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Harvard university club ny Videos

Christmas at the Harvard Club NYC 2009

Christmas at the Harvard Club in New York City with Jerry Hershcopf in 2009.

Wilders Q+A Harvard Club Part 2

This is part 2 of 2 of the Question and Answers period following the speech by Dutch parliamentarian and head of the Freedom party in the Hague Parliament, ...

Harvard's & MIT's Go-To Sales Training: MJ Hoffman

//pixvid.me/MJHrecruiting Sales training is a must in today's world. Melissa Enbar, a recruiter from New York, knew she had to go to a session with Jeff ...

John Adams - On the Transmigration of Souls (2002)

As performed by: The Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra, the Radcliffe Choral Society, the Harvard Glee Club, the Harvard-Radcliffe Collegium Musicum, and the ...

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I'm 14 and I love this song and think today's music is garbage. Oh wait.... 2002? This is today's music. Nevermind.
ur such a special snowflake...
Fabulous composer, i had the great chance to premiere his piano concerto Century Rolls in France in 2014 with the National Orchestra de Lorraine, amazing pieces!
cool I em franch
+Sebastien Koch Piano Century Rolls is an amazing piece and each time i hear it it sounds near impossible to perform.
Trash music; modernism is decadence! 
+Ricardo da Mata Ricardo, that is a very snappy retort, but it fails to address my point, which was NOT that you accept everything, but that music essentially speaks to the "heart" or "soul" or "personality" of the individual that listens to it, and that, perhaps, if you spent less time in "aesthetic analysis" and let your heart hear what the music is saying, you might see yourself the way others do: a sad little men on a desolate rock, impotently waving your clenched little fists and screaming "Trash! Decadence!" at the people sailing past you on the joy, tears, wonder that they experience when they listen to Adam's piece. I feel primarily sorrow that you cannot experience that joy and those tears and that wonder, but my sorrow gets pushed over a bit by the contempt I feel for self-important aesthetes that insist on marking internet sites with their intellectual urine only to prove that their "aesthetic analysis has nothing to do with heart."  What a revelation.  Shake your little fists and scream invective, Ricardo--people that love music with their heart and their brain are too busy listening to it to hear you. 
+zomatoad Aesthetic analysis has nothing to do with heart, and to accept everything has nothing to do with intelligence. 
Open your heart, Ricardo... maybe that will help open your mind. 
Music itself is decadence. This is beautiful and moving.
Wow. Just came across this incredibly disappointing thread. It's just astonishing to see - as I listen to this deeply moving piece about one of the most heartbreaking events in American history - such discordant snark. Do you all not "get" what this is about? So, dignity becomes a casualty, as well? Shame. 
+Tom Martin It may be one of the msot heartbreaking events in American history, but the rest of the world really doesn't care because the US is responsible for far more heartbreaking events beyond its shores on a monthly--if not weekly--basis. Still, the music is great and the comments are snarky. But, hey, welcome to the Internet.
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+KingofDelorean So cool
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