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Coinpicker's Flea Market Finds #29 (Part 3 of 3)

Hi YouTube! Here are all the old American coins that was part of those flea market coins I bought for $1 each. There's lots of Indian head cents, shield & Liberty ...

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Hi FP! I would recommend buying any silver dollar is you are getting a good price for it. Do you mean pre-1968 silver Canadian dollars, 1 ounce silver maple leaf coins, or new silver cased dollars as new Canadian silver dollars? I rarely buy mint product unless I really like the individual design because the premium over silver spot price is so high. CP out.
nice finds, especially on the silver, more silver to the stack
were would you recommend buying new silver dollars in canada? 
Wow nice us collection

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Rosemary McKittrick is a storyteller. From fine art to comic books, her weekly column is a great source of interesting information about the world of collecting.

Al Appreciates The Arts

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LOL!!!!! Where did you get that clip? LOL!!!!!!!
brilliant, love the ending xD
:) he's right
lol :D
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