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Nashville tennessee ncaa tournament Videos

NCAA Tourney in Nashville, Tn

Kentucky 78 Arkansas 63, Kentucky goes 34-0 (Triple Threat Sports 318)

St. Bonaventure Escort Through Downtown Olean

St. Bonaventure Men's Basketball team escort through Downtown Olean on way to NCAA tourney in Nashville, TN on March 14, 2012.

Michigan basketball team preps for NCAA Tournament in Nashville

Highlights: Vols 67, Vanderbilt 65 (2016 SEC Tournament)

12-seed Tennessee hung on to upset fifth-seeded Vanderbilt, 67-65, in the second round of the SEC Tournament at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. (March 10 ...

User Comments

I pause it at 2:21 with .2 on the clock and the ball is clearly out of the players hand.
+Chad Take it easy Chad.  It was merely an observation about this video. Not about what was on tv.
+mca0824 it clearly was not out of his hand. the video and tv footage showed that it wasn't.
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