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Smith college news Videos

NWTV Channel 7 News Sports Reporter Travis Harmon-Smith College B-Ball Doubleheader #2

Smith College News| Race, Racism and Anti-Blackness Panel

This video is about the Race, Racism and Anti-Blackness Panel that was held on Smith College Campus in response to an alumna panel discussion held in ...

Budgetball in the News - Philander Smith College KARK

Smith College News| Ep. 3: FROZEN-Snow Storm

A snow storm again? Welcome to the world of FROZEN! Let's check out the snow day of last week first!

Anderson Cooper speaks at Smith College

A lot of excitement at Smith College in Northampton Sunday night, as a well-known cable television news personality kicked off Smith College's new lecture ...

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I was there when Bill Maher showed up for Diversity Day, lol, they couldn't afford Bill Cosby and I'm so glad. We had fun with Bill until the roundtable happened, then those quad bunnies dulled all our brains.

Paul Smith's College | Paul Smith's 101

//www.paulsmiths.edu A fun introduction to Paul Smith's College, the College of the Adirondacks.

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Sorry you don't like our song selection. We heard it coming from a room in Overlook during move-in and thought it was fun! Since all of the photos are of PSC students, we hope you at least feel they reflect our student body :)
This song is horrible and I feel it does not represent our student body in the slightest
I agree that this song is not representative of Paul Smith's in the least

Dean Smith, college coaching legend, dies at 83

Smith College Fascists

Bernard Chapin here with Volume 111 of Chapin's Inferno called Smith College Fascists. If you need to get a hold of me Im at [email protected]

