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Nashville tennessee neighborhoods Videos

Nashville Neighborhoods - Bellevue

BELLEVUE - Nashville, Tennessee. Local landmarks, schools, and homes. Bellevue real estate values.

Explore Nashville Neighborhoods: Midtown/West End

Take a tour of Midtown/West End in Nashville, TN to see the Parthenon, Springwater, Noshville, Tavern, Hattie B's, Winner's, Elliston Place Soda Shop, Jimmy ...

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So West End is a good place to drink… and drink… and drink…. There's more to life, folks.
What awesome parts of Nashville! Love it!

Nashville Neighborhood - Belle Meade

BELLE MEADE - Nashville, Tennessee. Local landmarks, schools, and homes. Belle Meade real estate values.

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Excellent introduction. Thanks!

Nashville Neighborhood - East Nashville

EAST NASHVILLE - Nashville, Tennessee. Local landmarks, schools, and homes. East Nashville real estate values.

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Back in the 70's, I worked for Harvey's Department Store downtown Nashville in the interior decorating department, drapery etc. we were under contract with several homeowners in this area among other famous neighborhoods. I loved East Nashville.
I sure do miss east nashville, i lived there for 24 yrs i had to move in 2005 though,your only wrong about 1 small thing, i heard of 1 house being sold for 1 million dollars. Not too sure which 1 it was though.
My grandad used to live in there until someone sold the house for hundreds of thousand dollars :( A family of 13 kids mom and dad, he built it back in 1940's i think. Cant wait to get it back
might be time to update this video. I think those prices have jumped 20-50%. Also all those cool micro-shops on Fatherland & 11th and Woodland Street are super cool.
shelby street area is bad but I think its mild compared to south nashville. they by far have the highest crime rates.
and 3 streets behind all that pretty is all the gritty , the median home price in east nash is nowhere near 250000
maybe I really would not know I live on the west side where it actually is nice
Its a great area, but nothing is near by on foot, West End is better.
I live off 21st and west end, Its lovely!!
u have it backwards , east nash is worst
i used to live on riverside dr.
What? Thats Cheap!! nice

Nashville Neighborhood - West End

WEST END - Nashville, Tennessee. Local landmarks, schools, and homes. West End, Whitland, and Richland real estate values.

Nashville Neighborhood - Downtown + Gulch

DOWNTOWN NASHVILLE and THE GULCH - Nashville, Tennessee. Local landmarks, schools, and homes. Downtown and The Gulch real estate values.

Nashville Neighborhood - Oak Hill

OAK HILL - Nashville, Tennessee. Local landmarks, schools, and homes. Oak Hill real estate values.

The Donelson Gateway Project - Restoring Natural Beauty to Donelson, TN Neighborhoods

Grassroots effort to restore the natural beauty of the entrances to neighborhoods in Donelson, TN -- just outside Nashville. began after the completion of the ...

The Produce Place - Nashville, TN

From Live Green Tennessee - Season 6, Episode 4 The Produce Place has been "buying local" since 1988 and providing their long term customers with ...

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Produce Place is where quaint meets quality in Nashville. So worth stopping by to shop and experience a business that supports local produce and food products. Barry was one of the first to carry my Southern Belle Biscuit Mix. When you shop here, It is like stepping back in time and doing business with good friends. 
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