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Des la canada avondale Videos

La nouvelle Volkswagen Jetta 2015 | Volant multifonction | Volkswagen Canada

Découvrez encore plus de la Volkswagen Jetta 2015 : //contents.vw.ca/models/2015-jetta/fr/ La nouvelle Volkswagen Jetta 2015 et son volant multifonction ...

Le Tucson 2016 | Un VUS qui surpasse les attentes | Hyundai Canada

Entièrement réinventé dans notre centre de design de Francfort, le Tucson 2016 change la donne. Sa silhouette frappante est la plus récente réalisation issue ...

Néthie canada road moose

User Comments

Wow. Un orignal est rentré dans ton char. D'habitude, ça ça veut dire que tu change de char.
Thats the ugliest Moose I've ever seen... hope it flies away. :P

Vandals destroy 170 tombstones in old Christian cemetery in Quebec City Canada

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Start deporting recent Muslim immigrants back to their countries of origin. Stop allowing new Muslim immigrants. The Muslims will get the point and will stop this infantile behavior; if they do not, begin rounding them up. Increase pressure until they get the message. Also, stop allowing any "no go zones" for Muslims--Open these up using military force and police if necessary; and strictly and severely prosecute anyone who attempts using "no go zones" and attempts to restrict regular citizens from using the public streets. "No go zones" are a false claim of territory used by gangs, thugs, hoodlums, and fascists. Don't tolerate such areas to be set up by any subgroups. They have no right to such claims on your territory in a democratic nation. Don't back down.
Islamofascists have certainly declared war on all of the Western democracies. This vandalism is another escalation in their assertion of domination over your country. Crack down on it decisively; don't allow Islamofascists any footholds, in any aspect of your society. They are looking for weakness and are attempting to intimidate you, so don't be intimidated. Respond immediately to these provocations and make sure they get the message. Otherwise you will only embolden them and this will make your struggle much harder in the future.
I wonder who's graves were those? Christians or Jews? or .....? What do you expect from muzzis ? See www.thereligionofpeac.com
Stop the islamisation of western countries.... No Islam in Canada, and in the western world....
What do you THINK?It does not need any prove to know who have done this !
This is what you get when you allow a bunch of muslims into your city.
thanks lefties ... the race war is your fault but we will fight it.
NWO. Order of chaos.
Fuck islam!

Breeding of edible snails brought together an Italian agriculturist and two Greek entrepreneurs- FR

Breeding of Edible Snails-New Entrepreneur -- Simon Galati from Italy, Host Entrepreneur-Maria & Panayiota Vlachou from Greece, Name of Company "Fereikos ...

Cheerleaders perfom on Canada Day

Chevrolet Volt - Marc Labrèche et les elfes

Marc Labrèche présente la Volt en roulant de Montréal à St-Jérôme avec des elfes de bonne taille et en la sortant à l'opéra! La Volt 2012 de Chevrolet, la voiture ...
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