , and I am satisfied I have made the right purchase after playing it briefly and seeing your review. Good video.
stop calling them control freeks! :D good review, 1 question: you mentioned the l2 and r2 buttons clicking; does that mean that they aren't sensitive to how hard you press them? for example in grid and fifa 11 how far down you press them affects things like speed.
@nutripals No deadzones (thank god), they feel a tad different cause they concave but the movement is very smooth. Definitely smooth, not clunky at all. The sticks are great. They are just as smooth as the dualshock pretty much, you'll be happy with the results!
@Yoshi7892 how are the analog sticks? are they like the ps3 one (free roaming and stuff) i want a new controller thats good for fps, last controller i brought was power A, it was good but not meant for fps mainly cause of the analog sticks plz reply :x
I have the exact same one and I'm buying another because my trigger broke when I dropped it but I've had no issues other than you have to configure every game to suet the bottom trigger ( the top ones don't feel good to me)
I'm actually considering getting this controller some day. I've heard plenty of people say it's really bad because either the buttons stop working or the USB cable stop working. Can you shed some light on that?
I have been looking at this controller for about 2 weeks didn't know if I should get because it's so cheap, but I guess just because something is expensive, doesn't mean it's better. THANKS for the review.
Yes it's goodness great ps3 my l1 button broke because I dropped it on ground still working lost the button l1 part works ok lights up blue I have the wireless one cool blue led lights.
Any dead zones with this controller? I've tried all of Power A's controllers, and the Dream Gear Shadow six and they all had issues. This is my last hope for a good 360 style controller.
@eagames1234 Well Kontrol Freek makes them so :P . And they work just as well as the Dualshocks (to my knowledge). Haven't had to use them like that, but they work really well.
I bought the controller about a month ago. And it is a great controller.I saw your review and it interested me and I bought it from amazon. And thank you for your review.
I have the wireless one, If you play kill-zone don't use this controller. I have kill-zone 3 and the controller is not Six-access compatible, You have been fore warned.
@christrules0041 They help with either shooting games or driving games (depending on which you get). Just search Kontrol Freek in Google, you'll find it right away!
@schizowallflower I would say the dualshock. The left stick (or both sticks for that matter) are not sluggish at all. They are very responsive and work very well!
this controller has deadzones on the analog sticks i cant play cod for shit with this controller biggest waste of money dont buy it unless there is a fix for it
do you know how to use a ps3 afterglow controller on the pc like on cod5 or cod6 id really appreciate it you made a video or give me step by step
I switched out the analog sticks on this with dualshock analogs. Now it plays a lot smoother. The hardest problems have the simplest solutions.
guys i fuckin hate this controller, when i first tried it with cod i played like sht cuz of tht controller :P does anyone have any suggestions?
The only thing that I really heavily noticed, was that it didn't have a a dead spot (or at least a noticeable one) it's extremely touchy!
thx to your video I bought myself a afterglow controller and its wireless and its blue I think its way better than the dualshock 3
you say that like its a bad thing? The gamecube was the last good Nintendo console, it deserves some respect lol
the only thing that figured out is that the sticks on the dualshock is pretty moves smoother than the afterglow
to bad this has no usb on the controller i have the green one of this i wish i can put the ps3 keybored

Gamestop "Afterglow" PS3 controller Review

Good for the $25 you pay for it. I'd give it a 7/10, gets the job done. Watch my review.

