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Geronimo! Code Name for the Navy SEAL Mission That Killed Osama Bin Laden

Geronimo is trending as more details surface about the Special Forces mission to kill or capture Osama Bin Laden. It was the code name used for the operation ...

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@jbranstetter04: They were primitive, but calling them savages may be going too far. Basically, the clash between the Indians and European settlers was inevitable. Any two group with such large technological disparities would have had similar interactions. That's human nature. I recommend T.E. Fehrenbach's book "The Comanches" for a good portrait of the complexities of white-Indian interaction. It is an honest, gritty, unromantic portrayal of both an Indian culture and whites on the frontier.
Actually, Geronimo would have had no problem killing innocent women or children. The Apaches frequently killed women and children in raids on the Mexicans. (They also adopted child captives frequently.) This was because the Mexicans often killed and enslaved Apaches. The Apaches fought the Mexicans bitterly for around 200 years before whites showed up. That's a fact our La Raza wannabes attempting to appropriate Indian heritage in order to whine about Anglo oppression would prefer to forget.
@TheNingishzida What is up with you and the whole "white devils" thing? That is offensive. And Perhaps you dont understand when i tell you that just because you are "part" native like me does not mean your Native. I might be misunderstanding you about that. Oh and the whole Skull thing!? like the kennickwick man!?!?! oh god please!!! the only reason why they think the skulls are the same as whites is because of the nose. THAT IS ALL! Also Native Americans have a separate gene from any race.
Navy seals are incompetent idiots & child murderers.They shot a disabled and unarmed old guy with kidney disease through the eye after their stupid "intel" was looking for him for 10 years? are you kidding me? The real Bin Laden isn't even dead, it's another propaganda ploy by terrorist USA. The US military are just being pussies and cowards as usual. the Bin Laden they try to peddle to the american people is just an outcast preacher. the real planners of 911 are saudi groups backed by CIA.
@roberetrodgers one must ask do you respect animals and use everything they have you offer or do you talk for show do you recycle must likely not and have you ever heard of the Florida bog mummies the true natives of florida were not Indians (Asians) so talk as if your native all you like but DNA DOESN'T LIE 2nd im part Apache this i not an insult to me at all would you give a shit if the code name was BOB NO!!!! would whites NO!!! its just a code name people get over it
@NWNative147 well that maybe true but not all enthic groups of a race have the same traits like the swiss can have almond shaped eyes while an Irish can not an asian from laos dont have high cheek bones (well my friends from laos dont) but if you do want to see hight cheek bones try looking at isolated people in china and Mongolia and not all indians have high cheek bones my friend angle hes full Indian(dont know of what tribe) and my cousins father dont have them ether
Guys, please, the operation was called "Operation: Neptune Spear." Within the operation, there are different stages, represented by different code-words. In this case, Geronimo was the word for stage G. For ONS, Stage G was the stage where Osama was to be captured or killed. And so, "Geronimo-E-KIA" means "Stage G - enemy target - is dead." The codename for Osama himself was supposedly "Jackpot" or something. Hope that clears up the situation a bit.
@TheNingishzida All races are related dipshit no wonder we have similar DNA WE have similar DNA to whites, blacks, and Asians. Stop trying to prove something this is not true also if it were true it would not matter anyways seeing how we are the first one's here. And same I am part Suquamish, but i am actually PROUD to be Native i was RAISED around my peoples culture. You may say your Native but your really not. Even if you have the DNA.
I wonder how the US would feel if the mission was named after one of your own goddamn war heros like washington, kit carson, custer, ulysses s grant and all the other idiots who stole the US lands from the REAL first americans who were present on this soil. Maybe then you all wouldnt be saying "OH get over it, at least bin ladens captured." Goes to show the US still has disrespect for anyone without white skin.
Are those who kiss...members of the Skull and Bones 322 ... at Yale University, I think "W" has given the codename ... more SHAME and RACISM! They Should Have Used the name Custer ... It Would Have Been more fitting for Their way of killing ... come see my video, you're welcome. Justice for Goyathlay, and Respect for His People. They have to apologize ... and many things happened in history...Uhh
@NWNative147 yeah your right im not apache im part like i said you moron and yeah you guys came from asia you have Q3 DNA it came from Q which is an asian DNA your skull is Mongoloid skulls are how you classified race you know us white devils give free education i suggest you take up on it and us white devils will even pay for your collage if you do good enough get educated moron
