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Literature review hypothesis testing Videos

Correlation Hypothesis Testing Steps

AP Statistics: 2 Proportion Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Tests

This video explains how to construct an interval for the true difference between two samples and how to run a hypothesis test to determine if there really is a ...

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Love the way you explain things for AP Stat! Keep it up please. I will direct my students to your videos in the future.
All your videos are very helpful, thank you keep doing them please!! 
pokerkid777 sent me

The P-Value is not Great!

A short explanation why Null Hypothesis Significance Tests, which are still commonly used in science, are not great. I might make a video with fruther arguments ...

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+Bodyrock Workout Thank you! I will check you channel out when I'm at home!
I like this presentation. Very informative and humorous without being too wordy.
+Kurt Schulzke Thank you!

Module8: Hypothesis Testing Binomial

Hypothesis Testing in the context of the normal approximation to the binomial distribution. Benford's Law is introduced.
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