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The controller is shit in my opinion. It's too small and the L2 R2 button layout is an unnecessary step backwards which makes shooters like BF3 almost impossible to play effectively. Also the thumb sticks require that you adjust your game's sensitivity dramatically from the standard PS3 controller making aiming a frustratingly wonky experience. DO NOT BUY.
Does anyone know a cheap ps3 controller I could use for first person shooters? I tried this controller but the sticks were way to stiff and over-aimed. I wanted to try the gamestop controller made by pdp but i'm not sure if the sticks are good.
Thanks man I was saw only one left at the gamestop left one problem no money but I will get it in two weeks these controller get sold out quick at my local gamestop but good video
There is a tiny button on the top of the controller and you also have to plug in a small wireless input box that I almost trashed because it was hidden in the box
hey please reply to question asap i bought an ps3 afterglow controller and i played it on my labtop does it only glow on ps3 becuase i got one
well i have those same controllers but the L3 and R3 wore down and they are coming off. nice video. the controllers are still good any way.
this would be excellent for a gamepad for computer. but i dont know how to connect it to my computer. can someone help me?
Why didn't you buy the real afterglow controller. I got mine for 19.99 at Walmart. I think you got ripped off
i bought this and it feels like an xbox controller, i don't really like the sticks or the spring bumpers
ok i bout it on sale 4 22$ went home plug it in didn't glow ps3 was on i bout brand new please help
@MrRolls2Royce only for official dualshock 3 controllers i know how. sorry man
I was able to just plug mine in and go up until last night, now it wont work
There's no way to shut off the light? This fuckin thing is blinding me!
sweet is that shagg carpet??? awsome!!!!! oh and im the first commentor
i got that controler and it wont conect to mi ps3 =/ can anione help
god.. 1300 views and 5 comments.. come on people. share your ideas.
@DiRtBiKeRaCeR71 lucky, cause the glow get annoying after a while.
@gamer213ification its nice to see support. thank you very much
it doesnt glow, the sticks are shit and it doesnt vibrate 4/10
because it depends on luck to get a workable one at gamestop
This controller also kept cracking when I pressed R2.
My controller keeps blinking I suppose cuz it's broken?
@goldenSkull100 not on the gamestop brand ones
i got it for 5 bucks at a garage sale saved 20
what mine just turnson when i plug it in.

PS3 Afterglow controller review

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Hah.... GGGAAAYYY!!!
Thanks joe

IronFury reviews the GameStop PS3 Afterglow controller

A review of the Gamestop PS3 afterglow controller. I tried to make this similar to what Classic Game Room does with their controller reviews. Even adding a ...

