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Columbus ohio h m Videos

Schindler HT Vandal Resistant at H&M Easton Columbus oh

Schindler HT Hydraulic Elevator At H&M Easton Town Center In Columbus, OH

Riding The Schindler HT Elevator At H&M Easton Town Center In Columbus, OH. This Elevator Is Used For Both Customers And For Service. Installer: Schindler ...

Top 8 Spellbook/Prophecy Deck Profile 2nd Place Columbus, OH Regional

Hey YouTube! Here with a good friend of mine who finished 2nd place after swiss at the Columbus, OH Regional! He played extremely well showing people that ...

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If you have cards in languages other then the country your playing in you have to bring a sheet of translated normally just copy and paste from yugioh wikia its not hard too do and considering its on the konami site if u dnt do that u deserve the game loss
My friend has a whole German Mermail deck and went to the providence regional, got questioned bout his deck and got a game 1 loss, then dropped due to not having any translation. Did he have any of these problems with being asked what does it do?
i have a question :) How he will change the deck with the release of verz?, i mean tragoedia is a dead card in hand with ophion on the field so im kinda curious on what he will do
I know it's his fault... That's not where I was going with this. I'm asking did he your friend have the same problems at all with people asking about the translation?
Wait, if he was out already on the field, how did his opponent get abyssgiueos out on him as he said?
yo tengo el deck spellbook todo en español y 1st edicion lo quiero tanto que nunca lo dejare.
How could he abyssgaios the Jowgen? It denied special summoning or he was already on the field?
They tried that on me when I had all German hero deck it's just a tact to get game1
Saw this guy beat a Sams player on the bubble in the most legit fashion. Cool dude
With all those new prophecy cards coming out I'm sure this deck will have a better
thnks for the content, ik u topped a arg regional, but lets see u top another
Congrats on the top. Jowgen truly can't be tamed till judgment day
Rules are you new translation, his fault for not having it.
@JGvisions, he probably already had abyssgaios on field
Breaker and Power? Really simple...
That Fire Fist mat is beautiful!!!
Numero once ojo grande amigo!
Whut? Crimson is rank 8? O.o
what sleeves were those?
It's prophecies dumbass
Match against the verz
Sweet priestess's

One Minute with Thousand Foot Krutch's Trevor McNevan and HM's Brooke Long

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I am the kind of person that messes with the closed captions just to let to know. I can't get enough of it when I messed it to the point where I see these large red bars on the screen. X3
could you p[ut some suybtitles on this, I cant hear a word he is daying

The Hoo Doo Soul Band @ Rumba Cafe--Columbus OH

The Hoo Doo Soul Band @ Rumba Cafe--Columbus OH.

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me gusta mucho hace tiempo tuve el honor de estar aya en rumba cafe
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