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Steve jobs advertising Videos

Steve Jobs on In App Advertising

Steve Jobs explains how they changed their browser to return to the app. after being redirected to a website.

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Grateful to Steve Jobs and how he helped push in-app ads, although I think his effort somehow ended up helping Android more than iOS. As we saw last year, mobile advertising was the saving grace for devs who are having a harder time selling apps to mobile consumers who want everything for free. I hear more about Android ad networks like Airpush (and how much their developers earn) than iAd, and I'm not sure than trend is going to reverse course regardless of how big Apple becomes.

Steve Jobs: Apple's advertising edge

Apple's advertising was revolutionary in the first decade of the 2000s. Chris Wragge and Erica Hill talk with ad expert, Barbara Lippert, of Goodby, Silverstein, ...

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Wow, these reporters actually know about this stuff. I am shocked!
He definitely changed a lot of things.

Tribute to Steve jobs at Delhi Airport Digital Advertising Network

Special Tribute to Steve jobs on Delhi Airport Digital Advertising Network

Time to Kick Up A Commotion and Get Emotional About Advertising: John Kearon at TEDxRheinMain

John Kearon, "the Steve Jobs of Market Research", und sein emotionsgeladener Talk auf der zweiten TEDxRheinMain. About TEDx: In the spirit of ideas worth ...

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Very entertaining, informative, and engaging :)

Keep it simple - a short interview with Apple's former advertising creative director

Hear why simplification should be at the core of how your treasury operates from Ken Segall, former creative director at Apple. Ken worked closely with Steve ...
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