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hey, its better than remebering to charge your controller everyday. like, you wanna play but you turn on your ps3 and your controller is dead. now you have 2 choices: Choice 1: Get restless and wait for the controller to charge, then when it charges you dont even feel like playing anymore. Choice 2: Use the small mini usb sony gave you and sit right in front of the tv and play, which is sometime uncomfortable. all in all, somtime wired is the way to go. but thats just me.
@IronFury +1 on the cheap plastic. Mine also has the thin rubber grip rolling up a tiny bit at the seam right out of the box. I might open mine up to try to adjust the travel on the L2/R2 *shrugs* Playing Warhawk it's very hard to fly due to the L2/R2 issue with mine. Also I noticed the d-pad does not respond well to diagonal pressing. When selecting weapons at an angle [in Warhawk] it tends to select either the vertical or horizontal slot instead.
i got mine for christmas, as you probably read in my other comment when i said i was gonna get it. it is very good. mine lights up white. it is a little bright, but its no bother because i dont use it unless i have someone over. i have tested it out though with Modern Warfare 2 and the analog sticks are a little hard to push, but they dont take alot of strength to push. all in all, its a good controller.
and also, i have a 360 now. getting a ps3 for christmas, and i am getting this controller with it, and you said it feels like and xbox controller. if it does than this should be no problem. but, i like the dualshock 3/six axis controllers. they fit perfec in the hand. but then again so does the xbox controller, so i will adjust to this as soon as i turn on the ps3. good review!
Just got this controller today... I have found the L2 & R2 has too long of travel. To top that off I get no response until I depress the triggers roughly half way through the travel :/ L3 & R3 require a much harder press over the DS3/6Axis. I do like the placement of the L2/R2 triggers though. Makes it alot easier to hold the controller and cover all four bumpers.
I remember the motion worked slightly on Warhawk, but other than that, I haven't really found any sign of it working at all. I'm not sure if it's meant to have the motion feature or if I happened to move the controller at the right time to make it seem like it was a motion controller, but either way it definitely does not work on PC.
this controller is complete garbage i had the blue one and it broke literally about a week after i got it "one of the triggers stopped working" they are really cheaply made only cost about 25 buks at gamestop and the glowing light is kinda annoying when ur playing cause its so bright i dont recommend this product at all
Oh man, they made the PS2 style controller in PS3 format... In my opinion, these style controllers with the recessed *2 buttons are WAY more comfortable to handle than the ones where the *2 buttons are on the top of the controller, next to the *1 buttons. I'm so going to buy 2 of these.
@LordDeadSpider Hmm. I never had that problem with the L2/R2 buttons. They've always seemed responsive to me. I probably should update this review though because I learned the hard way that the controller is definitely made from a really cheap plastic.
For mine, it doesn't seem to be compatible with certain ps2 games, even though it said it could work with any games. I read you might have to downgrade your ps3 to make it work, or something like that, but it didn't say what to downgrade it to >>;
Six axis I'm not sure. Though I have seen it somewhat work for Warhawk that's the only game I have that it's worked with, which I'm not even completely sure it did. As far as rumble feature goes, no it doesn't have that.
@dnicerocks64 None that I've noticed. Mine have always turned on automatically. I'm currently using a blue version and it glows as soon as I turn my PS3 on, or whenever I plug it into my computer.
Now what exactly isn't working? The D-pad? The buttons (x, square, circle, triangle?) I don't know how to actually fix that. When my d-pad started sucked I just bought a new controller.
As I stated earlier, I remember the motion working slightly on Warhawk, but other than that I haven't noticed it working at all, so more or less that could have been a pure fluke.
Both are decent controllers. I had the logitech as well, but I had to stop using it because the buttons started to stick in the controller. The Afterglow is cheaper though.
my gamestop after glow controller just flashes and wont work the first time i connected the controller it worked but since then it wont can someone give me some advise
right, like me and my friend are playing skate 2 and he prefers this controller over the son controller, i dont but still, it is a very good controller. has nice grip
Ive tried that controller before and it feels like a piece of shit. Way too much play in the analog sticks. But it is a decent value I suppose. Cool video man.
Aw shame that, but it was wishful thinking ^_^ Can I also ask do you know if the motion controls work too on it? and if they do do they work on a PC as well?
i recamend not giving ur dog hide bones. its hard for them to digest, they have non-hide bones that(usually, depending on brand) ar cheaper than hide.
yea this controller is fuckin horrible i wouldnt reccomend it for anyone. u have to press really fuckin hard on the buttons in order for it to work
The D-Pad isn't too bad, though mine started to have problems because I was way too hard with it. Just be careful with it and it should be fine.
I have absolutely no idea. I'm not mechanically inclined like that. You'll have to find someone who knows more about doing that kind of thing.
hey how do i use this on my computer i plug it in go to game controllers n it says your gameport drivers on not porperly configured help
1 advise Stop the hours of play and fun man it is not good for people to spend alot of hours on non physical activitey. Nice Review!

PDP PS3 Afterglow Controller Review - BWOne.com

//bwone.com/pdp-ps3-afterglow-controller-review/ //twitter.com/bwonedotcom The 3rd and final controller we are are going to review in the PDP ...

