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India pakistan dosti Videos

India vs Pakistan: Crowd sing's 'Yeh dosti hum nahi todenge'

The crowd at Edgbaston cricket ground in Birmingham sings along when played on loudspeaker a classic song from a 1975 movie, Sholay(Considered best all ...

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I can imagine it being an amazing experience being at the stadium singing this :)
i was there singing this### i am a pakistan supporter ;) loved it :D
amazing =) pakistan Zindabad =) jai hind =)
can't understand anything 
How lovely

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Aik dusry ki ghltiun ko maaf kr k ranjash door kr laini chahye.. Pak India aik Maan k do betoon jesy hain ..Narazgiyan khtam kr leeni chaye or dil saaf kr lainy chaye sab ko..
kash ye do mulk dost hote 

India Pakistan dOSTI cLUB

An organisation made by Syed Anwarul Haque for the peace n freindship of India n Pakistan in Orkut...

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hope this comes true... but do you really think this is a possibility considering what is going on?
I am from India and living in Saudi Arabia
Jiyo mere bhai... Jiyo
good work bro

AFGHANISTAN INDIA ki DOSTi Pakistan ki Waat Lag Gayi

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flash mob#india#pakistan#dosti

Substitute Weapons for Food or Medicines or Education. A cycle Trip for peace, starting on August 1, 2014, from Delhi University to ISLAMABAD@Please join us ...

India Pakistan Dosti

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