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Mexico soccer ottawa Videos

JDG and MDJ Named to CanMNT Squad vs Mexico

Mexican Airforce plane take off in ottawa!

Mexican Airforce take's off in ottawa ont at int. airport!

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is amazing how ignorant people can be. must be another crappy person from south ottawa or maybe the vanier area, do you know mexico got his independence fighting against france that is not the case of Canada by the way all the gays and lesbian and mentally ill people here not to mention the suicide people well that's Canada in little words, if you read the story of mexico will spend a long time reading and let me guess you must be texting now, jajajjajajjajajajajja
Of course ! Let me tell you something. Mexico has their AirForce, this B727 is one of a lot of aircraft that the mexican government have. In fact, the mexican government bought a new Boeing 787 Dreamliner for remplace to old B757 TP 01 "Presidente Juárez". Anyway, Mexico have Air Force too. xD. Tambien somos chingones .
Mexico surprises me they were going to buy Su-30 from Russia but they stopped because of the major hurricane caused alot of damage if I remember correctly it was hurricane Wilma.Of course since then more economic problems as the world went through 2008 crisis.Hopefully now that world economies are picking up,Mex
Wooow that was my first service as an aircraft mechanic its a 727-264 ex Mexicana XA-MEK ............the wonder years
yep Mexico do not have enemy's that's why Mexico don't have a big air force
@omnadrener1 ico can buy something replace its f-5
@carpediem1975mx light'in up
@JestRose LOL i guess xD
@JestRose How ignorant...
mexico has a airforce?

Ice Carving Timelapse

Winterlude in Ottawa has an ice sculpture carving competition. Teams of two from around the world compete. They have 27 hours over the course of 3 days to ...

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So what was it?

Resumen del Ottawa Fury-FC Indiana (3-4)

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