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White House sending 3 officials to Michael Brown's funeral | Breaking News

35 Nigerian police officers missing after insurgent attack | Breaking News

Breaking News 04-27-2011

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Lol all the people that have an issue with their country love to complain don't they, they like/love to talk about it but kinda fail to realise that it is their country, they are from that country sooooo they have an issue with them self???? how about stop making videos about how much you dislike and actually do something about it...... (don't cop out, don't say something like: "me making this video is to SPREAD A MESSAGE" no it isn't, it is the equivalent of crying and blowing your nose.
@GoatHollow I agree what they are doin' to the Federal Reserve Note which in no way is a dollar.. a US Dollar is 1/20th of an ounce of gold.. the folks you mention are part of the food chain that is ruining our country.. I don't see Americans payin' more than $4.00 a gallon before we start seein' gasoline depots closing due to repairs or rebuilding.. they will sell gas at a reasonable price or they won't sell a drop.. it's time we took our country back and hanged the traitors..
@GoatHollow I'm not talkin' about violence, I'm talkin' about justice and fixin' something that they have broken.. WE are the consequences of their actions.. what they have done is wrong and they need to be be corrected.. Vengence is Mine sayeth the Lord, so I guess we just do the best we can and let God handle it.. however, God does help us, through His Word, in Luke 11:21.. see you on the other side of whats comin'..
@RollinTidez If there is nothing you can do about 'it' then stop fuckin complaining about it maybe? just like.... deal with it maybe? Again all you are doing is sounding like a bunch of crying, whining little bubba's..... You JUST SAID there is NOTHING you can do about it soooooo i guess you are going to have to deal with it..... why keep complaining about it if there is fuck all you can do about it?
@LogicalStatements1 It used to be our country, It has been taken over by the Fed. They pretty much now own America we just live here. There is not a whole lot me, you, or anyone else can do about it now. This problem should have been resolved years ago. All goat is doing is letting people know to prepare for what is coming.. He has prepared, he's not setting around crying about it.
Great vid! The Devil plays in empty pockets! The poor builds the roads ta good intentions! An the follow me Gunho Politicians are leaden us all straight ta HELL! Its up ta us ta take care of family an friends ta make sure we ride this storm out. This is what Patriots do! United We Stand, Divided We Fall! GOD BLESS! LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC!
@GoatHollow .....and more than empty stomachs.......sadly! if all that was coming was famine....we'd be blessed! but with chemtrails and HAARPY and similar technologies while they play up in the skies to terrorize this nation....and chemcial poisoning on all levels....blah, blah, blah, blah
the person you hand your money to when payin' for gasoline is a Traitor to the United States of America and to the American People, please let them know that their bosses make 390Million dollars profit per day.. also, inform them that if they work for a Traitor that makes them a Traitor..
@Dewdaahman The problem has nothing to do with the rising cost of Gasoline, or toilet paper.... Or soybeans, or silver! The problem lies with the value of the US Dollar. It's collapsing, and the real traitors are on Wall St., and Pennsylvania Avenue, and at 33 liberty street. in NYNY
@GoatHollow ...the problem cannot be in the 'value'...of a piece of paper which is nothing but a ponzi scheme....the problem is with evil, greedy, lying, souless pigs...its created in the MIND...it ends in the MIND
@Dewdaahman Violence is not the answer. It's too late for that. Our only hope now is to prepare for collapse. You may have your feelings about the oil companies, but vengeance will not fill your stomach.
@LogicalStatements1 Stomp your feet and throw out some foul language. Demand that someone does what you say. Yeah, we are the crybabies.
@LogicalStatements1 yes i meant 'theist' i put a space between 'a' and 'theist' on purpose. that was just a lil disclaimer byeeeeeeeeee
@MrColt45acp Every bit helps Colt. Otherwise you'll be "A Pauper Without a Cause". - G. Miller Jr.
@RollinTidez Lol by that logic God is a cry baby , i hope you aint a theist.
@GoatHollow Well said! Agree 100%. Don't get DISTRACTED people, PREPARE.
Yes........and some of us will. Some of us won't.
Just another day in Amerika!!! LOL.. thanks GH
@EntouchNetwork It ends in the empty stomach.
We are just at the tip of the iceberg,
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