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Omaha nebraska gun laws Videos

Nebraska Piece Presents: Open Carry Rally Done Right!

Nebraska Carry held a peaceful gathering of gun owners to bring attention to Omaha's choppy gun laws. There was between 40-45 legal gun owners Open ...

Straight Talk with CR (Ep #2): Open Carry in Omaha - City Ordinance 20-206 (10)

There seems to be a lot of confusion about the legality of Open Carry within Omaha. Since Nebraska is an Open Carry state, it is not a problem throughout the ...

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There is no longer an open carry class you have to use your chp certificate to obtain the open permit (15 dollars)very informative video I like it.
Excellent update, thank you so much for sharing!

Nebraska New Laws Maybe ?

Rumors of a possible future.

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To China, Great. I'll put up $20.00 for shipping charges to get the ball rolling. I'll bet after 5 years in a China prison the boys in orange would be well behaved when returning. That is IF they survived the survival the Chinese Training Program. The sooner the Better. To be fare Minorities First. We must not forget when one commits Felonies and are convicted you lose all your rights. Can't do the time and stand the heat,go strait.get a job and pay your fair share. Another great thing about sending thugs to China, NO BLEEDING HEART LAWYERS sucking up tax payers money. Errol Stuck in SW Missouri
thanks for comment, as for China, for those who wish not to deal with them, though we buy everything else from them,there are 19 other nations have offered at or near the same deal for prisoners / with American over sight.
China I half like this rumor. I would like China as I have always liked going to China Town. Lets look for a far more desolate place removed from civilization . Winters so cold that you can't stand it snow hail'. this place has it all. And most of the United States wouldn't care one way or the other, yes You got it Nebraska .... 
thanks for comment, you stay warm
For people convicted of something really bad or people with a life sentence? Maybe this would be a an idea to think about.I have argued with people who are against the death penalty. People need to own up to what happens to you when you do something.Being responsible for your actions.Prison isn't meant to be pleasant. I had a class in high school where we talked about how it was cheaper to have people serve a life sentence versus being given the death penalty. We could save much money by getting people convicted of non violent drug offenses out of prison. 
I would vote for youas for prison abuse, there are more rapes in American Prisons that Chinesefor any speak good of the death sentence, the FBI says near 20,000 people right now are in prison that did not do the crime. 
Not sure outsourcing prisoners to China would work. Left wing zealots will scream inhumane conditions. Also it would also be restricted to men, in my opinion, because the amount of immoral and unethical treatment a woman could receive from Chinese men is just too overwhelming...
If China wont work, there are now 19 nations that have offered deals in the same price range, but as for ChinaIt is a death sentence to rape in prison so it is almost unheard of, plus no gangs are allowed in prisons.can't say that in U.S. prisons.
Aloha. Soylent Green? Plausible future? Peace & Prepare Pax et Paro
thanks for watching and kind wordsyou might also like my filmThe Boy that Stopped a General
Many good ideals & some not so good. I would like to add later.Thanks MR Bill
+donze52 When you read the real truth about Fukushima & all the other nuke plants setting on fault lines, you may be correct, I Pray to GOD not.
+56cottontop sadly they who are in power just as in the dark ages will not allow another way of thinkingwill take another century or more and maybe not even then 
+donze52 MR Bill, less taxes, illegal regulations stopped, 1 year term limits for every politician/judge is a ideal I would like to be brought up for a vote & where all get to vote as long as they are not illegal, the votes could be done on line or other means as long as all votes got counted with out, outsiders influence, this would ensure no law was passed because it would effect all people & all had to follow it. No more bad laws if it applied to all, today congress & others exempt themselves, this would end that. I sure there is many more, like ending usury, ending wars & going over all the bad laws passed & making them Null & Void. I bet you have a bunch you would add to the list.TY MR Bill
not to much to worry about, our elected in the dark ages I ice cold to anything that might change the status quoi

Straight Talk with CR (Ep #1): Local Signs

There is a lot of talk locally about anti-gun signs. Unfortunately here in Nebraska there are no laws regulating such signs. They can be placed at any height, size, ...

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Good point about placement and Brian did a good job covering that. Unfortunately there is no standard placement and can be placed anywhere at any height. The ONLY regulation is that they are on the entrance to the building. The other thing to keep in mind is that they can be any size.......even the size of a post-it note.
As to the previous poster, if you are following along. There is NO LAW on signage placement as long as it is on a main entrance.No height requirments, no "stanard" sign either.There are how ever "recommendations" from the Neb. State Patrol.
great video CR especially love the kid on the bus
Wish you would have covered sign placement.

HARMS WAY - (Omaha, NE - Feb. 2016)

HARMS WAY (Deathwish Inc.) Footage shot in Omaha, NE.

Guns Across America Rally Lincoln, NE Jan 19, 2013

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The only people who like gun control are politicians who want to control you without resistance, criminals who want to rob or rape you without fear of being shot during their crimes, and ignorant and arrogant people who don't think about the unintended consequences of actions based on their "good intentions". When it comes to gun control, remember this one fact: Free people own guns. Slaves do not. What would you want when confronted with evil or the insane who will never obey the law?
Glad to see you rally Nebraksa. I'm a born Husker living in Tennessee, we had a good thousand in Nashville.
is there going to be another on Feb 8th? if so, Open carry or not?
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