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Nbc universal short cuts film festival 2012 Videos

Comedian Wil Sylvince Discusses 2012 Short Cuts Film Festival Kicking Off In Hollywood

Here is an interview we conducted the other night with comedian Wil Sylvince, who we told you numerous times is the founder of The Short Cuts Film Festival.

The Road. A short film by Owen Thomas.

Official Selection in over 40 film festivals in 15 countries. Karma, condensed. Written and Directed by Owen Thomas Produced in conjunction with Theoretical ...

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Wow. THAT came crashing down all around me. Kimberly Chong, the bartender, is sooo amazing! #greatacting #KimberlyChong
+Paul Small Hahaha.. yes! And yes she is :)

A Silent Whisper - Short Film by Darrell Lake

A Young man decides to take matters in to his hands. Semi-Finalist at NBC Universal's Short Cuts Film Festival(2009) , Official Selection at the Hollywood Film ...

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really good!! And you composed that song, It was bumpin!
Omg thanks for u friendship
Woah That Was Fucked Upp
Nice,really nice
whoa. intense!

NY Television Festival 2011 | NBC Short Cuts Festival - Opening Remarks + First Three Films Q&A

7th Annual New York Television Festival SVA Theatre 333 West 23rd Street (between 8th & 9th Avenue), New York, NY 10011 Wednesday, September 21, 2011 ...

Crush the Skull (Short film)

Our friends at WongFu also have our film in their channel. Check them out!) A young couple's car breaks down on a desolate road. When a stranger shows up ...

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Great movie... that being said... there are many group or movement trying to break the stereotype of male Asian as being weak. Why didnt you made the guy much of in control the situation. Please and I beg you to change it. If I see an Asian guy act like that, I will smack him in the back of his head and tell him to say it with his chest out.
Sorry Foreign. I overreacted. Thought you stole this from wong fu. But you gave them credit in the desription. ANd they gave credit to you. Again greatest apologizes. I subscried and liked. Sorry for being an asshole. Defending the people i love
my heart was beating so fast! haha good one guys, really got the suspense although i laughed a lot, thinking it was a lighthearted one.
I really don't understand how this doesn't have at least 1,000,000 views. Very well done guys! You inspire me!
This was amazingly done! Your brother sent me here. He said I HAD to watch this video and I'm glad I did
u should make it longer and put it in theaters bro i will pay to watch this 5 times good job
is that your movie? it was hilarious :D good acting and good camera work.
Am I the only one that laughed when the guy died of am I just twisted
I deleted my negative comments and again aplolgoze. Love you no homo
Now I know what Marina ( of the Fresh Beat Band) is capable of.
wow..intense and funny..great job!!! you're a great film maker!
Finally, proof a bad sense of humor can kill. ^^ I love this.
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