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Ps3 nppl championship paintball 2009 Videos


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This game is pretty good! I might get this or Greg Hasting's paintball 2. I might get both. Man, this game is sure old but it still is amazing. I just wish they STILL made Paintball video games now.
+Zephorie298 It does, Greg Hasting's Paintball 2 is a good game as well. I just 100% yesterday. The only issue was the AI teammates, on certain matches on Hard difficulty the don't seem to help out at all even when you use all 'Legendary' AI Teammates. I'm going to play this game next! By the way Greg Hasting's Paintball 3 is in development for the Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and PC. gregredhastings[dot]com
+Zephorie298 get both. both are great

NPPL Championship Paintball 2009 - Official Trailer

For more info and videos visit //www.empirepaintball.com - World premiere of the offical Activision Championship Paintball 2009 trailer. In stores November ...

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This game is garbage, let me save you now before you make the mistake of buying it. The graphics suck dick, the worst I've seen in quite a while. The gameplay is "meh" and the controls are laid out for a person with 3 extra fingers. The online is so laggy and just plain bad that it shouldn't be a selling point. Don't be tricked into buying this garbage, there's a reason the full price is only $30. If I had made this trailer I would have ended with "This is the same as GHTP, just 10x worse!" 2/10
well the real thing is definately better obviously. BUT! when im just chillin at the house, its an alright game to pick up. could be better in some areas, but its all we got at times. One downfall is the online play. NO ONE IS EVER ON!!! but thats cause its a couple years old and not too popular. but for those of you who DO still play, im currently lookin for people who do, and making a website to help us organize matches and what not. if u wanna play, hit me up on the 360. gamertag: coreyray89
@TheSsnigel Okay, first of all, who even said I coudn't afford paintball? I'm talking about other people out there who want to play but just can't. Also, stop saying the word "retard" so much. It seems like that's the only insult you can throw at me, and it's not even that great.
THIS GAME IS GARBAGE !!! LOL I HAD A PS3 AND A XBOX 360, i sold my xbox 360 and all the games and with that money i bought a real paintball gun and some gear. now i play in a amateur team in the woods... SO COOL, But it hurts lol, but it is the life... get stronger or die trying.
@TheSsnigel @xX4EverAsianXx Hey you two... Stop talking. It's called an opinion. Everyone has one and they are all different. By the way, go to school TheSsnigel; your spelling is worse than my cousin who is actually retarded.
@thedunno17 i'm looking to play ppl online for ps3. i just bought this game and think it is amazing for how cheap it was. we should round up some ppl for a ps3 game. that'd be sick. my psn is : shrtstp_07
@juno117 dont lie u like MW2 dont u every 1 knows that real paintball rapes the shit out of MW2 now Simulation paintball(whit real model markers) totaly beat the fucking living shit of modern gayfare 2
@xX4EverAsianXx retard? u can hire a gun for max $30 retarded little kid and a amateur gun cost like $100.................. and u say u cant play paintball for $350 ? yeah sure ......
It took me months to finish "Pro" mode on this game! I forget if it went Rookie, Semi-Pro, then Pro. I almost have every achievement in this game. Best paintball game made to date.
Hi I have just got this game and if any 1 want to plY online on it my psn is grottylotty169 and message me saying ( paintball ) then I will add u then we could kick ass lol
@ReTr093 some people don't have the privilege to play. Do you play COD? i bet you do, why the hell would you wanna play that, just go join the damn military.
@johnnybutane89 i have that game and im lookin forward to play it online cause i gettin xbox live within about a week or so. My gtag will be: epicSNIPER71

NPPL Championship Paintball 2009 - NPPL Buffalo Match 1

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In my opinion, I like This game better than Greg Hasting's Paintball 2.
Gamestop, thats the cheapist place that i know of.
walmart.com 3 bucks preowned
ugly neerd!! uahhh uaaah
were can i get it cheap
is online this game?

NPPL Championship Paintball 2009 Playstation 2 Gameplay (Activision 2008) (HD)

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Do people still play this game online?
+UTubeVds no, sadly not.
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