GREAT.. now where is the body... Oh they um.. dumped in the ocean... it was um.. for a muslim burial...?!?!? WTF most of the muslims around the world have already claimed he was not a muslim - so WTF is giving him a respectful muslim burial and making his body impossible to find??!! Now we only have "pictures" of a dead body and a small sample of DNA ?!! I CALL BULLSHIT !!
Eighty percent (80%) of High School History is false. Geronimo was a Native Solder defending his family and tribe from America's first National Terrorists, the US Government (Wounded Knee). Aboriginal inhabitants of the Americas are the Native Americans, and the US government; a culture of firearms and explosives brought the US Army to conquest land and its inhabitants.
Geronimo is not the Savage; it was the US Government of1829-1909. It’s semantics. Study Geronimo and discover the truth. Native Americans acted as Christ, they open their arms in hospitality and brotherhood to a hopeless population and in return were exploited, degraded, assimilated and annihilated by an increasing extreme organization whose only lust was for power.
@Wentfradump @Wentfradump....you people? what people? whites, blacks, latinos? obviously you don't know that blacks and whites get the most government assistance throughout the U.S. and are equally number one for alcohol and drug abuse. Do some research before you point your judgements to native americans. I'm not racist at all but stating facts.
@NWNative147 lol its just a joke the white devil thing and no not like kennickwick man i hear many things about that so i revere judgment on such a thing skulls all somewhat look the same but high nose bridges is an Caucasoid skull trait the Negroids Mongoloids or Australoid(dont really know to much about this one) not have high nose bridges
Geronimo’s famous picture with fellow Apache riflemen is Americas first National Security. Geronimo is a hero, he died with over 15 rifle slugs in his body and once during his elderly age told an army solder, while digging into his body to grossly recover a bullet, “bullets don’t kill me”, as if to say my purpose in life is divine.
Geronimo fought against the US government and so did Osama Bin Laden, so it was a good name for the mission. This in no way says that Geronimo was an evil man like Osama was. I cannot for a minute think that Geronimo would kill innocent women and children as part of his fight against the US governments encroachment into his peoples' land.
The UNM profesor that defends the name given says Geronimo was known as a terrorist in the territories back in the late 1800's. He is such a stupid dumb ass! To who? only to the white invaders! Let me tell him this and to all the navy seals, neither him or those navy seals will ever have the glory or a name as big as Geronimo's, ever!
@NWNative147 once again im not "native" im part "native" no ones native to this land and yes we are all similar but we all have different dna nor Caucasians or sub sahrans have Q OR Q3 thats an Mongoloid dna 2nd i like how you didnt try to say shit about the skulls so once again us white devils give free education go get some
6-10 million Native Americans were extinguished by Murders for Land/culture/creed, diseases, enslavement and assimilation in the name of Christianity and Manifest Destiny. The Army killed Apache women and children and Geronimo surrendered only because the surviving women and children were held hostage.
@pivotkid85 LOL... Just what we would expect from a snot nosed, teenage punk. We all know that oafs like you would have claimed that an image of OBL's dead body would have been fake anyway. Then what..? A long form death certificate perhaps;-)??? Go back and play with your Navy SEALS video games.
Geronimo did fight back only to protect his family, tribe and a way of life maybe not as Christ would do, but as Peter did…a solder of Faith. Code name should have been “St Peter” or “Teddy” for Theodore Roosevelt as he was in Presidency during Geronimo’s incarceration.
@tommy9911 Thanks for the book recommendation. I take it that you don't recommend old movies to teach me about "the complexities of white-Indian interactions." I did see a movie this weekend where John Wayne interacted with Indians; the Indians lost. But that is Hollywood.
"Geranimo" was the freezer where they kept Osama's body for the past 8 years. "E" means the electricity went out and "KIA" meant that due to the lack of "clean green energy" Osama's body could never be revived and needed to be publically killed in action.
@Wentfradump i can bet that the mullato white government will cry foul when we start having honor songs for bin laden and geronimo. we may even bestow an honorable indian name for bin laden, "smoke like world trade center with hole in head."
@chuckyoungbloods: Oh, fuck...here comes the professional grievance mongers. One white guy who is tired of minorities looking for any excuse to whine about something. Really, the name of a military operation is your biggest fucking problem?
Trending. Christ, I hate that fucking verbification crap, along with all the rest of those blog-related neologisms. Almost as bad as "gone viral". "Trending" sounds like some kind of disease in one's knee joints that makes them walk funny.
@ whenfradump were you turned down for your welfare don't be a dick these comments aren't to argue I'm indian and make 320000 a year I'm probably paying for your welfare grow up you're not impressing anyone showing your stupidity

Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden "FULL "MOVIE"

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Corbett: 'Osama Bin Laden a CIA asset'

James Corbett, editor of the Corbett Report, says there's no reason to believe officials that say Osama Bin Laden was killed, citing a lack of evidence.

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Who REALLY runs our world? search "israel Did 911" and search "ZionCrimeFactory" for proof. "US Rep. McKinney has accused the pro-Israel Lobby in America (AIPAC, ADL, etc) for ruining her political career.She refused to sign the pro-Israel pledge from Congress and took a pro-Palestinian stance. Because of this, she said “war was declared” on her by them. In 2009 she told TIU's Ognir that “more than 99% of Congress work for Zionist-Israeli interests.” w(dot)zioncrimefactory com/jew-world-order
@martinavizcomm Oh my god. The difference between Bin Laden and the birth certificate is, OBAMA released on NATIONAL television his birth certificate. Bin laden was killed and the navy seals, america's elite killing team, decides to conveniently respect and obey Muslim belief? Then toss him into an ocean where no one can ever find him again? So no pictures can be taken, no autopsy, no questioning, no nothing. There is a HUGE difference. Don't be a Trump. even he's moved on. don't be THAT stupid
@TheReallitycheck so enlighten me then, sherlock fucking-holmes: where is some solid evidence that he isnt dead, or died long ago, or was being used by the US as an asset all this time? why present this news now? dont give me some crap about economy/rising oil prices either. face it, the US finally did what it said it was going to do and you either cant see through your hatred of the US to see the truth or your just a paranoid idiot regurgitating the same crap the rest of the anti US trolls do.
corbett tells it like it is. bin laden was just timed political maneuvering. blaming pakistan is a joke when we have militarized the entire world so we should have the "intelligence" advantage i'd think. i think hes been dead for years. they take something old and make it new. its like the school system. most people seem to not know it but its been jacked up for as long as i can remember, and they act like it just recently got crappy just to bring down obama approval ratings or distract people.
@boricuamm707 I don't even know what you're even talking about at this point. I stated that you and everyone else who believers Bin Laden is dead has the right to celebrate . I then said I have doubts about how it all occurred and you state that basically I am not open minded and trying to be a conspiracy theorist.Thank God that the constitution protects my speech just as much as yours. Regardless of whether bin Laden is dead or alive,Al Qaeda WILL EXIST. What exactly are you arguing about?
@boricuamm707 I am not sure where the phrase "conspiracy theory" came from.Never said I had one. What I said was, I have my doubts about how the information came out. That doesn't make me a conspiracy theorist. Secondly, you have every right to be open minded. I never shunned you or anyone else for celebrating the news if you believe it to be true. Good for you. Do a couple shots of vodka tonight if it makes you feel better. However, those who still have questions can still be "open minded"
a bit off the point but I Agree. I'd refer you to Mr. Corbett's Snake Oil video where he elaborates on how the use of non-renewable, and hardly attainable resources was implemented worldwide as an alternative to natural, renewable, and clean resources of literally the same efficiency, and exponentially more abundant, in order to keep the masses dependent. I believe it's primarily hemp. but the point of the video depicts among the first precedent for suppressing natural cures for profit.
Well done James Corbett - Couple of days ago I saw this reporter going totally bonkers at Tarpley who generally said the same thing. Glad to see he could keep his temper this time. I wonder what information this guy has apart from an opinion not being mainstream to give him this certain bias - I wish he would share it with us. The whole OBL story is worse than a black box experiment. U don't see what went in, you don't see what went on and they don't even give u a photo of what came out
