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Al Golden FAU Week - Aug. 27 2013

Al Golden speaks to the media after practice.

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12-0 i feel it....SN: who's that on the laptop..#damn

Big Sean "Blessings" at FAU's Freakers Ball 2015


//creation.com/question-evolution Question evolution is a grass-roots movement to challenge the anti-Christian dogma of evolution. "Question evolution!

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@chris60545 omg dude i swear you're so stupid..I DIDN'T CHOOSE ANY SIDE BECAUSE I DON'T BELIEVE IN A FUCKING GOD!!! how is that hard to understand??? to me god is just another fairy tale or whatever. it's impossible to reject something you don't fucking believe in holy shit man you are really stupid i honestly don't think you know what the work "believe" means...in my point of view god simply doesn't exist and i can't force my self to believe in something i can't. and answer my previous question
@chris60545 You are only proving how much of an idiot you are. Maybe you need a little retrospection before you call anyone a SHEEP. You follow a god and have no evidence nor proof and you never question your beliefs. You sound like the perfect example of a sheep. Also, your god, which you christians say you must obey to get to heaven is the perfect example of a socialist, maybe you should think about that for a bit. Last point, many christians believe in evolution as well. You fail common sense
Ehh. Coming from a Christian who really doesn't believe in the concept that microevolution * time = macroevolution, I do NOT like this campaign. I'm a pretty logical guy, and I can tell that this campaign will do little to encourage free thinking, but rather just enrage those who believe evolution is an absolute truth. For me, however, evolution teaching reminds me a lot of the concept that meat turned into flies. Nobody could see what was really going on, so they just stated what they observed.
11. Imagine a species was unable to identify threats to it's existence, now imagine a different species that simply killed itself or others of it's kind on a whim. Now try to imagine humanity having both of these qualities and making it longer than a year in the wild. 12. Evolution the most well-founded theory in science today, more so than gravity. 13. Modern medicine. 14. Evolution is a SCIENTIFIC theory, not a guess at history. 15. Evolution is a testable theory with mountains of continued..
@ccrg109 ok prove there is no god, i have yet to meet a single atheist prove it, i even when to a video about from an atheist and question if they hav proof, then all i got was "god doesnt exist" "i refuse to believe in god" "ur wrong u have no proof" yet not a single person gave me evidence that god doesnt exist, i even gave valid reasoning and i still got the same responses, u can say there is no god as much as u want yet none of u prove it or give valid reasoning, when someone does u hate
@Atriviality There is not much said about Him. He has white hair. God doesn't tell us what he looks like in the Bible. He is the Alfa nad the Omega. He is. You know the Bible is accurate when profisizing about Jesus. It wasn't as simple as a free mason getting hand picks to persuade the public like the president. how about the Second Law of Thermodynamics ? You don't understand the punishment of sin, if you are using Rev2:18-23 Try reading Eph 2:8-9 and tell me if you understand that please.
@kujoxes582 God doesn't need evolution. I'm surprised he took 6 days. Either that's just how long it takes, or he took that long for a reason. Maybe to give us our 7 day week, who knows. People just can't wrap their brain around that, and reject it because they don't understand it. We are not from monkeys, we are God's special creation, in his image. It kills me that people will believe in aliens, and other higher life forms, but they won't believe in God. He is far beyond our understanding.
@Daka12s No one(no human I mean) HAS to go to hell, Jesus took the punishment for ALL of mankind sin's when he died on the cross, and if you truly and honestly repent of your sins and trust in Jesus, you WILL be saved and not have to worry about hell. Satan and demons are another story; they knew God, saw him face-to-face, yet STILL chose to walk away and be evil. They have no chance at redemption, they MUST suffer, but there's no reason for you to be there with them, so please accept Jesus.
@SIMPDUDE "Jesus took the punishment for ALL of mankind sin's when he died on the cross" - Why did he have to? Wasn't Jesus God, or at least some part of God? Couldn't God have just forgiven everyone? "Satan and demons are another story; they knew God, saw him face-to-face, yet STILL chose to walk away and be evil." - I don't know. God's done some pretty evil stuff. Genocide. Commanding people to kill children. Plagues. Let's not forget the torture he put poor Job through just to win a bet.
Why do Atheists promote a negative attitude for intelligent young Americans against UNBORN CHILDREN (and deny their existence as human PERSONS until they are completely OUT of the mother's birth canal)? DOES THAT SOUND EITHER SMART or SCIENTIFIC? Why do ALL ATHEISTS promote the FALSE NOTION that there has NEVER been an UNBORN PERSON (with personhood status) in his or her mother's womb throughout the ENTIRE HISTORY of humankind. As an Atheist, do YOU subscribe to that ridiculous notion, too?
@highlander5523 First of all, I didn't say there was no god, learn to read. I said you have no proof nor evidence to support your claim. 2 different statements. Next, because I have not made a positive nor negative claim, I do not need to defend my position, YOU DO. You are the one who says god exists and therefore the burden of proof is on you. Unless you can validly prove that god exists, then do not claim that he does. As for evolution, it is proven fact. You can easily do some research.
@ccrg109 isn't it hypocritical that u can say there is no god w/o proof but everyone else needs proof, and don't u think its possible that god created the universe and realise animals need to adapt so gave animals evolution, personally i don't think humans evolved or apes in general since i know the environment effects evolution but humans and apes are in the same environments at the time and only humans evolve, that's inconsistent, thats just me, and how was the universe created w/o god?
Well done! Evolution should be questioned. It should require proof of animals actually changing into other animals. So far there has been only theory and quotes about millions and billions of years like religious scriptures. And even when fraud is found and proven it's never corrected, and it even finds it's way into new text books as if it's some proven fact. If there is any proof it should be published without the cult-like stories that have long been exposed. It should be like science.
@Trappyhands "It should require proof of animals actually changing into other animals." - Do you know what "descent with modification" means? "quotes about millions and billions of years like religious scriptures." - That's ironic coming from a YEC. Geologists measure the age of the earth with radioactive decay rates. Where does the YEC age of the Earth come from? "And even when fraud is found and proven it's never corrected, and it even finds it's way into new text books" - For example?
if god loves us so much why must we go to hell? why is there even a hell and where does it exist? where is heaven and why cant we see it? how can christians prove there are spirits or even a holy spirit? why did punish adam and eve if he already knew what they were going to do? if i send my only son to die for peoples "sins" does that make me a murder, and my son a saint , what exempts god from it? what is the devil,satan? doesnt devil translate into enemy in hebrew and satan to oppose?
@chris60545 look fuck you bitch...im not "rejecting" anyone you fucking dumbass my brain just can't believe in it....god you are a fucking retard, how u gonna tell me it's my fucking choice for not believing??...that why your ppl are so fucking retarded because you can't even understand that atheism isn't s fucking choice get that through your ignorant head!!!! i can't believe in the god from YOUR bible the same way YOU can't believe in any other religion, zeus or any other god...dumbass
@chris60545 1. Life on Earth originated via the process of Abiogenesis. 2. DNA evolved from simple RNA systems. 3. Over the course of billions of years, the small changes that take place in an organism as a result of evolution piled up. 4. They get the definition wrong on this one, natural selection is an adaptive, not a selective process. 5. Billions of generations of minute changes in simple life forms. 6. Life does not appear designed, there are no toolmarks or uniformity continued...

Driving in my Nike Air Griffey Max GD II

Driving in my Nike Air Griffey Max GD II in a Chrysler 300.

Mar 26, 2013

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Mar 26, 2013
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