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Houston weather in celsius Videos

Temperature Conversion °C to Kelvin 007 (Convert 75.0 °C to K.)

Fukushima Temperatures Rise 4 Times Past Safety Levels: Infowars Nightly News

More Than 4 Times Maximum for "Cold Shutdown" Washington's Blog Tuesday, February 14, 2012 Over 400 Degrees Celsius Pretending that the Fukushima ...

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Don’t get too excited – here is the give away that this is a sham: "Mr Justice Tugendhat, who heard the case at London's High Court without a jury." Mr Justice – he was not hearing this in his capacity as a Judge. London’s High Court is the City of London court of arbitration between NWO business who have a scrap with each other – a mediation court as such because these greedy NWO types are always stabbing each other in the back to make a buck! So this is NOT an official hearing/court case.
I don't get it,for 8 minutes you ramble on about the Rothchilds.Then fom 9 min. on you basically talk about Harry Potter.So for a little over a minute,you title this video " Fukushima Temperatures rise 4 times past safety levels.Again,I don't get it.Alex, you of all people, I would have thought you would be shouting this from the rooftops, but I guess you think this is all a big joke.Fukushima has also made me believe in nuclear power,believe that we have to eliminate it before it kills us all.
@MrTurp420 That's a problem with your campaign finance laws. I remember we used to have a lot of corruption, but then USA demanded we create a special anti-corruption bureau to be allowed into NATO. So we did and it solved the problem to a large degree. The other important thing we did was campaign finance reform. We went first to tighter funding rules and then to government financed political campaigns only. That was the final nail in the coffin of corporate infiltration in our government.
Harry Potty has no power in its wand, the power was in bugging the innocent mom with cancer and taking my wrtng! my ex- brother in law was a navy seal{ never meant] they got a trip tp scottland, broke my back , no one who believs in nuks or violation of privacey can survive. people got billions, while me +my kid starved! my life +art was none of their buissness , they have to pay me now, while they insult the world with "sorry' on radiation tanks, millions will die, hope under torture
@smadzenites hard to call the stuff Alex covers as conspiracy theory now lol , have you even researched? probably not cause your in a puss country and not gonna care until we take over and put out global government , than once it hits home you will care but no worries it will be a while before we come for Latvia, but that is the same thing the jews did, scream conspiracy theory and not act until it was to late, your mainstream media admits most the stuff now yet your still in denial
@smadzenites conspiracy theory is now conspiracy fact, where have you been the last 5 years? obviously stuck on youtube if you cannot see the corruption in the american government, cause its in our face now and all over the news + just dig a little deeper than watching TV for your news and i bet you will see what i mean, hell a 4 year old could recognize the tyranny we are facing yet grown men/woman still scream conspiracy before even LOOKING for the truth that is in their FACE.
@smadzenites if you love your sovereign country and wanna remain that than i would suggest do some research on what our American empire is been up to and try to speak out against our empire before they come take you over too, these banks do not have boundrys and Latvia is just as vulnerable as anywhere else, but trying to damn Alex jones the only guy speaking truth is crazy? why not Fox or CNN or BBC or any Mainstream liars that spit 87% propaganda/lies. Alex = Truth ,goodday
@smadzenites the problem is corrupt banks have taken over our government and are taking our civil libertys and basic rights of freedom our bill of rights and constitution, this is america bro we fought in 1776 to be free and we will fight again were well known around the world for our freedom and im not handing mine over to banks,Alex Jones is just a reporter that actually does his job and reports instead of taking government propaganda and running with it, goodluck
@smadzenites oh, well i do not Listen to just alex i take his knowledge + others like him like Max Keiser etc and then do research on what they say to double check it, now i have seen alex bullshit or get stories wrong but thats only about 10% of the time lol almost every story or headline i search is true!! im not worried about the little bullshit nonsense he messes up but rather the big tyrannical bank/government corruption that has a TON of truth to it.
