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Ps3 bbc iplayer not loading Videos

Playstation 3 - BBC iPlayer! 3.0

I missed a really cool feature in my last video, BBC iplayer Check it out :D.

New BBC iPlayer for PS3

A quick look at the new iPlayer for PS3 by the BBC.

User Comments

I don't mind the new look. I don't care what the new Iplayer looks like as long as it plays. I tried to watch a 25 min show the other which took me 90 mins to watch because it kept stalling & pausing. I have the fastest possible broadband speed available, yet this is always a problem. Iplayer works fine on my laptop, yet this problem is exclusive to the ps3. Sony don't give a dam.
The new iPlayer is great (if a little clunky). Finally we can use the remote to do everything, instead of having to pick up the controller to use the analog stick to press play. Having a cursor on the PS3 was so illogical anyway. Plus everything that was broadcast in HD now plays in HD.
If anyone does want the old iPlayer back, try this: Go into your Internet Browser and look at your history. If you have used the old one in the last week then at least one page should be there. I haven't tried this, it's just a guess so don't rage if it doesn't work!
New one is rubbish. Trying to watch a program and it has been loading for 10 minutes now... The ones that I have been able to watch keep freezing every few seconds and that's on the lowest quality setting, not HD. The old version was working fine!!!
@MrcurlyNinja Hold down the PS button for a couple of seconds and choose Quit. You can quit anything by doing this (or turn off the PS3), and have been able to since day 1. How does nobody know this?
Evey single programme says not available when i click on it its doing my head in and its got nothing to do with my internet connection because 4od works perfect still... BBC bastards lol Peace!!
@dodgykebaab Mine is still useless after restarting the ps3 so that didn't work for me. Thanks anyway. Good review.
@THETEAMFROMMARS I had that problem the first time I tried it. I restarted the machine and it worked fine.
how do actually click on a video what , can someone list all of the controls on ps3 for bbc iplayer
@antonybaker Oh thanks. I do like Cerys Mathews show, she has a wonderful voice.
Just so you know, BBC Radio 7 was rebranded to BBC radio 4 Extra
@dodgykebaab Thanks - I'll give that a go...
how do you exit it???
@automat3000 hahahah
Old one was better
OLD 1 much better

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User Comments

That works, thought BBC iPlayer has been updated since this was made. Though is there any way of downloading Radio Stations to keep as files please?
Thank you very much man This was very useful :)