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i actually like this better than the dualshock ones. just cause of the LED's butif youre a LED fan you might actually want this cause it's cheaper and very cool. The controller is roughly as big as the dualshock controllers from sony but the middle is a bit bigger(height wise) There's groves in the back where you can place your hands/fingers on and its very smooth and comfortable. X O Δ □ and home are a bit smaller but hardly noticable on feel. If you like xbox controllers, the joysticks are
@kontosg It's actually not to sensitive ,it's just that the sticks have more resistance to them.Take a dualshock 3's sticks and you can move them in perfect circular motions and make very subtle movements when you play, you can't do that with this controller(you can make small and accurate movements, just not in every direction), that's why it feels like the sticks are really sensitive
This controller is perfect, except for the fact that the thumbsticks aren't as good as Sony's. It has resistance to it when you start to move it, then it becomes easy like Sony's. I would reccomend it, although I think that the thumbsticks are the most important part of the controller. After all, it's used to walk/run, steer, look around, and more.
great controller hell no. these controllers look awsome but they break sooooo easy no I don't slam my controllers around I have been through 3 of these controllers in less than 6 months after a couple months the camera in game just looks at the ground. this is by far the worst controller I have ever had.
I have this, but haven't unboxed it yet. I dont know if i should return it, because many people say it's bad for CoD, because the sentitivity on the analog stick's are too high or something. I usually quickscope and hardscope in CoD, so i wanna know if it's good too do that. Plz answer
hey quick question? how was your gameplay with the controller? specifically speaking, how did the controller perform? more specifically, how was the response on the buttons, analog etc. plz let me know cause ive been interested in this controller for a while thanks man xD Peace!
placed that way as well. I have both wired and wireless one of these afterglow controllers and they're really cool. Prices depend where you go and what kind you get but overall these controllers are awesome. my brother likes 'em and we're gonna get them for the xbox as well.
@BobLam0127 no, im talking about the amount of force you have to exert on the control sticks to move them. on this controller you barely even have to push the sticks and the sticks move. the dualshock controllers require alot more force to move the control sticks.
i have to buy another controller mines is messin up it was working fine now its goin to da right by its self mines is afterglow duno why is it goin to da right its pissin me off cause i cant play any games on my ps3 how do i fix it
I've gone through four of these and they have all failed due to some sort of technical faults in the circuit board etc.. If u want a decent controller that has the sane feel then go for the shadow 6 controller by dreamgear
this controller is perfect i just wish they didnt switch the analog like the xbox..but i like the analogs the most they are just like xboxs notlike ps3 that are slipperry and the triggers they are extended
Hey I have a question I don't mean it as disrespect or being a dumbass i just want to know, are these controls smaller or are your hands just big im just wondering because I hate small controls. (NO HOMO)
Stupid controller sucks. It broke down after a month and if you try to contact pdp they'll give you horrible service. I shipped out my controller hoping for a replacement but it never arrived.
@Simonha100 i have this controller too and its as good as the normal one but has no sixaxis.i think its good if you play not too much ps3 if you do so then you should buy a original one
The remote is slightly smaller but it has better grip from the companies design. It feels more like a gamecube controller to me. Overall no adjusting time for me just pick up and play
I have it now since 1 week and i thought i will lern how to play with that controller, but it's awful the sticks aren't good! Dont use it for cod or battlefield or any fps!
Omg I just got one of these today and its AWSOME!! its blue and on MW3 its very sensitive but i also play some Little Big Planet and GT5 but its overall a 10/10 to me
@xRcRaCeRx yea throw mine at wall cuz i finally got marthon pro in b.ops in still it just burst ran then the wall fixed it then it broke agian then got another one :)
@BobLam0127 thats not the sensitivity im talking about. im talking about the resistance of the control sticks. lowering the sensitivity in-game wont do anything
little advice to whoever is thinking of getting this the movement with these analogs for example playing a game like cod are way too sensitive :)
hi i was just wondering if u knew were to buy the parts for this remote cause i need the R2 piece for this specific remote tats why nice vid.
This controller sucks the joystick is stiffer than dualshock ones and it is horrible when using it for shooter games like COD or BF3
@hailfire82997 ok u mean that once you move it, it does an action but if you move it halfway, the action won't go slower
I got this controller and I personally hate it it's sticks are way to sensitive and it's a little to small I'm only 11

PDP Afterglow Wired Controller Review (PS3)

Hey guys! In this video I give my thoughts on the PDP Afterglow wired controller for the PS3, the upsides and the downsides. However, I do feel like this is a fun ...

