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Goodwill la canada tucson az Videos

Earthbound/Goodwill Haul

Check out what I got at Earthbound Trading Co. and Goodwill today! Click CC to enable captions.

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Great haul :) Enjoy. Blessings

Driving Interstate 10 Eastbound through Phoenix, Arizona, 14 August 2015, GP033889

Driving Interstate 10 Eastbound through Phoenix, Arizona, 14 August 2015, GP033889.

Alien Craft Activity Yukon night vision October 18, 2011 Hurst, Texas

Some of the alien craft, ufo activity I saw the night of October 18. Love not Hate! Peace not War! Love is the path to everlasting peace for ALL people of this world!

User Comments

great catch. wow the activity here in my area is picking up a lot. im saving up a pair of night vision binoculars
hard to tell brother, nevertheless great catch ! Txs for sharing. ;)
If it is not a bird, well it is a drunk alien driving... lol
if its not a bird why u see wings on it from 17 sec
@theelovelive welcome them as a long lost relative
Wohoho crazy moves and a wild ride! Really awesome!

Matt Damon gets Dunked

Matt Damon gets dunked while bobbing for apples at Canadian house party.
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