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Oakland zoo animal paintings Videos

Animal Paintings a New Staple at Zoos

Painting is not limited to humans like Picasso and Marilyn Manson. The animal kingdom is becoming increasingly interested in expressing themselves visually...

Animal Paintings

See WHY as well as HOW our walrus, dolphins, and sea lions paint their own works of art at the Indianapolis Zoo.

User Comments

hey have you seen the elephants that paint the most realistic drawings, better than I could do! search for artist elephants and also maybe let these guys paint without moving the canvas,, that would be really annoying ;O) oh and search veoh for the film 'the cove' and be free - onelove
wow i saw no paintings thanks for wasting my time
I saw it in a magazine

Victor Petting Goat in Oakland Zoo

Carter and the Oakland Zoo Goats

Cool Frogs - Oakland Zoo

Elephant at the Oakland Zoo

2008/09/16 San Francisco Zoo Oversight Committee

Oakland zoo

Jo's visit to Oakland zoo (part 1)

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