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Top 100 college tennis players Videos

100 Greatest of All Time of Tennis

The List in this video belongs to Tennis Channel. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/100_Greatest_of_All_Time Music: Pierre Porte - Van Loc prepared by Özgür ...

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It is idiotic to make a list for both women and men - unless u are gonna rank them by achievements. Everybody knows that men are better, so it can't be ranked by that criteria, cause then there would be no women. Secondly, if it is ranked by achievements/success in the sport, then Several females should be before Roger, like Steffi, Chris, Martina, Court? If it is about impact on the sport and bla bla bla, then Roger could be number 1 - but then how is Bjorn Borg ranked lower than Pete? Pete had no charisma. Borg was the first tennis superstar. Impact is is a weird criteria that I read some where they are using in this list - not sure though. 
+200damary Thank you captain obvious. And I might be mistaken, but aren't people falling over themselves trying to say that Serena is the best of all time?
+CS T Men are better because they are born men. Nothing they did to be better then women. We have to talk about racism with the sister too. They would have more love then even fed if they were white.
I like your chart, but i would have put Maria Sharapova in a better position
+silvia berton You mean like lying on her back
1-time Grand Slam Champions Chang and Roddick in the top 100, yet 2-time Grand Slam champion Murray isn't? LOL
Some people have made it to number one without winning a slam while others won a slam but never made it to number one so winning slams is not the only consideration.
This list was released before Murrey had won a slam. He will be added when it is revisted in a few years, above both Roddick and Chang. 

Vuk Velickovic video for NCAA college tennis

Vuk Velickovic Vs Dylan Mccloskey (division 1 college player for the VCU rams) Vuk is in white and Dylan is in Gray.


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We have no problem with the content of Justin's commentary. It is the frequency.We believe Justin thinks most of his audiences are RADIO listeners and not T V Watchers >>> He never let up and let you watch the game without a constant stream of facts. Justin when Ted ask you a question during the game, please develop a few "one line answers'. Isk & Tsk Youyousova
I couldn't agree more. Love your material Jeff!

Yossi Dahan - College Tennis Video

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Yossi, What is your email address? Vincennes University has roster spots available for the Spring of 2015. Would like to speak to further about an opportunity with our program if you have not already committed somewhere. Coach Johnston

Cody Kim - College Tennis Recruiting Video 2016

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (https://www.youtube.com/editor)

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My name is Joyce Chen and I am the Assistant Tennis Coach at Wingate University. I would like to talk to you about the opportunity that are available for you both academically and athletically. Please contact me at [email protected] I look forward to hearing from you soon.
liked your video, I coach at a small D3 Christian school that has a very good tennis program, look us up at gordon.edu and see if your interested. Email me back at [email protected] if you would like to schedule a visit thanks Coach D
Contact me we would love to have you in California, [email protected]
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