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Luke and Matt - Broadway - So You Think You Can Dance 2011 Final - BBC One

//www.bbc.co.uk/soyouthinkyoucandance In the final of 'So You Think You Can Dance' Luke and Matt performed a Broadway routine to Puttin' On The Ritz ...

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@sacultik I would say Matt is NEVER going to outdance Tom but would like to see how he try to rise up to the occasion. Luke, in my opinion, did, and we can see he gave it his best shot and was praised for it by all the judges. I won't expect Matt to outdance Tom in hip-hop, but I would be very intrigued to see how he fared. If he did half as good as Luke did in his tap, I would vote for Matt for his epic effort. Does that answer your question? BTW, I agree that Luke is more versatile dancer...
@DancingMalarky You have completely missed the point. This is the FINALS where Luke and Matt are the top 2 dancers competing in the only dance where the audience can compare only them. Just say it was Tommy Franzen instead of Luke in the finals. Applying your flawed logic, would you say it was fair for Matt to perform a hip-hop duet in the finals with Tommy? FYI, Matt has had a far easier ride to the finals than Luke; Luke's dances have been more varied, including 2 hip hop routines (Matt 0).
i think luke did brilliantly concidering tap isn't his forte and lets be honest, even if you're a good dancer and you know a little bit about tap, you need to be an extremely talented dancer to be able to learn such a complex tap routine in a week! I think luke was amazing.. i don't know whether i'm favouring him because i prefer his style of dance, or the fact he's bloody gorgeous... but i think both matt and luke were incredible dancers and either one of them deserved to win for sure. :)
@SuperFrally Luke was in a win win situation with this dance. If he did good then he got brownie points for being very versatile. If he did bad then he would have got the 'it wasn't fair' votes. This would have helped Luke more than it did Matt. I think you will find that most people had made up their mind who they were going to vote for by the final anyway, and Matt was way out in front on all polls. Luke might have got a few undecideds if he did hip hop with Matt, but not enough to win.
At Last!!!! Tap dance included in a dance programme!!! Hoorah! They should have to cover most major styles, so why not tap. I'm a huge Matt fan, but tbh, Luke went up in my estimations after this-it was obviously not in his comfort zone, but he tackled it brilliantly....and opened up a whole new area of dance for himself with prospective employers! BTW, Matt would have been amazing at Hip Hop. Also, Matt has had to do most other styles in duets with the others, but never his own -fab!
@MegaMfenix Uh, no. That's taking it to extremes. Luke isn't competing the UK Tap Dancing Championships. He mentioned he could tap, and they gave him a tap number to do in a phone vote competition for the nation's favourite dancer. There's a tiny little bit of a difference there. It doesn't detract from the fact they'e both amazing dancers who deserved to do well, it just means one of them got to show he can rock genres he wasn't comfortable as well as the ones he was.
@sacultik Not... really. Luke did tell Nigel he knew how to tap dance. Nigel mentioned it on a radio show on Saturday. Whatever these dancers specialize in, it's unlikely that's the only form of dance they know. Most if not all of them will have done the Ballet-Tap-Modern-Jazz quartet during their dance careers and Matt himself knows break dancing - he says he infuses his tap routines with it. He did a lot of break dancing/hip hop moves in the group dances too.
@sacultik Why should it be unfair when in the quarter finals they all did a jazz routine (up in Luke's street) to the Queen song Another One Bites The Dust?! They were all great, versatile dancers and it's about time they put TAP in the duet routine as we have so many jazz and contemporary routines danced as duets. So you can say the competition has been 'unfair' to Matt until the final if we follow the logic of your arguement, which obvious is daft.
@sacultik At first I thought it was unfair, but Luke did brilliantly and I think it's obvious he enjoyed himself! Rarely saw him dance with such a bright smile on his face! And if they had done hip hop, I'm sure Matt would have done great anyway since he's been exceptional in every single number of the competition! He's been consistent, he's got a lot of style and technique, and he is a great partner and performer, so he deserved to win.
@MegaMfenix True, but So You Think You Can Dance is all about being challenged. If he had been unsure about it, he shouldn't have mentioned it but the fact he DID shows he wanted that challenge, and he certainly faced it head on with excellent results. I think Luke did fantastically in this dance all things considered, and FINALLY we got a worthy final two in this series. I smiled from start to finish.
@sacultik That would have been unfair on Matt because Luke had already had experience of hip hop in the show. Would also be unfair for Matt not to dance his genre in this show, whereas everyone else did. This is a silly argument, you can go round in circles like this, but at the end of the day Matt will still be the winner because he was more popular with the public. End of!
I know a lot of people said they think luke was better in this dance but if you look at him you can see hes constantly looking at matt through the whole thing - at least matt had the confidence to dance without needing recognition from luke that hes doing ok. (and by looking at I dont mean in character dancing together looking at I mean side glances)
@sacultik well actually it just shows that Luke is very talanted to tap which is extremely difficult to do. yeah,Matt didn't do any of hip hop, but I think he just has the right quality for the dancer, his expressions, body movements. I think he would manage to dance and hihop routine, but we'll never see never see :D
I've always thought it was ridiculous that the tappers are expected to perform so many other dance styles while no one is expected to attempt tap. Luke did a great job. I don't think there was any real disadvantage, because he's a great dancer.
Both of these trained at dance schools where they do everything. Infact most of them did, they mostly have all been on the west end for years so can do all styles. So the shock of a jazz dancer being so good at tap isnt so much of a shock lol.
@sacultik Luke told them he could tap dance so they deccided to let the two do a tap routine as something different, and i actually think it shows Lukes strength as a dancer and in some ways he was better than matt who is a tap dancer
Very unfair on Luke who is jazz dancer to have to perform a tap routine because Matt is a tap dancer.They should have done a hip hop routine, which Matt never did in the entire competition.
@fizzyopolis Similarly you are saying it would be fair for Matt to compete against Tommy Franzen in a SYTYCD finals breakdance duet if it was Tommy instead of Luke in the finals
Luke is 100% PRO! He even did Matt's genre & was really good. He looks elegant & gorgeous in everything he does ( and I'm don't usually like blond men). I do like Matt too.
Luke's performance was far superior - so much more elegant - I could see him at the Ritz- where as Matt's was more like James Cagney in a back street.
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