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Jim and Pam -- The Office -- "Love Story" by Taylor Swift

A fanvid about Jim and Pam set to Love Story by Taylor Swift. Feedback welcome/encouraged! Disclaimer: I own none of the footage here. All footage is owned ...

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AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You linked up the lyrics to the scenes PERFECTLY and seamlessly, which can be hard to do, or at least rare to find on YouTube. Congrats, you're GREAT at this!! Jim and Pam are my fave. At long last, I have a pop culture couple I can reliably project my relationship with my fiance onto. hehehe
oh yeah, i forgot about this part haha i was like "i think ill make one when i get home" and then i thought "o my god on marry me juliet, ill show the proposal! and itll be timed so when he gets on his knee itll be marry me juliet!" which is exactly what you did. so again, great job. haha
long story. today i was sitting in school and i was like "hmm. i love the office. i love taylor swift. why don't they have any pb&j vids with a taylor swift song? what about love story? thatd possibly be perfect for them." perfect. absolutely. great job.
I never post to videos, but I had to comment - this is a brilliant montage. My husband and I just started to get into "The Office" this year, and fell in love with the JAM story from the first episode. Great job, this is an amazing tribute to their love.
Awesome awesome job! The editing along w/ the words in the video was excellent! So creative. The timing when the song was talking about proposing and Jim proposed, I got cold chills--and I've watched that scene a million times. Awesome! Thanks for this!
actually to be a little more correct, hes throwing an ice cream sandwich at dwight after her locked him in the office. it was from the 'Big Suprise' Episode where dwight is in charge of healthcare. but still, it was a good choice
Really lovely...I've just become addicted to the American Office..in literally the last week...I'm just sorry I didn't start watching it sooner..it's just as good as the UK version..and there's more of it too....great video!..xx
im not sure why there arent more views. this was perfect. everything was timed so perfectly. although i do love the videos where they show the entirety of jim in pam's relationship in order. But really it was spectacular
so cute :] I love how the end fits so perfectly, like it was meant for this song. When it says "knelt to the ground" jim kneals, and she's saying yes, when the song sais yes. great video too :]
I thought some of it was kind of corny (too many parts were directly linking the words to the actions) but the ending... oh that was very well done.. gave me goosebumps how good that was!
That's because CupofNoodles is waay talented! I find that kind of syncing up with lyrics a delighted rarity online, and if I were to make a video, I'd insist upon it. :)
o my gosh ur rite at the end you did it perfectly!!! he did it exactly to the song and when they were kissing in slow motion was soooo romantic and cute!!! luvd it!!!
i love it! the part in the song where taylor sings, "he knelt to the ground & pulled out a ring and said, 'marry me juliet..'" went PERFECTLY with the video!
OMG!!! i do believe that this was one of my fav videos of jim and pam!!! the timing w/ the proposal fit amazingly with the song! AWESOME!!!
OMG!!! i do believe that this is one of my fav videos of jim and pam. the timing w/ the proposal fit amazingly with the song!!! AWESOME!!!
WOW! I saw it was with this song and I thought it wouldn't work very well, but that was perfect! Particularly the end..........great job!

Here It Goes Again - 30 Rock Season One Music Video

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I'm delightful
Loved it

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