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Tourettes guy epic edition Videos

tourettesGUY - EPIC EDITION 2

The sequel to the slightly popular "tourettesGUY - EPIC EDITION." ---- May your brilliance live on forever, R.I.P. Danny (Tourettes Guy).

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Things I know about you 1. Your reading my comment 2. Now your saying/thinking thats a stupid fact. 4. You didnt notice that i skipped 3. 5. Your checking it now. 6. Your smiling. 7. Your still reading my comment. 8. You know all you have read is true. 10. You didnt notice that i skipped 9. 11. Your checking it now. 12. You didnt notice there are only 10 facts Copy and paste to 3 videos tomorrow will be your best day ever!
also, i talked to the video camera guy on myspace, and he said they moved, he also told me he wasn't even informed of any funeral. Dont you think the camera guy would have been invited? I believe Danny is still alive. (not because I'm a conspirator, but simply because I talked to the camera man)
@SlaughteredInside ....YOU CAN RUN BUT U CAN'T HIDE !!! TicK-Tock Before your CHANNEL GETS SHUT DOWN.. I saw an Obese guy going under YOUR same name. U R a FRAUD & SELLING ILLEGAL VIDS on that Tourettes Guy or Not Tourettes. (Looks like a reject out of 'ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOOS NEST !)
Danny isn't dead. He's been photographed since his alleged "death" alive and well. You all know Tourette's Guy is primarily just improv acting by Danny, right? All the other actors are pretty horrible, especially Shirlena and Danny's son. You can tell it's scripted.
i like his face when his ex talking i couldn't stop luaghing hes so funny from all the stuff he does i kinda wish he was my dad sad he died though but when he wen't up the heaven and saw god he proly said "shit..." R.I.P forever danny....
magine tourettes guy being flimed by james cameron and being theatrically released. who ever will watch it if it happens write me back and thumbs up this comment
"Dad, can we get some Captain Crunch cereal today?" "Fuck you kid you're a dick!" I died laughing after spitting out my powerade, that was hilarious!
Wow, i was eating a banana when he said "Why don't you make like a banana and SHIT!" ..After that i went to the bathroom and..shit.. Coincodince..?
Eh... man.. This might be meant funny.. but imagine being one of his kids.. this SHIT will ruin your life.. other than that.. EPIC :d
"Are you wearing a micky mouse shirt?" "Thats not micky mouse thats just TIT DIRT!" XD "30 CASES OF PICKLES!?!?" XD
@S67Snail It wasnt prison, it was jail. fuck..the bullshit stories continue..where does this bullshit come from??
"I don't know my house is gunna smell like pickles" ... *Zooms in on Dannys face* "I DON'T GIVE A SHIT!" EPIC.
the end is so fucking hilarious pardon my language but thats quite possible the funniest thing ive ever seen.
Either way, The Tourettes Guy, in essence, is gone. So I'll still say RIP until I'm proven otherwise.
That's what makes the Simpsons so funny. Homer's amazing, but you'd never ever want him as your dad.
lmao!!! this is really funny, im nearly at tears. thanks you for making this; you just made my day.
pardon my language?¿ this is youtube u steaming pile of horse shit! u can say whatever u want...
Make another one since hes not dead now!!!! I was so happy when I found out he was still alive!
1:49- 2:00 the most awesome thing i had ever seen yet can´t stop watching it again and again
funny as hell. 5* and favorited. u should make another cuz ur so fucking good at it. genius!
Epic (Flame-)Warfare xDDD Danny Walters - the one and only leader in the march of flames! :D
Search, the return of the tourettes guy hes not dead! he just went to prison...So I heard
oh man XZ30X you rock! you made my day by making me laugh at countless of your videos.

Tourettes Guy Epic Edition 1&2 2x Fast

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HOLY SHIT!!!!!!! HA!!!!!!!!!!!

Tourettes Guy: Epic Bob Saget beat

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Sick beat

Tourettes Guy Imogen Heap Fall Sequences

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Hilarious and full of win. "I'm too pissed to give a shit!" *bird hits face*
Ooo whatchya sayyyayyyy. Mmmmm that you only meant well...
My military career in a nutshell.
This video is a masterpiece!

Tourettes Guy Song

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lmfao :D
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