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Steve jobs adversity Videos

Novak Djokovic - Think Different

Thank you Steve Jobs, Thank you Novak Djokovic. "Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes.

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@4244richard Rich, No doubt he is a great player. He is number one, and we all saw what he accomplished this past year. When Novak gets angry, its usually because the momentum has switched, or he is losing. But, in the end, it has made him better. When someone hates to lose as bad as he does, he focuses on winning, instead of making mistakes, or losing. That is the exact formula for winners. M. Jordan, same way. Wayne Gretzky, 04 RedSox, Tom Brady :). All champions. Whats up with your Dolphins?
Ovo je za one ljude. One koji se ne slažu. Za buntovnike. Izazivače nevolja. Okrugle predmete u kockastim rupama. One koji stvari vide drugačije. Oni ne poštuju pravila i nemaju poštovanja za status kvo. Možete ih citirati, ne slagati se s njima, podizati ih u nebesa ili ih mrzeti... Ali, jedina stvar koju ne možete uraditi, jeste da ih ignorišete. Zato što menjaju stvari. Oni guraju ljudsku rasu napred. Dok ih neki vide kao ludake, mi ih vidimo kao genije.
@4244richard Well put Rich... I have seen Novak get extremely angry, and break a few rackets :)... But, that's mainly because he does not like to lose. Honestly, I will probably always consider Nadal my number one tennis player, but if one day Novak was to break FedHeads G'S record, I wouldn't be upset about it at all. He has a long way to go, but he is still young. Only thing Novak has to worry about, is wearing himself out.
@fmnma1 Novak has the best fanbase in the world and a wide variety unlike many tennis players, Novak fans are smart and that why they can see the greatness within him. All novak ever does is make people laugh and smile, all other players do is cry when they lose a tournament or start losing temper. The only other player I can see who is positive is Nadal. Novak makes the world a happier place thats how he changes the world.
Thank you very much for every lovely comment to this video you guys, it is incredible!! Nole is an inspiration to many people including myself and If some people don get Nole then they wont get this videos either. Fair warning you guys I do not tolerate negative or agresive comments in any of my videos so please if you don't have anything nice to say do not post a comment or it will be deleted ;) Thank you again :D
@4244richard LOL... My problem is, I like Novak, always have, but he now stands in the way of Nadal, that's a problem. My 2 favorite players have always been, Nadal, and Novak. I am curious though, how does he change the world? I know about FedHeads foundation, and Nadals, I wasn't aware that Novak had one, if that is what you mean.
OK I like the guy and enjoy watching him play tennis but change the world ??? really its just a game! So he is good at hitting a small green ball over a net, great entertainment etc but lets get real its hardly world changing.
Мисфит, троублемакер, вритинг ин цирилица ас иф и вас вритинг ин енглисх, цуз им тоо лазу то цханге тхе лангуаге он му кеуборд
The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world,are the ones who do. NOVAK DJOKOVIC - Change the picture of our country in the most beautiful way.NOVAK IS THE PRIDE OF SERBIA!
Nice video, but I think you should have included the scores (because it was at match point, therefore, it was more special and genius) when Djokovic hit the winning return on the Federer's serve.
Your videos are great and inspiring, and show Nole in his full light! Keep making those, I hope as many people as possible will see your videos! Greets!
@writetomanik He did an advert for HEAD, playing tennis on a wing of an airplane. That's an old pilot's cap and here is the advert /watch?v=ebBMqcjoo94
Appleova kampnja Think Differnt iz 1997-me ako se ne varam. Cujete glas pokojnog Stiva Dzobsa. Bravo za autora, mislim da bi se i Dzobsu svidelo...
what is djokovic wearing at 0:15 ? I think its in Japan... Was he doing one of his antiquities/djokes ??? Please explain...
because the people who are crazy enought to think they can change the world, are the ones that do- that made my day

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you're a great son and I can bet that your mom must be proud of you. don't worry you will be blessed soon. look at the bigger picture. you may have lost one thing because you cared for your mom but other greatness will come in your way. you should call the naval academy and explain your situation.
sounds like a really good book... but did those stock brokers stop work, read the whole book in one day, then do their trading and change the market? I don't know if he could take the credit for that.
He said "very" high profile people not "totally" high. I guess that he means high profile to to some people who possess a broad range of interests and varied background.
i hate people like this, they think they know everything and then write a book about it full of shit that everyone allready knows...
i am going to buy this book and read it. Search for - Famous Failures - On Yt. if u have never failed, u never lived
Go Steve Go! Buy this Book, it will change your life! or at least change your underwear for gosh SAKE!
Thou shalt remain ignorant at the command of one of my many earthly minions known as holy men.
take my word on this... look at cases like lance armstrong... is it that u got injured?
The concept is briliant, what ever the script was or the aim of what he has done.
Well you can't even spell already, maybe read more of these common sense books.
Then keep going and don't give up. Be prepared for future opportunities ahead.
you never have only one chance... you just aren't looking the whole picture...
yup, like the saying goes. every cloud has its silver lining!
many athletes, including myself, would disagree.

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