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Skyrim - Fast Easy Orc Stronghold Access in Markarth

For every race except orc, you must first gain the trust of Orcs in order to enter any of the Orc Strongholds in Skyrim. This includes Dushnikh Yal, Largashbur, Mor ...

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@shanemcpayne You can get Deadric hearts of alchemy merchants. It counts as "ingredients". When you trade with a alchemy merchant, just check their inventory. Sometimes they sell it just like any other spawn item in their stock. You could also buy hearts of Drevis Neloren in The College of Winterhold, when he is in his room. Complete the quest Pieces of the Past and you get entrance to Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon where every 2 weeks in game, 4 deadras spawn, kill them and loot hearts
Prior to the Dawnguard DLC, I did the quest in Markath where you clear the foresworn from the gold mine. When the two miners expressed their gratitude, the orc also said he would speak for me. After Dawnguard, I followed the dawnguard faction quests and more recruits would come into the fold. Once an orc joined, he told me in passing that he would speak for me in the strongholds.
@pms00 There is a problem everytime I go into Markarth(and I have completed the forsworn conspiracy quest and already broke out of the mine.) The same dialogue keeps replaying before I got threw into the mine and everytime I select the option "Go to jail" the dialogue keeps repeating itself and I have 22000 bounty cause I have to kill them. Reply if you know how to fix this.
@pms00 hi im having trouble...i killed everyone at the dushnikh yal and the narzulbur strongholds but i stumbled upon the largashbur stronghold during a quest...i killed a giant that was attacking largashbur and the orcish woman standing on the bridge did not say anything to me...is this because i killed other orcs or what?
Good tip! After wining the Civil War as a vampire/werewolf hybrid (ring) I could easily level up to Level 4 Vampire while being accepted by most people in Skyrim. One of the few exeptions though where ALL the Orc camps I haven't helped. For the one I did help (Giant problem) I was accepted though.
Hey guys I'm going to get a laptop to play Skyrim but my friends told me alienware is best for gaming. Honestly, idk what to buy. I have around 600$ but I can make more soon, and preferably a laptop cuz I don't have space or money for a monitor and pc and that shit.
@georgew1100 - there are a lot of quests there, but nothing amazing. just more content. there is one daedric artifact quest though, which you won't want to miss if going for that achievement. see my video on 'the cursed tribe'
Weird. I've been to three of the orc strongholds and none of them have offered the quest. And I'm a nord. I've just gone in without resistance, done whatever needed to be done, and left. Don't know why, though.
do they attack you? if not, you likely already did a quest for someone that is a friend of the orcs which automatically unlocked you full access. there are quite a few.
@JlsOwner - No, its the one he tells you about (Dushnikh Yal) plus these; Largashbur, Mor Khazgur, and Narzulbur. You'll find them in the area around Markarth.
@Fumateste Oh thats cool. Less expensive then a Macbook lol. So where can I get it? Internet? And I have no clue on what is good/bad so any suggestions
Another easy way to gain orc trust is to clear out a mine...you can get the quest at the miner area near Markarth opposite of the farm
It didn't work. I gave him the heart and he gave me he armor but he doesn't talk about the stronghold at all. Help please.
You can just hop the fence they never turn Hostile so you can mine at the gloombound mine without doing any of this
do u earn access to all orc strongholds wen u get the smith a daedra heart or is it just the 1 he tells u about
You are AWESOME!! ALL of your vids help me with skyrim in there own way. I would just like to say thank you.
@TheMegatraum - pay off your bounty in the shrine of talos, not to the normal city guards.
@mathal13 - there are several other reasons to go to an orc stronghold besides the ore >
Is there any benefit of keeping Orc strongholds? because I slay every orc I see
I think you can do the cursed tribe without getting access to the stronholds
@pms00 Please tell me where u found all the deadra hearts i m desprate :
@championchimpzrecord that stronghold is for a daedric artifact quest
do you know everything about skyrim? cause it looks like you do.
I used to comment like you, then I took an arrow to the knee....

Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra - "The Bed Song" (subtítulos español)

Copyright©: Las imágenes y música que acompañan este video son propiedad intelectual de sus autores y productores. Su uso es sólo con fines de carácter ...

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Gracias por las traducciones (varias) comparto tambien el que me brotaran un par de lagrimas.... :( cruel y real este tema..
Es tan hermoso... Me hizo llorar... ¡lo adoro!
Es en verdad hermosa
No puedo parar de llorar jaja
Lágrimas jajaj
Ay fungy... :/

ORC 2014 MW8+ Head of the Charles #3

New CNN/ORC Poll: 68% Of Voters Angry At Direction The Country Is Headed

Nearly 7 in 10 Americans are angry at the direction the country is headed and 53% of Americans disapprove of President Barack Obama's job performance, two ...

Production d'électricité par un ORC d'Enertime dans une fonderie

Tout ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir sur le fonctionnement des ORC d'Enertime et leurs applications concrètes.

Orc drawing on toned paper - Time lapse

If you like the drawing, subscribe, comment and like the video, if you didn't like the drawing, then you should also subscribe! Because maybe next week I'll draw ...

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Awesome man, I really love your works! Keep up the good work :)
Thank you for watching!
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