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The car skidded Videos

skidding car

skidding car.

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the exact same thing happened to me today on very rainy road. i feel like i handled it the exact same way with my vw golf but it still went off road and my back right tire had to absorb a pretty nasty hit on a wall. i had to change the tire but there was no other damage to my surprise. the off road i went off was actually one of those small cliffs next to roads where theres a cliff and a wall next to it. i'm trying to find something to tell me what to do in that situation. if you handled it the right way i guess i did all i can. i wonder if i should give it some gas bc i think i took my foot off both pedals. i was also wondering whether i shouldve steered that much bc generally what you hear about skidding is not to over steer but just like this i was constantly. my road was narrower but i guess i wasnt this fast either. anyways i was feeling like shit bc i thought i was a bad driver oversteering but reading the comments it makes me feel better that people were impressed LOL. still though if anyone can enlighten me on whether or not this driver handled it ideally i would be very happy.
did you even read my comment? it wasnt his fault he started skidding, and it was difficult for him to catch the car but he still managed to do so why did you think he pulled over if that was intended? and 3 of my friends got into an accident and are now in intensive care with severe injuries because some idiot was speeding but the guy in the video wasnt speeding, you cant blame him
instead of patting this dump ass on the shoulder, I think the fact that he is going faster than he should is why I hope he crashes the car. at least he'd get a lesson out of it. He is passing all the traffic, isn't it a f***ing clue to slow the f down? this is why the roads are dangerous in the winter because of ppl like you, endangering my life just so you can be 5 mins faster....
it is so dangerous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please do not try this who is not highly experienced !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a congratulation who done it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
First, he's driving too fast for winter conditions, thinking his Audi can handle it. And it does...for a while. Then, after skidding, he stops - in the road - causing people to have to change lanes in slippery conditions. Then....he accelerates back to his original speed! Hope you're still breathing dude, and you've gain some sense.
@odmcarp WTF? take a chill pill spruce! He wasn't meant to skid, there was no influence towards that loss of control, however it was a nice catch, THIS is the sort of person who prevents crashes! How can you not see that? Nice driving mate, just out of curiosity, why was you filming it?
@dweiss1 first. hes not only legally required to speed in winter conditions but its blatantly responsible for him to do so. also clearly hes a super ultra badass to have saved himself in such a way.. end of story
Nice save! Had myself the same experience just yesterday and was very lucky to have regained control of my car and not crash, takes both driving skill and a little luck to save a car from skidding at high speeds.
What a moron! You'd think he'd learn from his lesson, but no.. he speeds off down the road again. That was natural selection trying to get rid of his stupid genes from the human race.
It must be a German car thing. I did this on the motorway, in the dry, in a car I have owned for 5 years. I didn't do so well on the recovery though lol!
No. Had something similar happen to me already and car was feeling weird after. Fast forward, took it to alignment shop and it was out of whack.
Audi with Quattro dose not mean you are invincible, death is always waiting around the corner. Get better tiers, and stop speeding you asshole.
First thing he does after the save is turn down the volume. A natural instinct for everyone that is a completely useless thing to do, haahah.
that song on the radio was one of the best timed things i have ever seen just before the skid it said are you ready :O
You are an ass hole. Come to America and try that shit and end up in prison for all of winter IDIOT.
its scary when this happens especially on the east coast where there is so much snow
What happened? Did he hit an oil patch or something. Car looked steady enough....
Well held! Looks like diesel on the road surface, but maybe we'll never know...
"Your time has come.... Let your soul, run free" Car starts skidding XD
Holy shit nice counter steering. Please though don't do that out there.
He gets out of car to check his underwear !! All seems ok so continues.
i started laughing cause of the music when the skidding started..
stop crying fag something slippery on the road not the high speed
Lol. Well you did a perfect save. Amazing job! Wonderful control!
one of those times wen u feel the adrenaline going to ur head
Pretty sure this is a de restricted section of the autobahn
do you not steer into the skid, or is that just for ice???
The radio was like perfectly on the mark for that lol..
I will be dancing yeah! lol Did you skid your pants?

Car skidded on a slippery road

The car skidded on a slippery road.

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Unexpected Car Skidding

BMW was moving behind the truck. But suddenly, the car was skidded.

