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Bennett college alumnae association Videos

Your Presence Matters 2012 Santa Monica College Club Row

UMBC Outstanding Alumni of the Year Awards 2011, Opening Remarks

Bennett Moe '88, President of the UMBC Alumni Association Board of Directors, and Dr. Freeman Hrabowski III, President of UMBC, welcome the award winners ...

Rich & Bennetts Pub Crawl Charlotte

Part 2 of America's largest pub crawl. Open air street preaching in Charlotte NC at the Rich & Bennett St. Patrick's Day pub crawl.

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my friend took a pic and he was caught staring at her ass.
Please don't try to demonize someone who is trying to preach the truth. We are all sinners, but the difference is some aspire to be holy and some revel in sin. We all fall short. If I were to glance at a man's butt and someone snapped a picture, would that mean I was staring at it lustfully. No, of course not. I'm quite sure her jeans were form fitting anyway. You understand where I am coming from...don't play dumb. A glance at a rear end and drunkenness and debauchery are two different things. So so many lives destroyed by alcohol.
+Kim M she had jeans on, not shorts or a skirt.. its point blank. toooo funny.
Please.....he was staring at it because she was exposing it. Being a Christian does not make us blind but we know to look away.

The Alumni Chapter teaser trailer

The trailer for "The Alumni Chapter," a growing up story about four old friends who reunite after college, only to find that jobs are hard to come by and their bonds ...

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hey scott its David good work man, we're all extra proud of you dude. Your first movie.
The Alumni Chapter premiers February 19th at The Portage Theater in Chicago!
can I get a copy iwas an extra in this I could use it for my reel
Laura Mecsey who is now Laura Boyce is My drama teacher

2011 Part 3-University of Memphis Distinguished Alumni Awards: Carolyn Hardy

University of Memphis Alumni Association's Distinguished Alumna: Carolyn Hardy (BBA '74, MBA '87), President and CEO, Hardy Bottling Company.
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