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Delusional disorder umbrella Videos

Sonic and Amy Umbrella

this is my first vid and the end of the video you can ignore its old an yeah.

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Man,Last year was OBSESSED With sonamy but now i watch sailor moon.. and i am a girl ok?
Whare did you find that picture on 1:39
i want a umbrella song with out remix
way can't it be in a show
luv dis remix!^^
i love sonamy


An office worker falls in love at first sight with a glamorous business-woman he sees at a Station. He becomes obsessed and abandons his life to stalk her.

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Some of the plot was a little rushed, as in the character's shift from innocuous office worker to a rather sinister stalker. I like the setting of the train station as a seemingly metaphorical transitory setting. It emphasises that a missed moment or opportunity can affect us in quite significant ways. Also, I enjoyed the silence. It was at some times slightly unconvincing but overall it added to the final effect of the first verbal interaction which allowed the stalker to realise his actions
I enjoyed this, but then I've always had a soft spot for films which showcase London's scenery. I love trying to recognise the locations. It was interesting to be reminded what Liverpool St station looked like before the last refurbishment. Good performances from the actors, specially the man who conveyed a complex set of emotions without speaking. And I loved how you chose a graceful, statuesque woman rather than a stereotypical "good-looker". Somehow it made the man's obsession more real.
I would change the sentance to: 'Several months later, Sethe had a nervous breakdown, which caused her to lose her job.' Because you are desribing what happened 'several months later', you can't change to the present tense. You are still describing past events,therefore the present tense is what makes this sentance sound wrong. If you still want to say 'complete nervous break down' that is fine, it is not gramatically wrong, only it is a more colloquial (informal) way of saying it.
Art doesn't have to be liked by everyone. Just because you don't like a 'piece' doesn't stop it from being art. Music is art, film is art, literature, sculpture etc Art is a subjective process. We 'the onlookers' view it objectively and form opininons (sometimes to the point where we are inspired into subjectivity). I didn't particularly think this was a brilliant piece but I gave constructive feedback. It's easy to throw shit. It's even easier to make a fatuous 'soap box' remark.
1. The whole thing is too long/boring. 2. That girl is good looking in a plain way but she is not "Glamourous" 3. Nothing happened at the end. I was waiting for a twist but the twist is it stayed boring right till the last moments. On the whole not very impressed, Arty camera work and disolving shots don't make up for a basic lack of any good idea. I'm surprised you got the funding to finish it. If you want then I'd be happy to tell you ten things that could have made it better.
this takes way too long to bring these very, very, very few details together. This is classic over writing/filming. Learn the art of getting in late and leaving early, your audience has expectations, and if you don't deliver on them it should be because of invention, not some old warn out European notion of spanning time with a character. You could have been more effective, and made your points so much faster... this was a very challenging experience, just getting through it!
Geez you guys think that this was pretentious? You havent seen much 'video art' have you? I also wonder how much actual film making these commentors have ever done or they'd see that actually its a technically very well made film and not 'creating art out of shite'. To me it just lacked a real focus plotwise and nothing all that interesting seemed to happen, there was a little build up when she pulled the knife but that led nowhere. Not shite, just a little..er pointless
aaotn camera i see, how come you chose that cam and not somthing like the arri sr3 more suted to this type of filming? I like this little short. it's fustrating how so mainy ppl like things spoon fed to them and don't get anything that dosn't use the hollywood system of filmaking. I guess there brain cells just can't cope with thinking about what there whatching. still it's not all in vain there are ppl who get it.
The camera work was amazing, but I didn't like the characters. I thought the story was a good idea, but moved a little too slowly in the first half and the build up in the second sort of led to nothing. I'm not saying she should have gone psycho on his ass with the knife, but it was just a bit of an anti-climax. But I loved the artistic camera work and music! That was some really professional shooting!
Live with it. Humanity cares not for the weak, the attention seeking. Protip: Stop acting like a pussy, turn any "hurting" you have into anger against the REAL causes, IE bosses and bullies, then give more feedback. I'd like to give some advice when I'm sober( in about 12 hours), so feel free to message me. I'm not a total nazi, and I'm messed up in my own ways, sharing often helps (Y)
I may be way off the mark here, but I thought the funny little "surprise" in the film was that she was the delusional one, not him. I mean, she saw men staring at her all over and was constantly "scanning" crowds for threat. Finally, this poor schmuck comes along and BINGO! Now, all her fears are validated. Anyway....that's my take....but you know what they say about opinions, right?
Dull and uninspired. This film left me cold and made no impact. Even a few minutes after I have finished viewing it I struggle to recall what it was about. It looks as if you had good access and average performances, unfortunately Delusion lacks any flair or sign of a decent script. Not one for the waning British film industry to be proud of. Sadly.
4.50 - fantastic shot. I love the way their interaction is soley through figure expression, and how at the end you're almost tricked into thinking he's lef ther alone. The only speech in the film "Come in" is so well timed with the music. I think it's very good, but deserves a better ending, surley the character wouldn't give it all up like that?
in reply to 'maximo' (I thnik)! I was waitin for a 'payoff'. you know a twist.(hence watchin it to the death) as opposed to a Fuck All endin.. It was a 'nice' little bit of editing! but from the youtube push I expected better! Thanx for your advice and in future I will look at walls. love and kisses. vin
The movie seems to be divided into 2 parts the lighter side which is his view as he is infatuated with her innocently, I don't think its love because he knows nothing about her, the second is her feeling of being stalked and the fear that brings. very good though
lol .. leaving his bag at the train station - must be a civil servant - cleverly executed though and very well directed - I had a telephone pest once, but he stopped calling once I started chatting to him, so this approach to stalkers probably works. Well done.
Didn't realize after the 10th minute that you weren't actually enjoying the video? Seriously, nobody was forcing you to watch it, you simply could have stopped. It's like complaining you just wasted an entire day staring at a wall. It's your own bloody fault.
this is why...exactly why, when you see a beautiful women on the street, a club ,a small,anywhere, go up to her and say "hi"... who cares what the outcome is, atlest you had the balls to talk to her, and not regret it like this dude...loved the film...
strange, he is a bit like my x girlfriend.when i was with her i alway's had a strange felling i was being followed.after a few week's it turned out i was being the girl was terrrrrible jellous and stalked me when i went out alone....strange people
wtf>>>???? -_-? umm.. was it meant to be a music video or something???..! If it was for the music, should have made it more intresting, like she meet up with freinds or soemthing!! boring really :(
it was a good film, but the ending was lame to be honest. Anyway i felt uncomfortable watching this, because of the grim seady atmosphere. if it had a compelling ending then it would be a 5/5 =)

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Muito bom!

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i love your work

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They took everything I loved. I just lost my girl friend Wendy to them. They turned us on eachother . She won't even speak to me now. I think they even had sex with her.... they keep playing moaning sounds of her after we broke up. They play it over and over. I can't take it.
Dude exercise helps, depending on where you may or may not have been chipped. This happens to pretty much everybody so don't blame yourself or think that you've done something wrong.
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