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@karabinjr Howdy again, karabinir. I once was sideways with a carload of band mates at 90kph on a stretch of freeway due to black ice. Never noticed the altitude change (I was 22) and the wet road, which had been perfectly normal, became icy for maybe less than 500 meters. When we got over the mountain pass, it was back to plain old wet, grippy road. But for about 10 seconds the car was like a compass needle swinging to find "North". Happily I got it back in line.
It's hardly unexpected, the cars are moving 30kmh below the limit, which must be like 70 below the usual : ) Black ice is a bitch.
no, in russia they need dash cams so they dont get caught up in insurance scams which are very common
everyone has to have a cam stuck to their cars now.. just for recording awesome clips like this :)
no matter what videos I watch I always come back to Portreems videos
RWD cars sucks on winter.
@SkyProdigy91 lol
BMW Power!

The car skidded on the road

The car skidded on the road https://youtu.be/sTTb7jCuAGk fun, elliot moss, dance, party, swimming, video, elsa, corporate earnings, dollar, gold stocks, gold, fed ...

Controlling a skid: Advice | Consumer Reports

What should you do if your car suddenly goes into a skid? To help teenagers prepare for emergency situations, Consumer Reports hosted a day-long driving ...

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@HappyDiscoDeath I don't disagree with the experts at all. If you watch the video, the professionals control their skids by turning towards the skid when their back wheels lose traction. So they are correct. The narration is whats misleading. It implies that if you are trying to go left, and your back wheels begin to slide, that you should continue to turn the wheel left. Doing that would cause a spin or loss of traction of all wheels. Turning briefly towards the skid is the correct advice, not
Her advice to turn in the direction you want to go if your back wheels begin to skid is patently wrong. That would make you MORE likely to spin out. You should turn in the direction of the skid to regain traction and then turn in the direction you want to go. If she watched the Mustang and Camaro earlier in the vid, she would have seen the drivers of those cars doing that to control their slides.
"Turning into the skid" is exactly what she means by steering "where you want to go." If you're oversteering, then you want to turn *less* than the car is currently turning. So you turn away from the oversteer until the car straightens out and you straighten the steering--because now the car is going where you want it to go.
If you are trying to make a left turn and your back wheels begin to slide out to the right, then the advice of "turn the wheel where you want to go" would seem to imply continue turning left. Doing this would exacerbate the slide and maybe cause a spin. This is my problem with the unclear advice.
@ktonkin3 maybe i missed it... she said turn in the direction you want to go, which to me says keep the front wheels oriented in the line you want to take... or am i just that much better of a driver than her that my mind autoproofread it? either way, she needs to learn how to be more clear lol.
@ktonkin3 leave the driving safety stuff to the experts. these guys know what they're doing, and in comparison, you're looking like some random person trying to troll the video. it's easy to see the Consumer Reports is the one to side with, and troll is equal or greater than epic fail.
I was always told to turn into the direction of the skid. Surely this would make you turn 180 though? When I've had 4 wheel lock ups under heavy breaking and started to skid, I turned in the opposite direction and applied throttle to kick the rear back in line.
Darkrider and Drive, I think you're both right, but I just feel like her instructions are unclear. To someone who's never experienced oversteer, it might sound like she is suggesting not to alter steering, which could result in someone getting hurt.
One thing she did not mention at all is liftoff over-steer. The only thing you can do to correct that is to give the car lots of throttle. Most cases can't be corrected with steering. Learned that one the hard way.
@GordanMFreeman true, some drivers might know how to handle a skid, but some don't. that is why they uploaded this video, for the sake of drivers who don't know how to deal with a skid.
@ktonkin3 look and steer in the direction you want to go. This will compensate for understeer, oversteer, brakesteer and torquesteer
What is the "direction of the skid"? If you are skidding right and turn more right surely that will not help the situation?
Awww I came here to learn how to stop or prevent a skid but I learnt nought. :( I just saw some happy faces. :)
Most of those cars were front wheel drive anyway, so it's not like they are going to be doing doughnuts in them...
WOW! i can be just like ken block now! time to hit the school zones:)
But that tends to abruptly change weight and makes you over-correct.
this is important to new drivers. Thank you, consumer reports.
This video provides little to no useful info
Better advice: Take a skid control class
this is pretty basi stuff just saying
this is fun

[SRD Community] Car Skidded At KJE Entrance

Car skidded at KJE entrance during wet weather on 14 February 2016, around 3.07pm. Please slow down at road bend especially on rainy days. Fitri H. Fazir ...

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what car was that ? i can't make out the model
Mazda 6

Road accident in Russia - Car skidded on the oncoming lane

Road accident in Russia - Car skidded on the oncoming lane.

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Хуйло по телефону пиздело что ли?

Car skidded nearly escaped a collision with a truck.

Car skidded nearly escaped a collision with a truck. //www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005075563020&ref=tn_tnmn.
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