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Imac pcie ssd speed Videos

iMac 2014 256GB SSD Speed test

27" 2014 iMac 256GB SSD Speed Test.

Kingston Hyperx 240gb SSD with imac

Apple imac 21,5" late2013 with kingston hyperX 240GB SSD speed test.

2016 Gaming/Work Station Setup

My Gaming Rig Specs: AMD A8-6600K (updated) Corsair H55 16GB Dual Channel Corsair RAM GTX 560TI MSI A78-E35 1tb HDD (updated) 2X Samsung 850 ...

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cool setup! i make videos too and it would be cool if you could check me out and maybe subscribe? anyways keep up the good work and i hope to see more videos soon!
+The Ish 15 Thank you! I've had a look at your channel awesome work and I've done a cheeky little sub :) haha.

Mac Pro setup overview

This is a quick overview of my Mac Pro setup! The specs and the items depicted are as follows: Specs: Mac Pro 1,1 (With processors pulled from 2,1 Mac Pro) 2 x ...

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There's nothing better than a Mac Pro all illuminated on the inside with LED lights! I have color-changing lights in mine, as you saw; it just enhances things quite a bit. I hope I can find a better way of routing them around the system so that the light will be spread evenly. Currently, I don't have my lights hooked up to the computer's power. It's especially difficult to do so with LED lights that weren't meant for use in a computer. Anyway, your set-up is pretty neat. I'm curious as to what you do with all of this equipment. Is this command center for work? Entertainment? Either way, I'll be reviewing it and giving my thoughts on it once I get that vide out! Although, it *will* have to wait until I get off school in two weeks.
+supericecreamsandwichWow, those will be extreme upgrades. What are you using this power for? xD It is rather ran, though, to do. In fact, I shouldn't have even asked, as I now have 32GB of RAM in MY 2009 MP.
2016 is going to be a focus on getting my hardware setups more refined. I'm looking to get dual xeon x5365's for my Mac Pro server rocking the weaker dual x5160's. I'll get a 512GB SSD for my main rig, then give the 80GB SSD to the server, aaaand I'm gonna buy a $200 64GB RAM kit for my main machine to test and see if it works with it. If it doesn't, I'll send it back and get a 32GB ram kit for the server. If it does work, the 32GB from my main will go to the server.I'm planning a very ambitious year for all sorts of tech upgrades, and quite frankly I won't be needing a newer Mac Pro for a very long time. The only immediate machine I plan to get this year is a 2007/8/9 iMac aluminum edition to replace the white 2006 one for skype. Basically so I can run Yosemite and have a PROPER KVM switch to use instead of running a VNC window everytime I wanna use it, since Lion's and Yosemite's teleport apps are incompatible with each other.
+supericecreamsandwich Same - mine is the best set-up I've had yet... but my brother kind of wants it back xD. He brought me my 2009 Mac Pro so that I could fix it, and he initially gave it to me. Hopefully I can convince him to let me keep it. Granted, he DOES do heavier work, but I went through a lot to get this working again - and it's the first time in a long time that I've had a modern Mac that's exceptionally fast for its time.
+maccollectorZ (Commenting Account) It's my go-to system for work, entertainment, even gaming. Whether Mac or PC, this is the best setup I've owned, mostly due to the 8-cores and the GTX960. My center monitor has a broken inverter board, and I'll place my MacBook Pro in place of the 4th monitor for the time being, and I'll be waiting until my tax return for the new monitor. In fact, I may purchase a few so I can be assured against monitor failure.Sorry it took so long to get back to ya on here, I don't quite have my notifications for this account setup, quite yet! I may upload a video on my newer software server, soon.

PCIe SSD n flex cable install on Mac Mini late 2014 for OS X

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