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Jamie writing with a pen

Jamie, a rescued chimpanzee at Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest, scribbles with a pen.

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You should get some drawing materials like blank cardstock and graph paper, some erasers, and pencils of many different "lead" thicknesses. Than draw or have someone who can draw a simple but recognisable self portrait present it to the chimp. Penultimately, give the chimp a little mirror and a set of those drawing materials, and maybe a clipboard. Finally, show the chimp what you wanted to do by demonstration if necessary. When or if they get bored give them a tasty treat when they're done, and maybe next time you present them with drawing materials will be motivated to try for a treat. I was wandering today in art class if other Apes besides humans can control a writing utensil. Every part of their hand is bigger than ours except the knuckles. We have rather large knuckles for our comparatively small hands, whereas chimps and other Great Apes don't have bulbous knuckles compared to the size of the other parts of their hands. That's because we've evolved to punch with clenched fists, which protects our fingers more than smacking. Apes tend to use there hands in fighting to backhand or engage a target for an attack with its canines. Their hands are remarkably similar to ours, but if we used our hands the way they do we'll get "claw hand" and aching fingers.
@JoesephKatana we've thought about that. There's a zoo in the UK that have given chimps a camera sealed in a lexan box - that's the tricky part is giving them a camera that's within something chimps can't destroy. Jamie would be looking for a way to take a camera apart within seconds.
@yodakiddggg There are left handed and right handed chimps. But more of them are left handed than right handed. In humans it's the opposite, how interesting.
@Monarchos that's interesting - where did you get that information?
Jamie is definitely left-handed.
He's the next shakespeare :P
thats pretty awesome

Sick Trucker 101

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How about when you are so sick you think you need to go to the Doctor? Truck stops don't have Doctors that I know of.
Thanks i was concerned about illness.
some good tips ken!

Tip Top Roofing Tips

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Jason...you probably don't remember me. I bought a Droid incredible from you in roanoke. We had to go to a different mall to get it. Lol

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