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Bennett college paper application Videos

Fish is the Dish | Pastrami Spiced Monkfish | Quinton Bennett

Spiced and baked monkfish with a pea puree and shrimp butter sauce.

Mobile Learning Classroom Application, a tablet-based education solution for schools

MOCA (Mobile Learning Classroom Application) is based on a private cloud-based interactive education system aimed at making learning an interesting, ...

Royal Marines Recruit Accommodation CTCRM

Thought i would give an idea of the accommodation you will have while in training. Good luck to anyone applying/in training, i was sadly medically discharged ...

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@Travis mason Can apply in 2 months again. Been a fast year
unluckey man

How does math guide our ships at sea? - George Christoph

View full lesson: //ed.ted.com/lessons/how-does-math-guide-our-ships-at-sea-george-christoph Without math, would our seafaring ancestors ever have ...

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Another almost useless video for people who were turned off math at a young age. You skipped the most critical part that will tell kids why knowing how to do logs was necessary for sailors. Instead of telling kids this is how it is, give them the reasoning behind it. So what exactly is a logarithm? What was Napier's reasoning for using his base number? What is e? A video with very little substance.
There is so much incorrect information in this video. The sextant was not the first instrument that could measure the angle of the sun above the horizon. Comparing the altitude of the sun in England is not how anyone determined their longitude...ever. Lunars were not measured to the horizon, they were measured to other celestial bodies...and the calculations didn't take hours. SMH
As a navigator, I enjoyed the video. For those interested in this, read a short book called "Longitude". However, the sextant was far from the first instrument to measure the angle between the sun and the horizon ("during the day"?). Maybe "safely" due to the filters, or by direct observation with an eyepiece, but not the first.
Why do you have to be so concerned about who invented it? As long it is in the public domain, it does not require to pay any patents to use it and is not used for terrorism, i don't see why it matters who the inventor is.
So, the amateur Scot got it ALL WRONG but thank God the Englishman was so kind as to come all the way up to 'Edinboro' to make things more convenient... and claim them as his own. And don't get me started on the flag.
No, not really. Commenting (even the useless ones) are a key component in YouTube's popularity algorithms. If a video gets tons of comments, it climbs the ladder of popularity, and is easier to find.
Great video TedED, especially the ending!!! I am almost done with masters in law school, and I dont see any cross pollenation within my field that makes it into the education itself.
The brits are get all of the credit in this video...Well I suppose it's correct. But there must have been some latin contributions to the Age of Discovery and Colonialism.
By far the best TEDEducation video to date. Please hire George Christoph and make some sort of agreement with The Hobizals, this was amazing.
this is so good i would like to get a script of this video and other video too is it possible for me to get please let me know
hot hookers made sailors remmber places, when getting lost (and honry) out in the sea! give them credite (or $)

IIT JEE Mock test series by Super 30

Beat the IIT JEE stress with the exclusive Bennett Mock Test Series. Prepared by SUPER 30's Anand Kumar Click here to register NOW for FREE!

Creating assessments for learning

On Thursday 27 November 2008, Hazel Owen and Helen Martin (Centre of Teaching and Learning Innovation) re-presented their Tertiary Assessment ...

Sweet Dreams (NYU Tisch PORTFOLIO)

my short film cut for my application to NYU TISCH Sweet Dreams is the first film in the Grace series. Grace finds herself trapped between reality and fantasy.

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Damn. Nice job. Great filming techniques... Hope you get in!
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