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Anthony bennett college stats Videos

Anthony Bennett Career High 15 Points Full Highlights (1/28/2014)

Hooray! After a mere 33 games, Anthony Bennett has scored in double figures! Hold on. Wait a minute. You're telling me that this guy was the first overall pick?

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I scored 15 points in 6th grade ...
Was that game in the NBA? No.
At least he demonstrates his talent!! This is the Bennett we knew. The rookie wall has ended.
+n88nick He had 11 points against Dallas the other day. Expect a great game from him when the Lakers come to Cleveland
Man he sucks, lol.  This was at the end of the game when nobody was barely even playing hard, ha ha!!  Check his 2 games right after this game.  2 points and 4 points.  Bennett sucks!
Farout, by some miracle, Brown will start giving him minutes or if Grant has some sense fire Brown and hire a better coach that develops young talent 
Doug Collins
AB looks much more confident. If they keep him and work with him on his shooting, defense and conditioning he'll be their future at the 3 spot. Irving, Bennett, Thompson and Varejao are a great nucleus if all healthy and motivated.
Yeah I know.. it's weird how they got a number one pick I said that back in February lol. Love our canadian squad.
+Daniel Brown they have Andrew Wiggins now
I think they should get rid of waiters and retrieve evan turner Kyrie, Turner , Bennett Thompson, and get someone in the draft again lol.
I'm telling you guys, AB can play. He just needs more minutes to get out of his slump. You can't take him out game after game when he's missing shots, because he never gets into a rhythm. Just give him time and he'll be a good player.
+kwwyy haha you'll see
So you don't think he'll ever be at least a decent player?
Sorry I can't stop laughing
should he have gone #1? No. But give him some time and he'll be an above average nba player imo. some guys need more time to develop, it happens.
+n88nick did u just see his skill set....it def doesn't say scrub....kobe didn't blow up his rookie year either...
+n88nickhe is playing like a scrub but he isn't a scrub and i reckon if mike brown gives him consistent solid minutes and play him everygame he will start playing better
This clown is not gonna be a average anything.  When your the #1 draft pick and people are happy you scored 15 points in garbage time of a game.  You suck!  The 2 games right after this game he scored 2 points and 4 points.  You people are idiots for saying he's going to be good.  LMFAO!

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Has so much great talent. Has very great potential to be one of the greatest players ever. Looks like he could play the 5 and the 4. Would be nice if he drafted into the NBA. Joining a young Pelicans team maybe? I pray for this young man to make it into the NBA.
Sadly, he busted his knee shortly after this video. He hasn't played basketball since.
Looks skinny to be an impact player in college, hopefully he puts on some weight so he can make a defensive impact against bigger stronger players.
are you joking with this or were you serious
I wish I was him lol
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