@MrTurp420 I love it when the larger political parties suddenly have to make do with the same campaign funds as small parties. That concentrates their attention on solving real problems pretty fast. Good caompaing financing rules came here pertly because of George Soros. He finances an NGO that exposes political corruption and tracks MP's links to businesses. It also helps to have prudent neighbours in Scandinavia. Sweden gave us some inspiration too.
@princessgumbo They own the money systems of nearly the whole world. The Libya, Iran and Syria wars are simply mopping up operations so they can get total control of all the central banks. Iraq has a Rottenchild bank now. Libya has a Rotthenchild bank now. Syria will get theirs soon and Iran, after WW3, will finally complete the control. (Google: 'Gaddafi's African gold dinar' to find the real reasons for the overthrow) THAT'S how it's done.
8:53 "i'm a trendy burocrat he is my magic wand. MMmboughya!~" - That was so funny I never seen this fellow switch up his tone like that, always been extremely, if not too serious all the time. If I saw what he saw all the time in the news I would find it hard to crack jokes like that. This is my first day being subscribed and I look forward to having another view of the world and society that I also see often
@princessgumbo Well I had seen somewhere that it was around 500 Trillion ??? Well they are ''screwing'' the world since 230 years !!! In middle of 19th Century they already had some 9 billion $ I guess !!! Rothschild are also devout Satanists and definately the number 1 NWO KINGPIN Family !!!! Always why is that no one can take them out !!! I mean a few good men and those scumbags are done with !!! lol
I also think that because just before the Nuclear disaster during the earthquake, America was planning to oust the oil dependency and find a better, cleaner, more efficiant way to get energy. A way that wouldn't line the pockets of the bankers, oilers, and puppet governments set up in other countries. Not that Nuclear power is the safest but I am willing to try to get this energy gridlock over with.
I thought this was going to be news about Fukushima, instead it was the most childish performance by Alex Jones have seen in awhile. Jones, if you think that "acting" is funny or entertaining, you are truly lost in yourself. I wish I could forward important information to friends but videos like this prevent me from ever promoting Alex Jones to friends. Just silly and embarrassing.
@smadzenites yea, true i wish we were that small, we have grown this american empire and its totally corrupt thats all Alex Preaches and i just pray people will go do research because over 90% of stuff Alex says is true and documents/evidence can be found easy , yet 97% of americans are insanely brainwashed and think everything is A ok, they are gonna be the ones hurting when shtf
All that you have said seems to make sense...It just needs to be said that Alex Jones doesn't give solutions for the same reason that NOBODY gives solutions...because we are SO FAR in the hole that there is NO solution...the only solution it seems...and it seems to become more and more true as time passes...Is to START OVER...but is that really a solution?
@MrTurp420 But I never hear Alex Jones talk about solutions. He's just making a noise about every unvetted crap that comes to his desk. And that's why he has no authority in policy making circles. Nobody takes him seriously because he's disastrously ineffective. This man's like a broken clock. But, yes, technically he is correct... twice a day.
Take money out of politics, and the government will work for you. Politicians can't help you if they spend most of their time fundraising with the corporate elites. In Northern Europe where I live, political campaigns are paid for by the taxpayer, and the amount of money made available is very limited.
@MrTurp420 American imperialism is probably the only reason we haven't been invaded and occupied by Russia again. Moscow still thinks we're their property. They first invaded us after signing a pact with Hitler about who would get which country in Europe. Nobody else is able to protect our liberty.
shaking my head...Alex, i love ya man but the jokes gotta go some times...other then that I am all for it. But I guess dealing with so much crazyness as you do...i can accept, a blow out some times. I know that u must be extremely stressed. i am stressed with all this and I am just a pee on.
lol @ 9:03 & 11:08. You have to have some comic relief with all this bull surrounding us. Things are so ridiculously in our face and no one seems to care. Reporting all of this would make him insane without a few minutes of laughter here and there. At least he's getting the info out there.

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@gardengnomer0 thanks :) and I did not throw him, he used tackle attack!
you threw squirrel!!! nooooooo! btw nice video!
im pretty sure thats a chipmunk not a squirrel.
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