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Neurological disorder mixing up words Videos

AWARE(ness): A MacEngaged Workshop (McMaster University)

This video documents a workshop experiment done with elementary school students in Hamilton, Ontario using neuroscience principles to promote mental ...

Christian Rojas birthday improvising song (1yr of lessons on drums)

During C's lesson we write a birthday song on the fly. Christian was born with a neurological disorder that blocked functions of his brain from accepting ...

February 20, 2013 - Chemtrails Hidden in Plain-Sight over Antelope Valley, Los Angeles, California

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what concerns me most,its that is the world wide operation,wich must costs billions,and THEY always wants something back when THEY "invested" in something. the planes are probably drones.im here spreading the word,but there a too little things to do against it. THEY are right there in front of our eyes,above us,doing their thing. what,and why . . . STAY STRONG
Thanks for uploading!
Thanks Manny.

History of dyslexia research

Please give us a THUMBS UP if you like our videos!!! Source://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_developmental_dyslexia During the 1890s and early 1900s, ...

Tackling dermatomyositis with cancer therapy

Tricia was very active until dermatomyositis nearly stopped her in her tracks. Ohio State's Neuromuscular Disorders Center provided a mix of drug therapy and ...

CALIFORNIA - You can fry if you want to

READ FULL STORY: //alumni.berkeley.edu/california-magazine/just-in/2015-07-31/i-can-fry-if-i-want-why-are-females-chided-vocal-tics-guys "I Can Fry if I ...

Are Concussions a Major Concern in MMA?

The medical data surrounding the damage done to the human brain as a result of multiple concussions is something that swirls in the sports world almost every ...

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The majority is fine, and there's these fighters that end up with Brain damage regardless of sport. That's because of lousy training and idiots that are not protective of their brain. A sport like this will draw some idiots, but also some pioneers. But people always focus more on fighters like Wanderlei when he hasn't treated his brain very well and make an example out of him for MMA fighters. Not fair. If you train for longevity, longevity is what you'll get. Protect your brain.
What about Gary Goodridge? Wandy is slurring his speech alot... Look at his interviews around his fight with Cung Le. MMA is all about KO, TKO or Submission victories. The KO and TKO events represent by definition concussions which are mild traumatic brain injuries. Absorbing these repeatedly over time may lead to CTE. Just ask Gary.
@TinyTitian Okay nobody ever said you never get hurt in mma but as the facts state the concussions which are the topic at hand and long term injuries are the least in mma. Lets have some focus with our trolling next time okay?
MMA the safest? Wow, Dana really has his slaves brainwashed. Football MMA and Boxing have conclusively been proven to be the 3 most dangerous professional sports in the united states. Dana is a greedy lying heartless prick.
no question as they stay longer in the sport and continue to absorb hits to the head, the long term damage to future brain function is irreparable...some guys just dont know when to quit.
UFC fighters get dropped alot more frequently than boxers. Also, when they are dropped, they usually stall/recover only to be put back on the canvas in later rounds...........
@harr77 The MMA is a very young sport compared to boxing. I expect as the participants retire, down the road, you will see some dementia. It will happen.
@Breakneckhydra1 i must have my speakers on the wrong side because my left ear enjoyed it
Hai tito your back surgey is from mma right ya. Keep sucking uncle dana dick guys.
@Breakneckhydra1 who still uses head phones get a surround sound system noob.
4.30 Machida is like "what the fuck are these guys talking about" lol
@TinyTitian were they talking about back injuries i dont think so
Frank mir is probably the most articulate ufc fighter
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