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Ferrari 250 gto phil hill Videos

Phil Hill

Phil Hill was a Formula One racing champion and legend who also happened to be a Leica enthusiast. In this video, we chat with his son, Derek Hill, who holds ...

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Where is the Leica? It also is a poor video quality. Editing looks like a beginner was at work. PrismLeitz
It's too bad that Phil Hill never raced at Indy; he might have won at least two Indy 500's.
I have started reading this book and love every page.
Very good.. I would like to write more later. Cheers
Phil Hill is quickly becoming an inspiration to me.

Phil Hill's lap at Laguna

Formula One legend Phil Hill (now 81) returns to the seat of a Maserati (in this case an MC12) to celebrate 50 years since his first F1 race. His son, race driver ...

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What a great champion,the only american born to win the Formula 1 World Championship,Mario Andretti won it too,he was born in Italia though. We need drivers like him to make americans realize that Formula 1 is the best racing competition on this planet,we need another american in F1,we need our US Grand Prix back,we need stupid people understand that nascar is overatedand boring,nascar sucks,USA is to big to don't have a F1 Grand Prix. There are F1 fans here,please let us have a F1 Grand Prix.
On the wall of my office is an autographed photo of Phil Hill driving the Pintacuda Alfa-Romeo 8C2900B at the Historics at Laguna Seca in 1975. I have a magazine that covered the sports car race in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco where Phil had his first drive in his Ferrari 212. He finished 1st in class, 2nd overall. He also autographed that article, too. I'll never sell them. If I'm starving, I would rather cut off my leg, roast it, and eat it, rather than sell these.
@captainjustin74 First, Gurney was a great driver, and the only one that Jimmy Clark feared. Had Dan not decided to go into building race cars, he most likely would have been a world champ. Andretti, while born in Italy, emmigrated to the US after WWII with his family. He was a young kid at the time. He became an American citizen, and learned to drive in the US, not Italy. His experience was on dirt ovals with "stock" cars and jalopies. So he was/is an American driver.
Ayrsen-Mario Andretti once said that when he raced, he raced for Italy. Back in the 70s, there was a race at Riverside where European drivers raced F1 cars against American drivers in F5000 cars. Andretti raced as European in a Ferrari, and if I remember correctly, he won. Not counting Jimmy Murphy in 1922, I consider Phil Hill to be the only American to become the official world champion.
Dan Gurney won some F1 races but NEVER TOOK THE DRIVERS CHAMPIONSHIP he was a great driver but he was never the F1 World Champ. Also I am sure someone will say what about Mario Andretti. So ok what about him Yes he has one the F1 world championship But He Was and Italian at the time so I am sorry you can not list him as an American that won the F1 Championship!
Nascar wes alot better in the 60's where there wasnt that much hoopla, and it was more a gentlemans sport, Ill always have a soft spot for the Talladega's dodge daytona's, torinos,and superbird's, i mean it looked like they just flowed around the track with ease and not trying to struggle like nowaday,s, Swet Memories
Why was Phil Hill never honored by the government when he was alive, was it because he was not military nor did he play games? He was a gem and a great ambassador for the US. I guess you have to use a ball or bullet in this country to get some attention
there has been only one US born World champ in F1 and his name was Phill Hill Philip Toll Hill, Jr., (April 20, 1927 – August 28, 2008) was a United States automobile racer and the only American-born driver to win the Formula One Drivers title>>
ok guy if i saw you id nail you as you and evvery other mouthy jerk, on here ruins it for people that like racing and yes older F1 stuff, stay off here if you cant act right and taqlk right,
@RafaelSatchmo Phil Hill's record speaks for itself. Just a great driver, great man. I spent time with him at a Ford junkett at Monterey in 2003. He was great.
I wonder when America will have a good driver like hill and Andretti in F1 LOL. Scot speed your recent driver was load of shit lol
R.I.P., Phil. Thanks for being such a great ambassador to our nation in such a great international sport!
@NewYankee01 you may think of him as the worst. But he's one thing you're not: A World Champion.
Will we ever see another American F1 champ again? I hope so, but not likely......
What about Dan Gurney? He's American last time i Checked Doh!!!
i LOVE the mc12 one of my favorite supercars. its so beautiful
What about Dn Gurney? He's American last time i Checked Doh!!!
maserati mc12 e2 ung nag champion sa fia gt 2009
phil hill, the worst world champion in history.
im not even going to answer that
wow, I am also from upstate.
God Speed Phil & thank you.
dude, ur a fucking idiot
Great man, great car.
rest in peace

Phil Hill's 300 SL

2 Mercedes 300 SLs I spotted at the Greenwich Concours. One of which used to belong to early F1 driver Phil Hill.

Phil hill Carnage

Andrew Neir of Neir Racing group took Phil Hill a little too hot towards the end of Round 2 of Global Time Attack, the damage was significant, leaving a trail of car ...

Ferrari 512bb lm Laguna Seca

Turn up your volume.. Some footage of a Ferrari 512bb LM at Laguna Seca, in car view. Awesome sound.. (Phil Hill)

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Excellent. I love it when things like that happen. I personally think that the 512BB LM is the best sounding ferrari of all time. Yes the 250 GTO and 250 LM close behind but its the savagery of the exhaust note that I love. It's probably because there reasonably affordable, but I've had this dream of remaking C'Etait Une Rendezvous with a 512BB LM for a long time. Have you seen the film? Its on YouTube. The sounds definately doctored but it's still impressive. Thanks again. Matt Evans
No problem ! a friend of mine gave me a ferrari vhs tape he found in a second hand store... we both could not belive how good the video was... 330 p4, 250 swb's, 275gtb, 512bb of course... and a testarossa . video is from a series called (dream cars - the story of ferrari) 1987 theres a f40 on the cover..
I have this video too got it in the early 80's, now hill is passed on sadly. and the dummie's at laguna seco changed the track around so it goes thru the middle instead of up the hill after the pit straight. I wish the's leave thing's alone and and let thing's stay as they are.
1:23 "And up here is the Corkscrew." [Misses downshift] "God dammit." Ha ha love this clip. You can see this footage in the Automotive Series: Backseat Driver dvd (check Netflix or Amazon).
The 512bb lm is one of my favorite ferrari's... ferrari should have made some of these as a road car... the shape, the lines on these cars just scream out "sex" to me !!
Just stunning! Could you tell me a bit about the footage? I.e., what program/documentary it is from, what channel it was on, etc etc. Many thanks. Matt Evans
Type this into the search field: Claude Lelouch - Rendezvous (HD Remastered) Please reply to let me know that it works. Matt Evans
yeah it worked fine thanks..great footage im sure i have seen it before..
can you send me the link for the film thanks..

TWO Ferrari 250 GTOs at Retromobile

Two of one of the most desirable cars in the World, the Ferrari 250 GTO, at Retromobile in Paris.

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@CarKid14 Yes, there are 2 types of 250 GTO's. You've got the ones that have been produced in 1962 and 1963, and the more rare generation that has been produced in 1964. But these ones are the '62/'63 GTO's.
why are the vents on the blue one covered on the front? also are there two sort of generations of it?
So beautiful- both of them! Looking forward to the day I see a 250 (and 288) GTO!
i love these cars my favourite of old cars
I love the blue one.
GTO is awesome!
Old is gold :D

Ferrari 250 GTO - Viva Italia!

The most beautiful car in the world. See more: //supernius.pl/

Ferrari TR 61

Ferrari TR 61 Olivier Gendedebien-Phil Hill Ganadores Le Mans 1961.
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