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Xbox ayrton senna Videos

Ayrton Senna 20 anos - Forza 5 Xbox One (Senna 20 anos.)

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rFactor | F1 1994 Mod | Ayrton Senna | Imola 1994

rFactor | F1 1994 Mod | Ayrton Senna | Imola 1994 Xbox360 Controller no driving aids, manual shift.

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I don't belive you, you are driving WITH DRIVING AIDS, is IMPOSSIBLE to control the cars of 1994 Mod, this is a lie, and if you are driving without drivings aids, you should show us that in the hud this car is IMPOSSIBLE to control without control traction, and is IMPOSSIBLE use the brakes and not lock the tyres
these cars are Really, absolutely Impossible to drive without aids, but that is the magic of the game
+El Manshyn I agree with you that it looks like he's driving with driver aids, but its not impossible to control these cars. If u think those are impossible, try 1991 or 88
only because you can't control the car without driving aids does not mean i can't too...maybe you are simply too bad...look when i uploaded it...i don't have the game anymore
every f1-game or mod with this shitty noobcam :(
ok, now i believe :D
+ste der DYeah real life onboard videos are very popular and with alle the tvstyle and rfdynhud for rFactor it is quite understandable.
indeed!? :) ;)
+ste der D Yeah you but also have to consider that many people use this cam for a better or more authentic looking video.
i dont know, maybe my trying to get professional realistic gameplay at these games :)
+ste der D What's your problem with people using it?
+ste der D No, in every mod I have you can choose between TV cam, Cockpit cam and several others.

Notícias Games gratuitos no Xbox One / Xbox One Barato / Veja Sunset Overdrive / DLC Ayrton Senna

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Ultrapassagem no XBOX nivel AYRTON SENNA parte 3 pra vc Rafael Batista!!kkkk

formula 1 #3 xbox 360 "Uma pequena Homenagen ayrton senna um grande piloto" jamau br

Jamau br inscreva-se no canal [email protected] https://www.youtube.com/user/VaaSilvaGames10 xDuoGameS https://www.youtube.com/user/xDGmaes Lucky ...

Forza 6 - Ayrton Senna's Mclaren MP4/4 @ Brands Hatch (The Most Dominant F1 Car)

Forza 6 Gameplay: Time Attack @ Brands Hatch in the Rain The MP4/4 is a truly iconic race car because of its performance, but also because it just looks sharp.

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Very nice! Could of went even faster if it wasn't for that little mistake on 2nd to last turn there.
+Fujiwara Zone I know how it feels
+Im Parzelli Thanks man, Yeah i know and the first 4 corners too lol, oh well it was hurting my hand although it has increased some motion can now touch my pinky to thumb, good rehab for my hand is gaming hehe
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