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Dell pcie ssd iops Videos

Dell Tech Shorts: How do you configure iops in a virtual environment?

Tony Holland, VMware Product Specialist at Dell, explains the best practices to follow when configuring iops in a virtual environment.

Dell Fluid Cache for DAS Demo

Kishore Gagrani demonstrates how Fluid Cache for DAS 1.0 increases 8K random reads from 1000 IOPs to 233000 IOPs //www.delltechcenter.com.

OCZ Vertex 3 120GB 2 disk RAID 0 Benchmark (Max IOPS Edition)

Testing 2 120GB Vertex 3 Max IOPS Edition HDs in a RAID 0. - ASUS P8P67 WS REVOLUTION - i7 2600K 24/7 @ 4.4GHz on air - 16GB G.Skill 1600 - 2x EVGA ...

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This is a known issue with this series of laptop. Port 0 reverts to 3Gbps on it. I am assuming bios/driver incompatibility. I am using mine on two 6Gbps Intel ports. I am pretty sure you have already tried, but try testing it with and without the Intel driver and make sure you have it in a RAID 0 128KB stripe size.
Can you update please? Did you drives have BSOD and/or total Failures like allot of these Incredible but possibly cursed drives? I REALLY want to run one of the drives your running but it sounds like their's an extremely high change that I'm gonna be upset by a RMA nightmare.
looking to get the assassin 2($350) with 2x 60GB VTX3s($125ea) in raid 0, I want that 1GB bandwidth into my quad channel ddr3, 120GB give room for the OS and a few games, gaming rig for a good 5 years, 2011 pins will have the lifespan like 1366. Only $250 bucks for it too.
@Purepromedia Yeah, I now re-assigned my drives into RAID0 and put 128kb stripe size. Also I was able to find the problem why all of my ssd's were capping at 500mb\s - the reason was cause I had RAID5 support disabled in BIOS. Now I'm getting constant 1gb\s
Hi, I got 2 of those on my Alienware M17X R3, but i get stuck to ~500 read, ~450 write too. Got tle last firmeware 2.15 too. Declared as RAID in BIOS I'd love to get amazing access speeds like you ! Any advice ? Thanks :)
No issues ever with the two Vertex 3 Max IOPS Edition 120GB hard drives. I also have two vanilla Vertex 3 120GB hard drives in a RAID 0 in a customer build and that doesn't have any issues at all either.
@IAMTHEPROCESSOR I also read no trim support with raid 0 and as far as the not 100% scaling im not sure what causes it. its not ocz specific either. might be better if you had a good raid card.
@seanradio | On board Intel RAID. But even if I wanted I couldn't due to all of my PCI Express slots being used by 3 video cards and an X-Fi card.
@seanradio | Onboard Intel RAID. But even if I wanted I couldn't due to all of my PCI Express slots being used by 3 video cards and an X-Fi card.
For some reason I'm getting only 500mb\s read at max with the same drives in RAID0. What stripe size do you have, 64kb?
You have a ridiculous PC my fine sir. Got any SSDs layin around? I can handle those for you :P
Great results, but did you use a raid controller? Or is this all through the ASUS board?
@TheNewbpowner123 SSDs use hardly any electricity but the 580s use a lot
@Thomaxius It's been shown that a stripe size of 128kb is best for SSD's
@lotussheath Intel has released drivers with trim supported in RAID.
Funny, you didn't say how many drives are in the RAID array.

Fusion-io Announces One-Billion IOPS at DEMO Enterprise 2012

David Flynn, Chairman and CEO of Fusion-io, Rick White, Co-Founder & CMO, Steve Wozniak (@SteveWoz), Chief Scientist, (@fusionio) get interviewed by ...

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MONEY!!! Back when computers were a hobby or giant behemoth owned by government and corporate giants. Now every one wants a piece of it, you get wild extravagant events like these. I may be cynical BUT at least this bunch Deserves all the riches they have achieved. Welcome to a world owned by Geeks
Thank so much to DEMO, Fusion-io, VentureBeat, TempleClub SF, Evergreen Production Team and our crew. One Billion IOPS and game changing technology were launched. Great to see Fusion-io launch at DEMO and go IPO a few year later. Congratulations! Keeping the entrepreneur dreams alive..
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