@surf403 The US has already sacrificed the lives of your soldiers on wars of resources, you think they'd care about 3,000 lives when such action could allow them to control trillions in oil (and lithium in Afghanistan) and other resources? Your government had already been caught testing chemical weapons on its own people, hell they did it here in the UK too spraying whiltshire with Sarin and VX, and then tested it people saying it was research into the common cold some of which died.
@surf403 or maybe you should read the official documents these "conspiracy theorists" are reading from. Like oh I dunno... the ones that proved the gulf of tonkin "conspiracy" that lead the US into Nam was later admitted to be a false flag... one that got a lot of young patriotic boys maimed, killed, and psychologically damaged. But hey you keep believing what your government tells you, its not like they are corrupt. Go google "UK expenses scandal" to understand how corrupt ppl are.
@LordLindsey12 Excuse me an you think Islam is peaceful? stop blaming the Jews and twisting everything on Gods Chosen people. 99.9% of Terrorists are Muslim, and that fake book from hell they follow calls for Violence,and hate & separation not unity. So I will never be Islamic and be Infidel for Life,and haven't met mad Jews but have met cranky bitchy bad Islamic people. Islamic people are the New World Order puppet ones4they are the people who kill for 72 Virgins and propaganda!
@boricuamm707 Yeah, that thought occured to me today too when I was looking at a news article saying they shot him when he was unarmed. Maybe they did kill him. Funny, though, that he lived in this huge compound inside Pakistan where we've been for years, and we just now found and killed him? Just now? It didn't take us long to get Sodam Hussein, and he had people that looked just like him around, and they want us to believe it took them this long to get Osama? PSY-OP!!!
Burial at sea? According to Muslims rites? Who the hell is America fooling? Why was he buried at sea? This is the man we gave weapons to in order to throw the Russians out of Afghanistan, we used him once, he was an asset to us once. James is right, Bin Laden was a war on terror boogeyman. America will continue her occupation of the Middle East, this will embolden her to continue to kill Gaddafi. America has just begun to spread her imperialism in the Middle East.
@cedarpose Jesus christ, i can't believe I actually just read that comment. Where you born that stupid or did you have to practice? DNA can be kept on ice and this is a guy no one has seen for 10 years. If you lived out in the middle of nowhere I could kill you, take hair, tissue and blood samples, dispose of your body and then fake a few things to make ppl you're still alive. Then 10 years later throw a body bag into the Atlantic and go "hey its him I got DNA!"
@boricuamm707 You're making of fibs. I NEVER said celebrating was "barbaric" You must have gotten my post confused with another. Please, before you go around accusing someone of something, get your facts straight. For the 4th time, I said, if you want to celebrate, you have the right to do so if you believe he is dead and that I have doubts about "HOW IT OCCURRED". Show me saying that celebrating was "barbaric". Please, I'm dying to read where I stated that.
Clear as the nose on your face that false flags, whether they be on the Dance floor in Bali the 2nd blast being a mininuke that ripped out reinforced concrete at 50 meters from the blast, on the Train in Spain, on the Train and Bus in London 77, or at work on 911, covert agencies like the CIA, Mossad, M16, TNI, ASIO, etc were complicit in the call to arms against the muslims and the The Middle East resource wars. In short NATO's calling card. Hello!
Despotic Indonesian authorities have warned the killing of bin Laden won't stop local radicals from trying to launch terrorist attacks. In other words the TNI will murder more innocents for the globalists funding! Wake Up World! John Key says the British Government will monitor the risk of international retaliation attacks. Now they've faked 'where has he bins death' they want to create more terror. Psychopaths! Now be very alert and alarmed!
