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Ps3 wet Videos

PS3 games walkthrough - WET # 1 (No comment. Enjoy!)

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Christ, a Wilhelm scream at 3:11.
+rlrsk8r1 3:09

CGR Undertow - WET for PS3 Video Game Review

Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow review of WET for PlayStation 3 PS3. This CGR Undertow video game review of Wet has gameplay from Wet on ...

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the action seems repetitive
+Pawn Storm This game was pretty repetitive and i felt like it could of had more to it. BUT i also feel that they should make a Wet 2 for Xbox One! I thought the game had so much potential to be AWESOME.
+Pawn Storm it definitely was, but you do get move upgrades, for me it was the story, character, soundtrack and grindhouse setting
have they got this on ps4 ?
+crazymiles i am a retard......Ummmm Duh yeah...cooooll...droooool oh yeah
+crazymiles I have a huge cock
+Chad MuskaaAre you retarded, son?
+crazymiles Listen to TOMLEYKIS!!! This was BEFORE Max Payne......
I wish bro, I wish
You really think this Max Payne knockoff warrants a remake on the PS4? Use your fucking head. No, it's fucking not on the PS4, and it never will be.

Wet (PS3) ­­~~ Gameplay -Part 1 ~~

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This game is like making a bad movie... love it
Absolutly and Because i liked the game so much i made a tribute for her to start a petition for a sequel! Because the ennemies wernt all dead!! Id appreciate if you and those that read the comments of course joined the petition!

Wet Video Review by GameSpot

This raucous bloodbath is rough around the edges, but exciting acrobatic combat and a great soundtrack make it very entertaining. Read our full review: ...

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trust me this game is fun... BUT it gets repetitive and by getting repetitive it gets boring... yeah sure its cool when u first play it... then the "repetitive" part comes in after 8 levels... just shoot slash...THATS it... storyline not that great and most common... WOW REVENGE!!! anyway im saying this just to warn you this game: Has no replay value... As I said "repetitive"... Most common storyline... I recommend to not buy this game... But instead just rent it if you want to experience this.
When I first heard of this game, I was sooooo excited to get and play this game. When I finally got the game, I couldn't even finish the game because it was so redundant, so disappointing, and such a rip off of a few classic awesome games. I traded this in almost as soon as I got it - when it was still brand new, and only got a couple dollars of trade value. The value of this game dropped instantly and what was a $40 game, dropped to $17.99. Goodbye Wet, good riddance!!
if IGNorant can give Mafia 2 a score of 7, which most asinine review ever, you can't ever trust their ratings. Fuck you IGN for bashing every game that isn't GTA or MW2 and from misguiding gamers and damaging the gaming industry by giving unfair reviews! It's evident from angry comments under their Mafia 2 review, so many people disagree with their unfair ratings. I prefer Gamespot. coz Gamespot makes way better reviews. Gamespot > IGNorant
Psh, i own the game now and it's a shitload of fun, I think you're just being way too serious about judging it with predjudige, it's an enjoyable game that offers some nice fun for its incredibly low price, may get repetetive quickly, but it's like 10 bucks. Sure it's not your average battlefield 3 look-alike or any of that, but it's a classic. If you can appreciate older games WET shouldn't be much of a problem for you.
Game was a huge disappointment. The gameplay/combat is very sweet and the music is great and the scenery is well done and the concept is really awesome too. But they somehow managed to take all of that and make a really mediocre game overall. The first couple of levels are a lot of fun, but then it gets boring and frustrating quick. Could have done much better with all the assets this game had going for it.
too busy having a whole lot of fun? i'm sorry but IGN doesn't waste my money. I bought this game and it fucking SUCKS. Yeah, it was only 18 bucks but still that doesn't count for the amount of time i sat there at the loading screen because the controls are fucked. THIS GAME SUCKS PERIOD. save yourself time and money and avoid this piece of shit.
IGN are a bunch of paid off Microsoft shills now. Their XBox bias literally leaks off of the computer screen everytime I go to their site. Which is minimal now. Gamespot, G4, Gaming Age, and GameTrailers are the best sites for good gaming reviews that I go to. Screw IGN. I used to like 'em. But meh...they suck now.
this is very fun game once u get into it. kind of tarantino style game. some parts are rough but shooting is just entertaining. it should be cheap by now. if u feel like doing some badass shooting and go on a rampage.. try this. it deserves a sequel.. hope bethesda software picks it up again.
@digioverlord but ign strikes more of a point on things about the game that you would have never thought of in the first place but they do sometimes get a bit extreme. but hey everyone is entitled to their own opinion. oh and by the way, 4:56 EPIC FAIL
will any1 recommend this game coz im thinking of getting this game coz its really cheap in gamestop now and would any1 recommend games for both thr 360 and ps3 to buy thats around 25 dollars or less . thanks in advance fellow gamers
What about the absolute lack of boss fights? And the fact that the game becomes boring and repetitive by the end? Never mind it was a good game anyway. But i really wont buy it. The ebst part of it was the sound track XD
@HueyFreeman3000 how is it xbox bias if Wet is made for xbox too?.. and IGN didn't say anything about the console. just a bad review of a good game. as they always do with any game except MW2 and GTA IV.
@uncledoomsday To be fair to IGN there is an awful lot of mediocrity in the video games industry. On a side note, I pray for the day when devs stop forcing me into quick time events, they suck.
@digioverlord @uncledoomsday heres ign all yu do is run and gun too many slo mos the x button is unresponsive i keep falling whaaaa i hate this game...poor ign and their dumbass inconsistancies
Honestly I would give this a score of 6.5 or 7. The game is pretty good, I really liked it, BIGGEST problem though is the controls feel way clunky, but other then that, I really liked it.
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By no means am I saying "this is a good game you should totally buy it" Because then you would kill me, but it is fun in its own manner, kinda like a movie so bad its good.
I watch both gamespot and ign reviews before i buy a game except for the times that there review scores are fairly different then i trust gamespot
I don't know, kinda seems like the reviewer was too willing to overlook all the issues with the game. I found Gametrailers's review much better.
Is it just me or does the protagonist in this game look like the Female version of prince of persia (the one in warrior within particularly)
hes talking about bayonetta? i thought he was talking bout wet. ya bayonetta is great but, i have a hunch that gow 3 will be even better.
u should get bayonetta, god of war 3, gta 4, resident evil 5, killzone 2, left 4 dead 1 or 2, assassins creed 2, the list goes on and on
@uncledoomsday I would gladly take their jobs! You get paid to play new games and tell everyone what you did and didn't like about them!
The free-fall sequence almost ruined the entire game for me. That issue aside, I loved my playthrough, despite some frustrating moments.
@codehitman92 yeah, i'm looking for the same too. I tried this store on ebay, its called game sanctuary. You should check it out.
this game looks AMAZING, i'm definately getting this after my test week is over, i love old underrated games, like army of two
wow, thats unbelievable. i hated this game and loved bayonetta. cant wait for gow3. that may be a clue for u not to get it.
Whoa!! Whoa!! Don't be drastic! Wet deserves to be wet, in a toilet bowl somewhere! This game is almost like a gag gift.
Gotta include Max Payne and Prince of Persia in there. SOMEWHERE. Maybe give the "Deluxe Edition" Treatment too?
i forgot to mention.... who the fuck takes 18 bullets before dying? oh yeah all the enemies in this fucking game
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