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Harvard university oap Videos

4. Business Model Testing, OAP Projects

Chuck Eesley discusses entrepreneurship as a search for a repeatable, scalable business model. In this video, he discusses the group projects in the class, ...

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This is worth watching several times! I am impressed with the quality of content and presentation. Thank you for sharing such valuable insights Stanford University and Chuck Eesley!
Great job, thanks for sharing this class.
Thats superb

University of Oxford

Bill Sybert "Harvest Moon" OAP Part 1/2

Part 2 "Link" //www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSiZw-mcX2Q&feature=channel_video_title.

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Exelente trabajo chicos, estuvo muy divertido.
Im in tht play man im soto hahaha!!!!!!!

BALBOA PARK Hari krishna, Muslim, Atheist OAP's 1 18 14

We wanted to show a side of how we interact with the people. To get their minds set on God, Jesus, salvation and eternity.To get them to ask themselves about ...

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I have been to Balboa park today and this is how I see these 2 tables. The atheists want you attention. They seek attention to have people argue with them. They will always repeat the same concept but they themselves do not know the value of virtue or of its origin. Asking them this, they will just make an excuse and refer to the history of the church. I would not even give them the benefit of attention. The Christians, on the other hand, sat in the shade quietly with random people approaching them asking questions. No arguments, No fight with words, no hassle, just given a thought. Looking at these two tables gives the demonstration of character. I studied evolution and even a scientist will not argue Christianity vs atheism. People just pass by and pretend that these people are not there. People come to the park to enjoy a good time but are never prepared for this controversy. Ignorance plays a part and they do nothing. They are not required to do anything but give it a thought.
Being an athiest myself, unlike most christans I've met , I don't force my belifs on others, hell I don't even talk to anyone about it unless they bring it up. My personal thought is that unless your belifs are infringing on others rights you should worship as you please.

TEDxLeón "mixing voices" @ McGill University Montreal

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