Real terrorism has no leaders, just cells. You cannot stop it. They come at you from all sides and from all classes. Social change and amends are the only way to stop it without punishing the people you claim you are trying to save without destroying every freedom they have. If you are that afraid of death, lock yourself in a steel bunker.......and wait till the air runs out.
Rio de Janeiro. Putin is that TV's funny. It has the Chechens supported by Al Qaeda throwing bombs and wants to do more. Oh! Pakistan is already in sight from the Yankee embassy attack in Kabul. You may claim the imbeciles Putin. Pakistan is in sight. And his hero was already Binbin. Pakistan and Al Qaeda confirmed. Since the TV's Putin wants to ask the former KGB, Putin
and an even more polluted planet. we need to move to a resource based economy before its too late. too many people mistake it for communism even though that uses money as a measure and this system would not. totally different outcomes, but people are so indoctrinated into their belief structure, anything outside of that is so alien they cant even fathom it. sad.
Cia asset since 80,s yes mywolf and mywol2can says bush family friends in oil exploration.look up on my fravorites.abc anwar al alacki same thing.p.s. your u.s.a. thurc.I.a is planing false flag attack on u.s. citizens now and I predict attack on u.s. soil soon.So sheep people will give up more rights.wake up sleeping. Americans youtube myqolf2can
@Spider449 Ah, JUST the kind of 9/11 Truther/Inside Job/False Flag FUCKING FAGGOT, I was talking about. I hope you get herpes, and then AIDS...(wait, you'd have to fuck tho, and I KNOW you don't get any pussy?!)...Meh, maybe you'll be lucky enough to catch a bullet to YOUR dome, and get dumped at sea...go FUCK yourself, and YOUR Mother, BITCH!
Of course when you add that to the Pre war plans by NATO, the Pre emptive attacks on the Sovereignty of Afghanistan and Iraq, in the early days, subsequent Occupations, Installation of Puppet govt's, Genocide, Maiming, Rendition, Secret prisons, Torture, Murdering unarmed journalists trying to report the crimes.
bin laden is not dead because he never lived? it is al fake, it is al illumination. all the shit that happens in the world is MADE IN USA. OSAMA BIN LADEN - the O of osama the I of bin and the L of laden OIL, the cia agent that plays osama owns a big oil company!! the world is not fun anymore wtf is this.
"What do you think is the future of terror?"! That's a brilliant question! Ya h 00 news shows a militant group in Somalia, He was declared dead near Islamabad, Pakistan, so I wonder if portraying Pakistan as accommodating terrorists is part of the picture. Gaddafi can only be a short-term villain.
i know may of you may think it superfluous to do this, but i have. contact the media you come across this propaganda and who dont give the public ANY knoweldge of the other info, and ask them why? make them make an effort to reply and tell you why they are hiding this other info. HASSLE THEM ;)))
Cia asset died 10years ago -You have to believe that the the #nwo is so so behind that these bastards have to upp the complete bullshit mode proper now!! That FAKE PASSPORT now this - whats next??? Love Peace and UNITY is the ONLY ANSWER! To OVERCOME THE NEW WORLD ORDER!! #beecoz3001
Our real enemies are right here. They have white skin and aren't hiding in some cave on the other side of the world. They call themselves "Liberals" and progressives and sometimes 'conservatives.' Don't understand? Follow my links. Read the quotes page first.
@waypasthadenough i dont slave listen to mainstream media and i agree with some parts of his theory but youu guys are getting so fed up with CNN and FOX that your willing to believe anything that opposes them. RT uses propaganda just like american news media

A message to the American people - The solution - Sheikh Usama bin Laden

A message to the American people - The solution - Sheikh Usama bin Laden For more videos visit: //www.shamikh1.info //www.as-ansar.com.

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American people say fuck that dead asshole
Fuck osama bin laden. He is now chicken of the sea.
+Icepick Charlie American cowards only bark like mad dogs. such an American like comment!
love you sheikh bin laden(rahimahullah)
That's not him.
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