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No, not at all! It works perfectly fine, it's a great controller in my opinion. I think it's down to personal preference, but I personally don't miss my classic PS3 black controller at all. Just remember this one has a wire so, if you're not happy with a wired controller, best stick to the normal black PS3 wireless ones. I hope that helps :)
Are the analogs good for this controller. I mostly play fps. I recently purchased a gamestop controller made by gamestop but the analogs were moving too much for me to aim accurately. I can't bear to play with that controller because of the horrible analogs but is this one accurate and not stiff?
you look kind of cute =D do you play cod or do you like rpgś? if so can I add you? I work at strange hours"days so my friends arent online and I dont have many people to aid me online . . .In cod sometimes gets hard because the other players target you . . . -.-
Hi have you found the afterglow controller has laggy joystick movement while aiming? like the copy cat ps3 controllers? and should I buy one of these or a black ps3 controller, the afterglow is about $20 cheaper in my country. TY
Aha why thank you! You're making me blush :P I do plau COD sometimes on my PS3, I play a whole bunch of stuff. You can add me if you like: bekki666 Hopefully we can team up and kick butt!
Nice Review! By the way, your accent is soooo nice listen in every single of your videos :D
I've actually never played Minecraft, but people keep telling me to! I might do one day :P
Your hair looks so similar to mine in the sun xD That half and half color thing going on.
I really like the colouring of my hair at the moment :) great minds think alike! :D
You think you can make Minecraft Videos? I'll be more than glad to help you :D
My gamertag for Xbox 360, PSN and Steam is: bekki666 :)
Thank you! ^_^ haha, I hear that a lot!
whats your xbox gamertag? :)

Afterglow Prismatic Controller for Xbox One [REVIEW]

I been a fan of the afterglow controllers since PDP first announced them back in the PS3 era and I am happy to see the product line is still getting updated. My full ...

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Hello i can't install a driver for this controller, can you give a driver for widows 7, 64 bits ? Thank you.
After long extensive research and attempt I finally successful ^^ (but no solution with internet XD so if you can share as much as possible ^^) solution: go to "Control Panel" -> "Hardware and Sound" and you find under "Devices" another list with the peripheral "Afterglow Wired Controller for Xbox One" made a "right click" click on "properties" then find the button on the page that just opens "Properties" then go to the tab "Driver" on top of the new page that is open, (alternative solution (if my memory is correct) do a right click on the peripheral "Afterglow Wired Controller for Xbox One" and click "put update the driver" or something related with the word "driver") once this is done click on "Update Driver ..." then go on "search for a driver on my computer" (its going to get complicated because I remember exactly my manipulation) then click "choose from a list of device drivers on my computer" (I do not have the option because I have already done with the controller so it may be that this is not very precise starting from now) on the window "uncheck" the box "Show compatible hardware" two list will be displayed, in the list "Manufacturer" search " microsoft" and click it result, on the list "Model" search "Microsoft Xbox One Controller" or "Microsft one xbox controller (DFU)" I personally selected the "Microsoft Xbox One Controller" and the knob works very well so if you want you can try the "Microsft one xbox controller (DFU)" I do not know at all what its going to do what is more or moin compared to another, once you click on one of the two click "next" well of your page, and if I remember well your device will be recognized as a joystick xbox one and you can use, PS: click this link //www.lyoncapitale.fr/Journal/Communs/Univers/Technologies/Jeux-video/Tuto-comment-utiliser-sa-manette-Xbox-One-sur-PC
this controller really sucks for fighters. the buttons are super high from the controller and the triggers are suuuuper sensitive so accidently pressing them is going to be pretty often
Knight Squad Keygen [Free CD Key] ==> https://twitter.com/trusted_hacks/status/671785355989905409?pidid=9ceba3bc-c871-4f94-b33e-81fe365300c7 Afterglow Prismatic Controller for Xbox One [REVIEW]
How do you make it cycle thru the colors?
Press the menu button on the back then press d-pad up
Knight Squad Keygen [Free CD Key] ==> https://twitter.com/trusted_hacks/status/671785355989905409?pidid=9ceba3bc-c871-4f94-b33e-81fe365300c7 Afterglow Prismatic Controller for Xbox One [REVIEW]
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