PS3 Slim Unboxing by IGN

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User Comments

@K3vinisHere the xbox internet is free too lol you can download demos and u can do everything the only thing what you cant do is playing online but thats it you can write with your friends and chat andwhatever you want ! and just 20€ or $ or whatever for 3 months is not really much i mean the xbox costs just 249€ with 2 games and the ps3 300€ and the ps3 games suck anyway i will change to playstation but not now i will change if the ps4 is coming in 4 or 5 years or 3 idk but before 2015
@iJamez97 hmm im gona have to disagree with u on that since there would be no contrast between a black ps3 and shit, but on the other hand a white xbox 360 u will be able to see ur shit more clearly. even though idk why u would buy a console to make a dump on it.....
@K3vinisHere I have the x360 slim now 3 months and its awesome & i play sometimes 4or 5 hour and sometimes if i go out i forget to do the xbox off and after 8-9 hour i came back to home and no red ring lol and the new update is awesome!!!! not like ps3 updates
yeh £250 my brother bought the fat PS3 the day they PS3 slim was announced and the day before the ps3 fat price cut he was pissed :D im probally gonna trade in my PS3 fat for the slim not sure though :D
i got my 250gb with uncharted 2 bundle which i think is limited editon(i mean the bundle not the game)(only saying that because there is only like 100 left in the entire country of which i live)
i had the fat ps3 but it was broken in only two months now i have the ps3 slim 6 months but the design sucks it look so poor i will sell my ps3 slim i wanna buy now a xbox 360 slim
question....um why do people make these unboxing videos? If your wondering "why is he watching this then" cause i saw it on the recommended thing on front page
I KNOW. I DONT EVEN TOUCH MINE. I turn on the power switch on the back and turn it on with the controler and when im not using it i put a big cloth over it.
Im getting 1 for christmas and i live in Aus is there any difference between Aus, US and UK version of the console.. also is it worth getting a HDMI cable?
lol he aint being ruff with it...at all he put it down on the table thats it..is that what you guys consider being ruff??
i see no reason to get a slim theres not much different from the ps3 i think is a waste of money im fine with my ps3
dammit wen i got my ps3 it was the sucky 39 gb v1 DDDDDDDAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!
if you have a hd tv then yes. the difference is amazing. There should be no difference at all in console design.
why would you need to upgrade a 120 gig hardrive for a ps3? i like how it has buttons instead of motion sensor
hi i was wondering if i could give anyone a lockerz invite? i will also subscribe to you. thanks ferrari.
Ok, people who fight over sonsoles really have no life. Seriously guys. both are great. Just shut up.
Blocked Goodbye u fucking wimp cocksucker =)))))) fail idiot i block shitbox idiots so fuck off.
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yh but many people getting it dont have a ps3 at all its aimed at people who havent bought it !
these are the gamesystems i have,psp 3000,xbox360 slim (the new one),ps3 slim,and ps2 slim.
i think the 99$ less dollars from the original should be a sufficient reason xD
ya you can take the hard drive out. its in the front, they made it easier!!!
@bobymcwogy that is exactly what i do with my ps3 after i got the YLOD.
I hate the bottons and that mat finish. looks like a cheap nock off
as a ps3 slim 120GB owner, fuck you gay shit fanboy cock sucker
The new ps3 reminds me of the sega megadrive. Ah good times. :)

