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Classic car ride on toy Videos

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Beautiful Sunday cover Daniel Boone ♡ ต้อย คลาสสิค คาร์ Toy Classic Car Band Seacon Square 20150524 Daniel Boone - Beautiful Sunday 2008 Released ...

Elephant Stepped On A Tonka Toy Hasbro TV Commercial 1970's

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User Comments

my dad tells me about this commercial all the time! i finally found it! he said that to test it his brother and he threw theirs out of a third floor window....it broke! ahhh, the stories i hear!
My sons had these for xmas day aged 5 and 4 One took it to pieces ;) the other threw it out the bedroom window ;) lol this was boxing day. ! Lovely ad lol
David Horowitz once challenged this commercial on his "Fight Back!" program in the mid-70's. Sadly, the elephant flattened the truck.
after seeing this commercial, i started to try it myself, but i broke my tonka truck unfortunately
Remember boys - Tonka toys are made just for YOU! Sounds sexist today, huh?
Absolutely remember this ad. Thanks for the upload marksebiz.
i cant be the only kid too remember this add
DANG! A real car would break...
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