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Nbcuniversal fort lee nj Videos

NYWiFT Film Preservation Fund at Alice Guy Blache Marker Unveiling

NYWiFT members Christina Kotlar and Susan Lazarus of NYWiFT Film Preservation Fund in conjunction with Fort Lee Film Commission at the unveiling of first ...

Rudy Giuliani and Loretta Weinberg on Meet The Press - 3/30/2014

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R) and New Jersey State Senator Loretta Weinberg (D-D37) talk about the GWB Scandal investigation against Chris ...

Grace Helbig Talks Dirty to Me (Playlist Live Dance Moves | Cheap Tip #74)

"Oh My Gawd!" Take a journey with Nancy Nails at Playlist Live as she learns the latest internet dance crazes on YouTube....Plus watch Nancy interview some of ...

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Omg this was great! I'm not sure if you remeber me but i met you in the line for prank vs. prank and my friend and i helped you make a video.Anyway i miss playlist live and I already can't wait til next year! I starteed watching your videos and you're amazing. I only got to see you on sunday and I didnt get to meet nancy nails. I would love to see the sunday footage! I LOVE ON THE CHEAP TIP!!
Thank you so much for putting me in your video! I had an amazing time and I may have gotten you a few more viewers ;) Do you think it's possible you can add a little annotation with my twitter and YouTube? Thank you keep up the great work!
Omg!!!! I totally edited a little piece of that and forgot to put it in! S#!+! And bit was funny too. No worries! When I make another Nancy video, I will find a way to work it in. Damn I am so mad ...that was a good bit.
I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS VIDEO. I'm in love with Nancy Nails and from now on I'm only speaking Jersey! I'm so glad you had fun and thanks for sharing your experience with us I felt like I was there with you!!
This is great! I met you on Sunday me and my friend were sitting behind the help desk and everyone was asking for help I'm pretty sure we pointed at least 5 old lady's in the wrong direction!
ya lol i actually live in north floride i am bout 9 haours away from orlando lol but daly i was on vacation in texas lol it is and im so SOOOOOO HAPPY nancy is back =D
Great video :) it looks like you had alot of fun :) loved the part where you learned some dance moves! I LOVE ON THE CHEAP TIP!!!! :) keep the great videos coming! :)
Thanks! I had so much footage so the editing process can get a little overwhelming. Let you friend know that she will be featured in a future video...I promise!
It was great meeting u guys as well! Kathy's video will be outnext week! I am not going to be able to top your segment with Kathy...I seriously was cracking up.
Yes ! I totally remember you! How are u? Thank you so much for checking me out. I will be dropping the Kathy Adonis video next Monday...so watch out for it!
You surprise me everytime I see a vid .. you are such a talented actor, beautiful person inside out .. n yet so humble .. luv ur vids n ur tips
Thank you so much! I had so much fun making it. I was a little worried tha it wouldn't go over well with my subs, but so glad I did.
Hey Vanessa! Yes I see a few people recognized you. Sure I can add an link to u. Are you planning on starting ur own YouTube series?
You look so lovely! you made everybody to talk about your channel! I just loved this video. So cute and clean. love you Rob! :)
Thank you! ...and OnTheCheapTip loves u! There will be another video coming next Monday with Kathy Adonis at Playlist Live.
Yes it was so great meeting and making friends. Grace actually plugged my channel on her video...which I was honored!
Thank youfor being a part of it! I am so happy to have made such great friends at Playlist Live.
Thanks! Haha awe those poor old ladies :). They are prob still there trying to find their way.
you know you told my friend and I that she'd be in it AHEM. (she had the butt toucher shirt)

tom austin royal teens interview short shorts wpat ny jpetrecca video nov 18 2011.MOV

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the great tom austin from the royal teens along with vito picone of the elegents also wilburt harrison jr , also on the show were guests eddie and dave brigati, bj thomas and barbara harris of the toys the fri nite teddy smith and bob obrien oldie show on wpat in ny jim petrecca producer.

Channel 7 NBC - Revista Hispana - Jordan Romeo

Cierren los ojos, escuchen y adivinen quién es el invitado especial que viene a El Mundo Latino Family Festival @ Fenway Park este domingo 30 de agosto.

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