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Steve jobs love what you do Videos

Steve Jobs - Love what you do - music by erIC YOUng

A composition I wrote to a speech Steve Jobs did at Stanford! Here is the original link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UF8uR6Z6KLc ...

Steve Jobs - Wisdom from Steve Jobs

Everything around you that you call life was made up by people no smarter than you... you can change it. That's maybe the most important thing.. is to shake of ...

Steve Jobs - Love what you do

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its so true , i'm gonna follow my dream and i'm starting over again at 35
35 or 65 - age doesn't matter, the important thing is that you start :)
Simply love this.



Mr Dan Insane - Remembers: Steve Jobs R.I.P. (Love What You Do)

I always believed in doing what I love: producing animations and music... Steve Jobs inspired me a lot during the years even dough I've never own any apple ...

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@epicfilmclips ... No one will hate you... I'm just trying to understand why the hell would they blame him for some mediocre products. No shareholder has ever doubted Steve Job's creative force. Actually everyone who cared about apple hated to see him resign as CEO and apples shares dropped consequently. After there are just PC fanboys who can't stand any apple success and so "hated" on him. Fine. But I don't see any normaly consituted people actually hating him like they hated MJ.
@adventerer i mean all the crappy apple things were blamed on him and such, but i know this is the wrong time to say this. did you live under a rock the last year or something, jezus christ. i'm talking about all the things.... you know what.....FUCK IT EVERYONE WILL HATE ME FOR IT CAUSE NOW SUDDENLY STEVE JOBS IS THE BEST PERSON ON EARTH !!!!
@adventerer i just mean that people could make jokes like: "guess they have to call him Steve Jobless now" and if you say anything about him now people all react like he is some kind of god that you cant say anything bad about....
@Haroids Steve Jobs one of some people who actually inspired me during the years, That's why I left all I worked on (client project) and made this, I couldn't even focus on anything else...
@denta43211234 Same here, Also the way he started PIXAR was a big influence on CG Animation around the world ...Any of his speeches had lots of inspiring worlds and sense, A true genius!
@yorisakb MDI Project is all about making what I want t with total freedom, This time I let my personal feelings float and hopefully will inspire others in the future.
@epicfilmclips Who hated Steve JObs?? How could you hate that guy? He never did anything wrong nor was he ever suspected of having done anything wrong....
Like you, I've never owned an apple product but loved what Jobs did and the way he moved technology & communications forward. Best to you and Steve!
@epicfilmclips MJ was also a HUGE inspiration in my life, and maybe I will release an animation (in a good vibe) in the future...
At least he's not in pain anymore. Cancer is a terrible disease. R.I.P. Steve Jobs, we were lucky to have you, sorry to lose you.
Great video mate.... Just like what I wanted to say... :) LOVE THE ANIMATION... Which software is this?
allot of people hated Steve Jobs before he died its the Micheal Jackson thing all over again D:

WWDC 2010 Steve Jobs reaction to "We love you Steve"

A short but great video of Steve Jobs reaction to "We love you Steve" at the WWDC 2010. The actual "shout-out" can be seen at the end of the video. R.I.P good ...

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