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User Comments

Im afraid i disagree. We Brits have to pay a licence fee to the BBC. Wouldn't be fair if we paid for the eco system and others got it for free. This is why there are limits on where you can use it. The BBC has allowed overseas viewing on iplayer before and the uk Government and public press massacred them. Perhaps if it was subscription based but no freebies. Same for us here. We cant even watch many of your tv shows which are shown over here. Many of their sites are not accessible from the UK.
iPlayer is available internationally, but only for iPads. It also doesn't provide you with access to the same kind of iPlayer as in the UK - for a subscription fee ($90 a year here in Australia), you get access to a large selection of different series. It's got things like a couple of series of each Doctor (except 8) for Doctor Who. Lots of classics (Firth's P&P), and new stuff too, though generally probably a year or so old). You can also get access to eps from some series without subscribing.
Okay maybe not "full" access but surely a compromise is feasible, I can't see the BBC ever selling a Tomorrow's world box set for example. There's a of a lot of old content that has no intrinsic resale value. Or maybe lower quality video fir free and HD content for payable download. Or open the iplayer up to subscription for non UK residents. Money can still be made from new media sales abroad without the BBC compromising it's status if being free at source in the UK.
BBC why don't you spend the money WE the British people give you on ether making an iplayer that works, or some sort of decent programing or how about this make Doctor Who a 24 episode season instead of a s**ty 12 you spend most of the money WE give you on eastenders and crappy staged "reality" programs and government controlled news, spend the money that WE give you on what WE want and not what some feckless moron tells you they think we want to watch.
Did you know that you also don't need a tv licence if the device you are using to watch content whilst the programme is being broadcast is running purely on it's own batteries (not plugged into mains? However, the license fee is the way that the BBC is able to produce content that I want to watch/listen to without us having to watch adverts (which I can't stand) so I'd rather people paid it and we still got content than have to watch adverts.
I am more than willing to pay for iPlayer (or all of the services Brits get from their TV Licence) here in the US. I would cancel my current TV subscription (and satellite radio too) in a moment's notice if I could, as I literally only watch three channels on it: BBC America (which pales in comparison to normal BBC), HGTV, and Food Network. Please, BBC, take my money; you actually put it to good use.
You're confusing 'WE' with 'YOU'. You don't speak for everyone. You're just another (in your own words) 'feckless moron'. The iplayer plans sounds great and will benefit every license fee payer. Making more episodes of your personal favourite show doesn't benefit those who don't want that show. Stop being so childish and think of everyone.
There was an idea a few years ago that in a few decades the BBC could be one of the biggest media companies internationally. I think as mentioned, if you do want that future for your services, you would need to make the BBC iPlayer international too. But as your end sequence shows, i imagine it's already in the pipeline...
I'm all for sharing iPlayer with the world, but if you want it outside the UK you have to pay your fair share; either through a subscription or ads. The BBC and iPlayer service is primarily funded by the UK TV licence (which needs renaming since it also pays for radio and online services).
I'd agree with you if the BBC was a poxy, little company, but it's not. It's the largest broadcasting corporation in the world and for that reason alone they should be able to keep content up indefinitely. In fact, it should be possible precisely BECAUSE channel 4 can do it...
I wouldn't complain about ads on the iplayer if that would mean I could watch it outside the UK. Some people are able to watch BBC on TV outside the UK without paying extra money but not everyone. I just want to be able to enjoy these great shows!
It's Really good! But the UK pay for the licence so people would be upset if the BBC let's the world use it without paying. There is a paid Iplayer but it would be cool if they could have the UK version be paid for internationally.
some people I know don't even have a BBC TV Licence - Yet still watch the content quite legally on iPlayer catchup, so they are not paying for it - So No you do not have to pay for it - just get a UK proxy / VPN installed..
Except you don't need a TV License to watch shows on iPlayer and is only required for accessing TV channels. iPlayer is free to the British people whether they pay their license or not and it should be the same globally.
I think they should make bbc iplayer international with a subscription that way everyone can access iplayer globally and with the extra money they can make even better shows or better still spend it all on doctor who !!!
Next, get regional programming online faster. I've known it take over eight hours after broadcast finished for Look North (Yorks & Lincs) to be available online. Also, make regional programming accessible on all devices.
Has the BBC experimented with making content available outside the UK but with an invitation to donate (and making it exceedingly easy to donate) an amount of the viewer's choice (a recommended value will be displayed)?
But that wouldn't be fair for people in the U.K, We still need our T.V License to watch Iplayer so we have to pay for it. It wouldn't be fair if we still had to pay yet you outside the U.K would get it for free.
Fantastic! Please ensure to roll it out world wide. I and millions more would be happy to pay a premium subscription to get all the BBC TV and radio channels. Go on... push the boundaries... be the first!
This would be epic, however if the voice over was trying to do the Clarkson.....In the world thing then he failed it would have to be "the best tv service.........(3 seconds)..... IN THE WOOORRRLLLD!
Oh, thanks for clarifying that. I didn't know you guys had to pay for it. In that case I think it would be more appropriate to charge some kind of subscription cost for everyone outside the UK.
The reason why they haven't done a subscription fee in the US is because the BBC has a policy that all there services should be free so doing such subscription fee would infringe on such law
BBC iplayer is such a vital service for all sorts of reasons. The improvements look so good and as a licence payer I'd say it's good value for money. I use BBC iplayer a lot. : )
Actually, you only need the licence to watch iPlayer whilst the programme is being broadcast over terrestrial signals. Using it as a catch up service, does not require a licence.
Maybe let us binge-watch a series, similar to how Netflix are doing with things like "Orange is the New Black". I know I'd love to watch 13 episodes of Doctor Who in one day.
Interesting that they say the best TV service in the world when it is only available in the UK. Are they perhaps thinking of expanding to other countries? Subscription fees?
I wish I could use this. My bf gets to use it because he's in England but I can't and I watch more BBC shows than he does!! Not fair! I'd pay to use this player!
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