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Houston weather late march Videos

Gardening Tips 2013_04_Garden Tour

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Beautiful garden! I'm also in Houston. Did your pomegranate tree actually start to form fruit? I got one this year and the flowers just fell from the wind. Very true about picking the fruit, I learned the hard way with my blueberry plant. I left the fruit on and they are pretty small and stunted looking. Also do you have a irrigation system or hand water? Do you make all your own soil by composting? If not, can you recommend a good place to get compost in Houston?
Thank you. The pomegranate tree had probably 20-30 fruit actually growing. Check out Urban Harvest the .org version, have classes & fruit tree sale 1x a year. They sell really healthy plants from reputable dealers. I hand water for now. I plan to put together a soaker system. I mix my composted soil with some bought soil & organic fertilizer. Call Urban Harvest in Houston (.org); they may be able to help you with where to get compost. -Peace, Mo
I live in Central Texas and am finally going to be able to garden, but don't have a lot of space for all I want to grow. Thank you so much for sharing videos about your personal garden - it will definitely influence my decisions on where and how to grow things :)
I have enjoyed watching your videos. I also live in Houston. Have you watched any of the LDS Prepper videos or been to any of the Mittleider gardening seminars? You might enjoy them.
That was an incredibly pleasant video to watch. Thank you! KB
Thanks for your kind comment. it was my pleasure. -Peace, Mo
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