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Classic car rides Videos

First love - bonding rides ------- Oldtimer classic and vintage car Edtion 2K14

There are many important things in life. Family, health, home, love and happiness. For some of us who look back in time, those memories of happy moments ...

Hot Rides Exhibition Del Mar Movement Classic Cars

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Antique car rides, photo shoot, rat rod, VW BUG, kids, grandkids

It's better than the circus..

User Comments

@RPEEK in a few vids back that very old VW who's was it ? i thought that one was trish's VW.... but i can see that im wrong in this video
Great day in the morning! What a fine day for a ride in the rod and the grandkids were spectacular having fun and rabble rousing.
If I end up going to MIT for college, can I come up and ride in the rat rod? That would be awesomer than awesome!
@berkelusa Yours is going to drive a lot nicer than mine, I can tell you that right now.. hahaha.
burning rubber , and a nice bark to second ...ok now take us along for a ride like that !! lol
@cbhonda90 That old VW was one we spotted in the street in Camden.. Don't know who owned it.
awesome burnout but poor poor zacky got left behind..he prolly thinking--Waittt 4 me!!!
Zack standing there going, "Someone's in mah seat!!!" ;)
I'll letcha drive mine if u let me drive yours.. :^P
@SuperKONR It's possible. Keep me posted..
now thats nice family fun for everyone :-)
That was awesome !! Thanks for sharing !!
@1963impala2dr Yep. You can...
good times,,gotta love it
can I be third? haha
So good family!

Amusement park kids classic kids bouncing car rides

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