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Gremlin car pics Videos

AMC Gremlin

Montage of my Gremlin pics.

User Comments

Hahha awsome,my first car as a 1974 Gremlin handed down to me from my mother,in 1986 when i became 16 it was super awful to have,but i wish i had it now, a pizza delivery guy stoned off his ass hit me head on in it,and totaled the gremlin.oh and people used to love to steal the gremlin gas cap off the back of it,we must have replaced it 10 times at least.so whoever has all those gremlin gascaps better have made some money off them.
My brother has a 72 gremlin sitting on his property just waiting to be restored. What is it worth?? The body is in great condition. It has an X steering wheel which he removed from a salvage yard here in Pomona, Ca., Back in the day you could find gremlins all day in those yards but no anymore. We use to see levi gremlins just sitting there being parted out.
Nice AMC Gremlin because it looks like the one in the movie from The Terminator and The Simpsons cartoon of Hawn's Moe man driving the car.
Cousin Earl!!!LOVED the commercial...and the brick phone! Cute disco ball. Ah, memories. Nice work on the Gremmie. Thanks for sharing.
Cool. I'm thinking about buying a '75 Gremlin so I'm lookin at videos to get psyched up lol.
WOW. I had an "Electric Blue" 1971 Gremlin with a white stripe. Thanks for the memories.
Marge Simpson went to the high school prom with Homer is a Gremlin.
My sister had one. They are shaped like sneakers. I hate them.
@Audiomonster99 Well this auto lived up to its name:-))
lovely car i want to buy one for restore it
could you get one with a factory V8?
it aint ugle
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