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The problem is that this homosexual movement issue, its injustices & other similar issues are supported & stealthily promoted with subversive intentions by the darkest & greatest powers in the land. Otherwise, theres no way in which a mere 2% of a countries population, being so deviantly opposed to nature itself, can possibly obtain & wield this level of power. Especially within a country in which self governing & the democratic process are constituted. That being the authoritarian elites target
He doesn't deny anyone legitimacy. Saying I wasn't born a writer doesn't deny the legitimacy of my being a writer now. He never said that in his book that homosexuals have only been around for 150 years. What page is that on? Oh, that's right you're making it up. He's entitled to his views and you're entitled to yours. You and the rest of your hysterical horde should refute his positions with logic. This has nothing to do with the holocaust. Okay, he made his argument, are gays now erased?
The attraction to a particular morphology IS controlled by genes. The reason almost all Men are attracted to the hourglass and Women to the V shape is due to our genetic makeup. But it's a sliding scale. My background in molecular biology gives me a solid basis for this opinion but, that being said, I would actively protest what happened at that meeting. Silencing opposition through violence and intimidation is ALWAYS wrong. The worst human rights offender in this case is the University.
here we go baldy, to deny a group of people legitimacy is HATE. ryan sorba attempted to strip the gay community of their legitimacy by denying their history (the history he present was inaccurate...there have been homosexuals for longer than 150 years. da vinci was a homo), and by infering that homosexuality is not natural. I'm not sure if you are familiar with the holocaust, but that was the basis of Nazism. to deny a group of people their legitimacy as a means of erasing them. OWNED!
Here's what his book said: "A little over one‐hundred and fifty years ago, the first concept of an inborn homosexual condition began to circulate in Germany. Prior to this time there is no known record of any human being ever claiming to have been born with same‐sex attractions (SSA)". Here's your lie: "there have been homosexuals for longer than 150 years." Anyone who reads this can now see that you are a complete and sick liar, lol. Again, there's no hate in his position.
No, I got to read the pdf the link of which is available for all those who see this video in the comments bar. Its worth reading. You have asserted that it is hate speech. Why is it hate speech. Everyone who reads this: please feel free to argue and refute the lesbian intolerance machine. They can't think they're way out of a paper bag. Why is thinking people aren't born gay hate speech? It isn't. Anyone who's a lesbian activist and not gay is an absurdity. OWNEEEEDDDD, pig.
Do you think its possible that this kind of militant suppresion of free ideas on the submissive majority will result in only more cowardice? I only wonder that if this kind of pathetic activism only breeds hatred of women, lesbians, leftists. Maybe I'm only projecting. But it would seem logical to me to assume that there comes a point, when the majority ie, white, heterosexual males releases there mass frustration in acts of mob rule, like the Crunulla riots in Sydney.
After the police state has been crushed under the weight of its own creation and society has collapsed, a new society with far fewer restrictions will emerge. I would propose that in this society freedom of speech should come with a right to demarcate an area in which intentional distruptors would be smacked upside the head with a baseball bat or some similar appliance. This would leave certain individuals with only themselves to blame for any injuries incurred.
So if the internet is really only our last bulkward against total control, we should all be packing our dacks for the new plans for regulated internet, world wide. Its in the works, and its in the news, look it up folks! When the net goes, we lose the only thing has kept our views alive and allowed them to grow. I think its then that radicalism, on all sides will grow tremendously, and will we be forced into the arms of the only group that will accept us?
If it werent for channels like this one, and the internet in general, many of us would be unable to express ourselves freely. If you constantly exclude a group they will run into the arms of whoever will accept them and their views, increasingly that is only radical white supremicist groups, or outspoken religious organisations. I think that if it werent for the free and anonomous nature of the interenet, we would all be in a very volatile position.
Although I could be wrong about this entirely. I mean this group is priviledge, that and they are the hight of chic, homosexual women. Yet they are the ones resoughting to mob rule and cowardly tactics that are born from the pack mentality. It only seems to me that as the dominant group, and his views are pushed out of every mainstream or alternative group, he will naturally go to the only people who will accept him and his opinions.
you mistunderstood AGAIN. i was pointing out your misuse of the phrase "lesbian activists" because they were just activists in general. you dont have to be gay to stand up for gays. thats called common sense, dear baldy. also, due to the fact that you state "i didnt even know who ryan sorba was until i saw the videos"... you have never read his book, and thus do not know whether it does contain hate speech or not. OWNEEDDDDD
The gay mafia has pulled stunts like this again and again. Don't any of these hateful groups; gay activist, feminists, ect, fear that one day that hatred and anger of the opposing side will bubble and spill over into uncontrolled rage. Hate to use race, gender, or sexual specific terminology here, but the average white, hetersexual male here is being put in a tremendously difficult and persecuted position.
I had to deal with these broads once arguing with them. They were all up in a fuss about some guys' Halloween costume because he was a blackface Bobby Brown with his girlfriend as Whitney in blackface also. They're just nutty radical liberals. I thought they made a mountain out of a mole hill (common of the radical left) and they tried to incite racial tension when there was none to begin with.
I bring it up because it's an affront to justice and truth. I would bring it up if it occurred 50 years ago. Obviously, that's not even an argument though. We must fight leftist totalitarianism regardless of who advocates for it. Yes, most of the people protesting were lesbians. Yet why anyone would act is such a manner is beyond reckoning. Why don't you try respecting diversity?
hey pig, lesbian activists not being gay is absurd. Furthermore, you should give diversity a try. There was no hate speech in Sorba's book. It's perfectly fine for someone to disagree with you. He thinks people are not born gay. What you should do is come up with arguments to refute him rather than shout him down. Only cowards shut others down...you weak brainwashed loser.
There's no such thing as hate speech. It's just used as an excuse to censor somthing you dont like without seeming like a hypocrite when you say you believe in freedom of speech. Also, having an alternative explanation for what causes homosexuality does not mean you hate gay people. You can say gays aren't born gay while still promoting their freedom to practice gay sex.
What I think is really disgusting is the whole lack of respect for anyone that has a different opinion then themselves. Everyone has to accept their position......or else they just shut stuff down by overcrowding....? Hopefully people realize how oppresive these gay rights activists are.
Political correct movement is about hiding the hate-mongering and criminality that goes on behind the scenes. If they look and superficially behave in a "politically correct" manner nobody can accuse them hate-mongering and criminality that they are really doing behind the scenes.
You're not going to insult me on my channel. Thinking that gays are not born gay is not an act of hate. It is not akin to slavery or Jim Crow. I'll give you another chance to think and argue. Why is Mr. Sorba thinking that gays are not born gay hate speech? Please explain.

Vesak - 10/24/15

This video is about Vesak, a religious and cultural festival celebrated by Buddhists all over the world. This event was coordinated by EKTA.
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